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How can I jump to an error in a script like I can do in visual studio?

simply create a <MYGame>_SpecOracleUtils Class and GLOM it onto the SPECORACLEUTILS prototype located in the client DOM


Sorry but this is really confusing - can someone edit this page to explain how to do this in more detail?

Do I create this class in the client or server space? It says i'm gloming it onto the client DOM so i guess i make it in the client class space but as a new user here i've got no idea and even if I did i'm not sure how i glom it onto something

Normally i'm used to creating a class that extends something and then using that new class but this seems like that in reverse

Sorry about all these questions but a lot of these docs take a giant leap in complexity from the introduction to scripting tutorials to the later tutorials

Scripting & Programming / [Solved] Can't find class definition
« on: Mar 04, 12, 10:53:11 PM »
System:CLI command "/cpfc "itemSpecOracle","itemSpecOracle"": FAILED: CPFC ERROR 0 : "Error calling lookupClassDefID GOM::lookupClassDefID (785): definition not found: itemSpecOracle"

It's right there, why can't it find it? I'm trying to follow this tutorial: http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Creating_a_New_Spec_Oracle_(Step_by_Step)#On_Server

Developer Job Board / Looking to team up with a modeller
« on: Feb 28, 12, 09:59:30 PM »
Hey all,

I'm just waiting for my activation email for HeroEngine and would like to take the time to seek out a modeller to work in a 2 man partnership on a getting familiar with heroengine/portfolio project. I'm not particularly looking for a commercial product here (although in the future that would be good)

Someone who has experience modelling in max or maya and would like to get to know the heroengine art pipeline would be best - someone who can work together coming up with a simple concept for a game and to work side by side as a coder and artist

I'm based in the United Kingdom and would be best suited to EU hours, sadly I don't speak anything but english which I hope isn't too much of a problem

Private message or a post here would be good

Kind regards


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