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Art & Art Pipeline / Area before Character Select?
« on: Sep 08, 17, 09:01:42 AM »
Is it possible to make an area that exists before the character selection screen.

So process would be

1 - World selection - Enter World
2 - Splash area as shown in the attached image - Press Play or Login
3 - Proceed to character selection area

We have doors that can move by clicking on them or by pressing a switch. This is done by making them a stateful object.

Ok this is the dilemma as it is.

1 - Setting door that moves as static physics type destroys performance in the entire area when it moves

2 - Door needs to be dynamic or kinematic physics because it moves

3 - When door interacts with other objects or people as dynamic physics it goes bouncing all over the place

4 - Setting physics type as kinematic seems to solves this, as it doesnt go bouncing around when it touches something, but puts out and error saying "will result in performance hit"

5 - Making a recess into the walls so the door can slide into would not solve the problem of a player running into the door (with dynamic physics type) and making it bounce all over the place and falling onto the floor

What do we do? Set them as kinematic and dont worry about this "performance hit"

Any advice would be helpful. Cheers.

Any idea how to change the appearance of the character selection/creation area?

We cant even get the character model to show.

I want to add some models and a lab looking room in there so when the player logs in they will see the room and their character and the character select/create GUI stuff (which we alredy have) and then they can choose their character and press play to enter the world.

Art & Art Pipeline / Loot Beam
« on: Apr 12, 17, 08:20:37 AM »
Anyone got an idea of how to make loot beam.

Texture wise. Maybe a particle?

Basically when a loot box drops and it has something over a certain quality inside the box a beam will appear out of it making the player more aware that there is something of value in the box,


Scripting & Programming / Default rain - Change emit distance
« on: Mar 14, 17, 06:30:00 AM »
Ok so i have this little problem.

How the default rain in HE works is to emit at an object that is physics enabled. It falls from about 15 meters up.

Is there any way to raise the distance at where it emits.


In this pic im standing on a covered balcony above the floor that the rain is falling to (Green DOT), i see where the rain is spawning from (Blue Line). Above the blue line there is no rain so it looks like the rain is falling in the middle of the sky from higher up.

Design & World Building / Music
« on: Mar 13, 17, 09:33:20 AM »
Has anyone managed to get music to play in an area?

Ive tried following the sound tutorials and info on the HE wiki with no luck at all.

General Discussion / New Forum Layout Sucks
« on: Dec 14, 16, 09:04:09 AM »
Just kidding.

Looks great and is much easier to navigate. Good job.

Would there be a performance increase if we turn off physics type and physics shape for any objects that a player would not be coming into contact. Things such as lights on the ceiling or high up objects.

Art & Art Pipeline / Making glowing objects respect FOG
« on: Nov 03, 16, 12:24:59 AM »
Anyone which setting makes glowing objects respect fog settings once they are within the fog zone?

We want to give a big congratulations to Farmer3D and their team. Their game was Greenlit on Steam Friday, 21 October.  Their new website will be live in the next few weeks, along with more information and timelines.


This is brilliant. It shows the public that the engine is a serious development platform and will help alleviate some of the nonsense that people have been told such as the engine having been shut down at the end of last year. I wish them all the luck in the world on getting to a final solid release.

Art & Art Pipeline / Default rain system - Change parameters?
« on: Oct 23, 16, 03:52:01 PM »
Anyone know where to change parameters such as draw distance etc for the default rain weather emitter? Cheers.

Developer Created Tutorials / ART - World Building Tutorial 1
« on: Oct 17, 16, 11:09:12 AM »
Found a new tutorial video from the HE team. Nicely voiced and clear instructions. So good to be getting upgrades from those old ones that never even had voice over :)


Developer Created Tutorials / ART - Simple Puddle Decal
« on: Oct 17, 16, 10:36:48 AM »
Here is a neat trick for making puddles. This works best with flat surfaces such as roads or pavements, but you could make the plane any shape you want really.

First you start off by making a simple plane any size you want and then apply a texture with a rough puddle shape and a texture with a transparency in the diffuse alpha.

The texture is what makes the shape of the puddle here, so no need to make the mesh into a fancy puddle shape.

Make sure to select Gradient as alpha mode on the hero material.

Once you export to game, you can give it some "reflection" using a cubemap in the environment settings.

I have attached all the files to this post including the max, textures and HGM.

Developer Created Tutorials / ART - MIPs and the differences
« on: Oct 04, 16, 12:22:32 PM »
We are currently going over our textures to make them more streamlined for performance. Part of this was the process to make them have mips. Due to an unforseen bug, none of our textures had mips on them even though we had thought they had.

Here is a scene without mips. You can see the very obvious jaggies. Now anti-aliasing could sort some of this out, but a cheaper performance wise method of fixing a lot of jaggies is the use of the Mips.



Now while this does not fix ALL jaggies, it certainly helps. It has been recommended on the HE wiki for a long time that for a diffuse texture without an alpha channel it is best to use .DDS with DXT1 settings. But i have recently been told that using DXT3 will give a much better apperance.

You will want to have 2-5 Mips on your texture, depending on what it is.

Using the nvidia DDS tool you can see that you can select the number of mips to generate. Choose the number of mips and make sure "generate mip maps" is toggled.

After saving as DXT3 or DXT5 and opening the texture again, you will be given a popup box saying wether to show mips or not. If you are editing just select to not show them this time.

And it will come up looking like this, showing the mips.

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