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Off Topic / Ode to the online game designer
« on: Oct 02, 11, 04:30:17 PM »
hope ya gets the giggles here, was looking at the description of this forum topic and figured why not :)

Ode the the Online Game Designer.

As we sit and ponder
Our heads and eyes do wander
over line after line of coding
are we all filled with forboding?

Sit and stare, hope and pray
that our poor code will in turn sway
the gamers to enjoy our worlds
our thoughts and ideas unfurled

Our eyes turn to burned out coals
feet are doing some tile patrols
The head is full of throbbing thoughts
Fingers are a mass of knots

will this work i plot and pray
or in the end will it betray
This class wont work it wont compile
i glare at this vile file

why oh why is this so hard
should i just click discard
i grit my teeth and try again
and i see it plain as plain

the way to success in coding is
to be at the top in this new Biz
be one part fool
and 3 parts mule!

GUI Creation / [Resolved] GUI Utilities Interface
« on: Aug 20, 11, 03:35:14 PM »

is this still a good wiki cause i thought i followed the directions, and when i went to rebuild it errors and the menu now wont re-pop using f5 or the shift click ctrl...
trace calls point to the class methods which i copied and pasted so shouldn't have errors used script for the xml file and changed all gamespecific reference to game name..

this is what i am getting so far in errors:

System:SCRIPT[_InputHandlerClassMethods]:_OnKeyBindingsLoaded: , /heroenginekeybindings.ini
System:SCRIPT[_InputHandlerClassMethods]:_OnKeyBindingsLoaded: , /gamekeybindings.ini
!WARNING!System:Texture FQN(/journey/repository/hegame/engine/cleangame/resources/common/textures/checkered01.dds) not found.
System:SCRIPT[_characterSelectionClassMethods]:Got updated names...
!ERROR!HeroScript::HeroMachine::ScriptError:Exception DefinitionNotFoundException in function 'createNodeFromPrototype' definition not found: EKO_HoTSpot
!ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: Exception DefinitionNotFoundException in function 'createNodeFromPrototype' definition not found: EKO_HoTSpot
08/20/2011 16:32:17
Call trace:
  Script EKO_HotSpotClassMethods line 3 me[id=1000000007 class=_HotSpot,EKO_HotSpot]
  Script _HotSpotClassMethods line 22 me[1000000007]
  Script _HotSpotClassMethods line 9 me[1000000007]
  Script _KeyCaptureClassMethods line 41 me[0]
starting method/function ONCAPTUREKEYDOWN
starting me[id=0 invalid]

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Adapting clean engine
« on: Aug 07, 11, 01:53:49 PM »

after reading this a few times and poking into the places that it says to i see that it doesn't state at what point should this be done?

as in some folks log in and just start scripting and later find this link do they "lose" all thier work or have to go back and edit things to match the new account, area, and world classes.

Maybe this should be a prior link and changed a bit to walk thru the newbies ie  open this copy it then create class and paste methods etc..prolly an example of the method script that shows what changes need to be done. oh and a what to do if they mess it up as in who to email/where to post kind of thing?

i read before that your looking to clarify some of the things and i think this is a good place for that.

hope it helps :)

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] normal and spec maps
« on: Aug 02, 11, 06:29:18 PM »
the only thing i see on wiki says these go together, is there a better or different how to make offered? ive searched thru art tuts and tex tuts alrdy and there isnt alot of info there.

i did find one once that the spec info goes into the alpha channel of the normal bump tex but when i do that i get a massive black white texture that drowns out my diffuse tex. and of course now i cant find that wiki spot again as its not listed under the tuts or linked to the wiki textures that are linked to the tuts under Art ie textures, how to create hero material.

also noticed that Normal maps with mip levels is linked under C cont not sure if that was a mistake but i woulda thought it be under N for Normals lol


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