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I just finished piecing a world together and everytime i try to log into the edit instance it keeps telling me i have been disconnected from the server, this is also happening to other team members, anyone know why this would be happening?

Design & World Building / Creating large maps
« on: Jun 03, 13, 07:21:14 PM »

I know similar questions have been asked but i have not seen the answer i require, let me give you a run down of what i want to do and then hopefully someone can give me some wisdom, without pointing me to the wiki as it does not help me. There is several questions involved here.

I am creating terrains in World machine 2 then importing into hero which works perfectly but what i want to know is if i create an 8km sqaure terrain can i then just break that map up into seperate rooms and adjust visiblilty to an optimal level as opposed to creating several maps and seamless linking them?

So for example i import my terrain and it tiles it to however many tiles it may be, can i then just name each tile (room) from say A1 through to say A12 then proceed onto the next line of tiles and name them B1 through to B12 e.tc e.tc till i have all tiles named then go through and set visibility or do i have to say create a terrain of 1km sqaured and import 7 others of equal size to meet 8km and stitch and seamless link them?

Or what is the maximum size land mass i can create without using seamless link? I am not making an open ended world but several different worlds and don't feel i need to have a seemless link setup or don't want to if i don't have to.

what i am trying to achieve is less overheads and work for our already small team. I'm not trying to be lazy just trying to maximise our time without doing tedious things if necessary and as much as the wiki is helpful i think some of the simpler questions are not really answered or i am just reading it incorrectly.

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Mass Tree placement?
« on: May 28, 13, 05:01:10 AM »
Hi all,
I don't want to compare Hero to other engines but my time using Unity a feature i loved was Mass placement of trees, you basically selected your tree and input the amount you want and BAM!!! your heightmap is populated with that amount of trees, making Forest was such a breeze, of course you had to delete some here and there but 95% of the time it worked out perfectly, MY Question now is Does hero support a function like this or can it be done, I have not done alot with Hero for over 12 months so there has been some improvements i am sure.
I have tried googling an answer and come up with nothing.
Any help would be appreciated.

General Discussion / cannot move character
« on: May 13, 13, 08:27:28 PM »
Hi, it has been a while since i have used Hero but have recently come back, i am trying to start of a new area so as to learn the new UI and get used to the changes but i am unable to move my character on a clean new area, when i try to place my character in a different area of the new map it gets stuck in mid air.
I have even loaded the Map fantasy lowlands and have the same problem, am unable to make my charcater move in game mode and he gets stuck mid air when i tro to move him.
It is probably something simple but i am stuck and am unsure what to do.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi guys,

I Have a few Questions for some of you who may have some prior experience in what we are trying to achieve, i will give you a  run down of what i want to achieve and then turn it over to you guys to let me know the best way i am to go about achieving this.

Here is my Scenario, We are trying to create an Open, Very large world ( 3176 squarekilometres) for our future Sandbox MMO using seamless 2.0 and we are trying to figure out what the best size we should be making our Area's ( i.e. each individual Hieght map ), we know that the recommended size using seamless 2.0 should be at a size of 256 (as recommended via the Seamless 2.0 Video) but were hoping to use something a little bigger to minimise workload, we are not trying to take an easy way out but seeing that we are planning on having a very large world it would just help in us keeping a little sanity during the building process, Is having something bigger than 256 a feasable option? Or will it create too many issues down the track such as server to client reaction.
 Is it possible to get away with a bigger area such as a 1/2 mile square without it being too much of a hindrance on both sides Client and server side? or is this making a whole boot load of work for us in the future. I guess i am asking what is the best possible way for us to create our large landmass, Do we have to stay with the Recommended 256 sized area's or is there another option that we can play with, without it being too much strain on us and the potential playerbase.

Another Question i want to touch up on is do I need to creat Rooms for every individual Area i am creating, I know i need to create Rooms for an NPC city e.t.c to help with the Various aspects of Bandwith e.t.c but do i need to create Rooms for an open area within our world, such as If i have an open spanse of land that is only inhabited with the environment and Life forms within it, (no buildings or towns e.t.c) is it completely Necessary to make Rooms for these areas?

Any help with these Questions would be greatly appreciated

General Discussion / [RESOLVED] Repository Issue
« on: Mar 15, 12, 08:14:07 AM »
Hi all,

I have an issue with My texture in Hero Cloud on my Vegetation which results in mine and our teams clients Crashing when ever we try to use the vegetation tool.

This issue first came to hand when i was importing some of the Files from the HJRef Directory, During placing Structures in my Test world and creating a cave system My Client crashed, seeing it was late at night i just let it be and went to bed. When i woke in the Morning and proceeded to continue my Testing i noticed when i logged in that all of what i had done the night before was not saved and that all my Grass textures were Square Black Boxes.  I am certain that i have only imported Structures not Vegetation such as Grass e.t.c but either way what ever i have done has now lead us to this issue.

Is there a solution to Reverting our Repository to it's original state as this was suggested to me but to no avail have i found a way to put this into action as of yet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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