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Design & World Building / World Building Software
« on: May 11, 13, 04:14:27 PM »
Hi all, I'm looking for advice on a high quality world builder to use.  The one that comes with HE is alright, but I'm looking for something more, however I'm not sure what limits I'll run into with the engine if I start importing high quality landscapes from programs like Terragen 2, or World Builder 4 Pro.  Would I need to significantly scale down my textures, the terrain size, etc, to allow my world to run smoothly, and would that still result in a better looking,  final environment vs using the HE world builder?

This is sort of what I'm trying to create: http://xfrog.com/newsfeed/wp-content/uploads/frankb-volcano_valley_2009_by_nwda_resize_big.jpg



Developer Introductions / Salutations
« on: May 01, 13, 01:25:08 PM »
Hello, I wanted to introduce myself, so here I am.  I'm currently working as a GM and Project Manager for an online game publisher based in Canada.  I do everything from customer support, to managing and setting up events, writing up newsletters, analyzing sales figures and coming up with sales strategies, networking with other industry professionals, etc, etc.  I even do physical advertising on occasion.  Furthermore, I also help to shape the development of the game I am responsible for, through ideas, feedback, suggestions, some level and gameplay design and many other things.  I'm a jack-of-all-trades.  If I don't know how to do something, I just learn it or I find the right people to make it happen. 

Since I already do so much for someone else, I decided that I want to work for myself and put in my usual 120% of effort into my own MMO project.  I'm not bragging, just being honest, I am "insanely" driven and I routinely go well beyond what is expected of me.  In one of my previous jobs this determination landed me in the hospital.  This "could" be the right outlet for me, only time will tell.   

I'm not phased by the fact that I have no idea how to code, and I'm a total newbie.  Everybody starts at 0 whenever they attempt something completely new to them(obviously).  Worst case scenario I will at least learn something from this.

I've been playing games for over 20 years, and I'm a keen observer with a wild imagination, so here it goes.  Right now I'm flying solo, but if someone is up for doing something different, then feel free to drop me a line.


Design & World Building / Heightmap - Ground level
« on: Apr 20, 13, 11:34:17 PM »
Hello, I have a question about what the ground in the editor is, is it wherever I put my height map, or is there some specific location that I must place it at?  Right now the area I created is hovering above where my character is spawning at(no idea why), before I proceed I need to be sure I'm not already screwing things up.



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