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I have just spent the afternoon following the instructions "Example: Modifying the Utilities Interface for the first time" on the Wiki page at http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Utilities_Interface

Along the way I used different names for the filenames and classes it used as examples but I still (so I thought) kept to what was intended. Initially I did create the game-specific hotspot class as archetype data, then managed to change it to guicontrol after realizing that it probably is meant to be guicontrol.

After I had completed all the steps up to rebuild the hotspot interface, when pressing F5 to bring up the Utilities Interface it would crash the toolset. Eventually I gave up and decided to start from scratch, so I proceeded to delete all the parts I had added. I could then bring up the Utilities Interface again.

So started redoing everything and now I cannot save the XML file as I am using the same filename as before even though I did tell the toolset to delete the file. It won't actually delete and if I try to make a new file with the same name it will not commit the new file as it wants to try and do a merge.

All in all it has been a very frustating afternoon and haven't actually gotten anywhere.

Would like to know, are the instructions on that page given above actually accurate? I ask this because in the first step it says:

"In the DOM Editor, create a game-specific hotspot class, such as EagleHotSpot"

It doesn't say that it needs to be a 'Client' class, nor does it say it needs to be of Archetype 'guicontrol'

When learning and experimenting initially with the toolset and HSL, it is hard to do so when instructions given aren't clear on what needs to be done so people can learn from it. If a problem is encountered it can become hard to determine whether the problem is yourself in following the instructions or the problem is the instructions themselves.

Thanks for the great product however, teething problems aside its been a generally good experience so far.

I haven't found any information in the Wiki or the Forums yet on how In Game Stores are meant to interact with Visa PlaySpan for accepting payments.

I do not wish to code in an In Game Store only to find I have to rewrite some of it because of any compatibility issues that may arise with the Visa PlaySpan API.

Also based on coding I have done for web based scripts that interact with various payment methods such as PayPal, does Visa PlaySpan have a test API that simulates payments?

Points for use in the In Game Store are intended to be purchased as Point Packs from within the In Game Store.

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