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I've been looking over the HJ Ref implementation of the character selection and I'm still pretty confused on how they're showing the character.

Can anyone do an overview of how they're able to do that, or know a better way. I'm not getting how they are finding and displaying what items the character currently has equipped and what character customizations were picked. Or is all that handled behind the scenes with the HBNODE?

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] BaseEffect prototype in HJ
« on: Oct 07, 12, 05:38:52 PM »
Does anyone know what class the baseEffect prototype in HJ uses? I thought it might be Effect, but I'm not sure. Cooper, Is there anyway we can get access to \SP in HJ?

While learning how to convert the E_ classes, I created a KIS_Account class and mistakenly created a prototype manually to the KIS_Account. I know now the control panel GUI automatically adds the ACCOUNT prototype once the KIS_Account class is added to the $ACCOUNT system node.

I've tried removing the prototype I created, but get an error message that it's tied to a class, how do you remove the unneeded prototype? Secondly, what happens behind the scenes when you have multiple prototypes assigned to a class? Is it harmless to leave the prototype there? Will the system know to write account data to the ACCOUNT prototype instead of the prototype I created?

I'm following the http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Your_first_HSL_script tutorial, which worked fine, but I was wondering how you find what classes have been assigned to a node. I tried the "/HEINFO NODE <GUID>. That brings up a window with the properties of the node, but I still don't see what class is assigned.

I also noticed that the assignment isn't persistent. Is it only persistent when you assign the class via the script?

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Model scale and Facegen question
« on: Oct 31, 11, 12:20:11 PM »
I've been looking through as much of the wiki as I can while I wait for an environment and have come up with a couple of questions around the art pipeline. I apologize if the answers are in the forums or wiki, I just haven't seen the answers yet.

What's the proper 3ds Max scale that I should be using. For example, if I want a character model that's equivalent to 6' tall, what unit size should the model be in 3ds Max.

I think I understand how the Facegen application works for the character models, but I'm still unsure how that works with dynamic models where you want to swap meshes for different clothing. If the Facegen application can provide the head mesh, do you still have to create your own body? If so, do you export the Facegen head and stitch it on in 3ds Max?

lastly, how does clothing work with Facegen? Let's say without Facegen, you have three different races with three different body sizes. That would mean for each piece of clothing in the game you would need to have nine different copies of that clothing. Will the Facegen application use one and resize it automatically?

EDIT: The wiki also states that the original HJ team felt that based on the complexity of Facegen, they would have been better off just using multiple standard meshes. Is this still the case?



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