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Scripting & Programming / [SOLVED]ServerScreamer Error
« on: Feb 09, 12, 12:48:39 AM »
I was coding my mana system and I keep randomly getting this error in the Chat screen

Code: [Select]
[ServerScreamer] Exception serializing data for replication
(if definitions have changed, restarting replication will fix): field ID: 9223372056290616596 not present in
HeroClass::getField on node 4611686018429793128

It only happens when I move around, if I stand still it does not happen. I'm not sure how to look up a field in the DOM by ID. I also do not know how to restart replication. I do not know if this is effecting performance or not.

Through some troubleshooting I believe it is NPC related as when I travel to an area with no NPC's and move around nothing happens.

Any thoughts?

Developer Job Board / Mythic Xen Studios - Project Antresnia
« on: Nov 26, 11, 02:14:18 AM »
Current Team:
Charles Spivey - Myself - Programmer
Jordan Doggett - Level Designer
Tristan Lemaster - Project Coordinator
Mike Nesbit - Sound Artist
Benjamin Ash - Writer

All of us here at Mythic Xen Studios have some kind of background in games whether it be attending college for various game studies or having worked on mods or something of that nature we are all well versed in the world of games and what makes a good one. We are working on a concept that we hope can change the way MMORPG games go about its story telling and game play. We may not revolutionize the industry or anything but we would like to influence it in some way to further the development of MMO's and other genres as well.

Current Services Required:
While we are not specifically looking for any long term commitments we are looking for potential candidates to join our ranks, However at this time we are looking more at contractual work on small elements here and there as needed.

At the moment we are in dire need of a concept artist that can work very closely with the writer in getting his words into a visual form so that when the time comes, a 3D artist can then bring our story to life from the concepts created. Before we can make those models however we need a conceptual base to work with.

At this time the only service we need is a concept artist but I will be sure to update this post as we have new opportunities become available.

Future service to look for:
3D Artist
2D Texture Artists

Current Development Status:
As the HeroCloud is fairly new progress is not far. We are currently developing the full story for the game including dialog and quest lines both main and sub-quests. In order to insure proper progress however we need the concept artist to start putting a theme to the various elements of the story and quest lines in order to start getting art developed.

We have a good deal of models that we have purchased from various places that can fit a standard fantasy theme but we want to go deeper than just a standard layout.

There are two options available with regards to payments:

1. Profit sharing
This option is available to those who decide that a permanent membership is something that they would like

2. Set amount
A pre-decided amount for say a model or picture of concept art for our contract workers

We do not do hourly pay only because it can not be budgeted for effectively as we can never be sure how much it is going to cost. We can possibly negotiate some kind of payment plan but that is most likely the best we will be able to do as a small business.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Bump Mapping
« on: Nov 25, 11, 12:54:08 AM »
I have done several searches both on the wiki and here in the forms and I can not seem to find a definitive answer on how to apply bump mapping on models being exported to HeroEngine. I have looked at everything but adding normal maps does not apply any bump at all, I know spec maps can be put in the alpha of normal's but that just makes things shiny, that's not displacement.

Im at wits end here as nothing seems to apply any level of bump to models at all, yet I am reading everywhere that parallax is supported. If it works on the ground it should work on any model.

This is a waterfall I designed using the particle system, it looks ok so far but I am not exactly liking it a lot just yet, it looks much better than river going down the mountain but is still missing the realistic look.

Enjoy and feel free to offer suggestions on how I can improve it:

Off Topic / Server Suggestions
« on: Sep 24, 11, 07:58:29 PM »
I have some servers that I was planning to use for the game, but seeing as how HeroCloud is so awesome I don't need to use them any more. However I am curious as to how I can make money off these servers to get some help with the project. Anyone have any ideas? They are not super high end servers but they are decent so they could handle running some heavy applications. They are on a 100MB Full connection so its got 100Mb download and roughly 70Mb upload speeds on speedtest.net thanks to my job.

Any suggestions are greatly appricated, Thanks

Developer Introductions / Mythic Xen Studios
« on: Sep 07, 11, 12:13:41 PM »
Hello HeroEngine Users,
My name is Charles Spivey (AKA Hirosaki) and me and my colleges form the game development team of Mythic Xen Studios LLC, We are all students at UAT studying various things my forte being Game Programming. I currently work in a Data Center as a Network Operations Center Technician, but of course my true goal is to be a game programmer. Our company is still in the startup phases so development is currently slow as we are all getting used to Hero Engine. Previous experience with many engines including BigWorld Indie, I am learning quickly.

Mythic Xen Studios:
A new company formed by the current team after work on a project together that went over really well. We are looking for help for sure but we look for specific qualities in the people we work with to insure that nothing interrupts our teamís dynamic nature.

Our team currently consists of:
Myself - Charles Spivey - Programming
Tristan - Producer/Community management
Mike - Sound/Music Developer
Jordan - Level Designer

We currently do not have any artists as we get our models third party through our own money. We are not funded everything we do is of our own finances. I greatly appreciate the contributions of everyone in the team and we make no judgments on contributions or lack thereof. We enjoy working on the game and we keep a relaxed environment and good humor to keep stress levels down and productivity up.

What we are working on:
Our project Antresnia Online is a fantasy medieval style MMO we will innovate on some of the more bland features of MMO games like grinding and make it fun. We will put twists on age old concepts in order to give it a new spin and make it more entertaining for the player. The idea and its concepts have been solidified and through testing all of our features and more are possible within the Hero Engine. We will elaborate more on the game in the game section.


All in all we are a new entity in game development and plan to be a lasting entity. We will make a game that will engage the player and build a great community, and we will succeed failure is no option here. If you are interested in joining the team please shoot me an email and I will get with you about an interview and getting you setup in our internal systems.

Thank you for checking us out and look for more updates from us soon! We will be done working through tutorials very soon!

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