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Animation / Issue with Character Animating in Maya
« on: Feb 07, 14, 10:18:24 PM »
My team has a character with a working rig that works in 3DS Max just fine.  I am able to export the rig with the animation successfully.  The problem is that I don't use 3DS Max for animating.  I used Maya for everything.  But when we try to export the rig from 3DS Max to Maya, it converts the 3DS biped to bones and all the bone names get all messed up because there is a space in the name (for the biped in 3DS Max).  Is there anyway to convert or get the biped from 3DS Max to work correctly in Maya, so when I export it from Maya, the animation works?

Is there anyway I can do my animations in Maya?
What am I missing?  What am I doing wrong?

Thank you


I am creating models for a video game using the HeroEnigne Art Tools for Maya and I am having an issue with the textures.  I have applied the HeroMaterial and assigning a .dds texture file to the HE folder I setup on my C: Drive.

Through all the tutorials on the wiki, it says that assigning the material to this folder should work when I transfer my model and texture to the same path (after the HE folder) on the Repository Browser.  I double and triple checked everything and when I login to test the model and texture, the model shows but it flashes with mutlicolors.

Please help me out!
Thank you!

Also, I'm using Maya 2013 with the proper tools from HeroEngine. 

Thanks again!

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