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So, I deleted a spec prototype.  But, for some reason it is still showing up in the SpecOracle.  So, I tried to do RemoveSpecFromOracle and _removeSpecKeyFromIndicies and now it won't load the SpecOracle at all.  Been looking for a way to make the SpecOracle rebuild itself or update its index/map.  Suggestions?

The relevant exception when I try to open the SpecOracle in question is
Code: [Select]
[hsl_error] 4611686018427637930,32: SCRIPT ERROR: Attempted to add the spec(1) to the spec oracle data cache but that spec does not exist?
09/30/2011 12:11:53 UTC
Call trace:
  Script _specOracleDataCacheClassMethods line 31 me[id=9223372055803171529 invalid]
  Script _SpecOracleUtilsClassMethods line 319 me[id=9223372055820171526 class=_SpecOracleUtils]
  Script _SpecOracleUtilsClassMethods line 188 me[9223372055820171526]
  Script _SpecOracleUtilsClassMethods line 789 me[9223372055779171524]
starting method/function _GOTORACLEDATAREQUEST
starting me[id=9223372055779171524 class=E_playerAccount,_HeroBladeUser]

General Discussion / [Resolved] HJ GUI XML files?
« on: Sep 19, 11, 01:42:38 PM »
There any plans to make the HJ GUI XML files available?  I went to view them in the repository and there's nothing in the folders.  Would be real useful for getting back up to speed with the GUI.

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