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Developer Hero Projects / Nova-Crisis (Very Early Stages)
« on: Dec 31, 12, 02:53:31 AM »
I have uploaded a small video that will be a part of an entire "series" showing the Design and evolution of my first city I'm currently designing.

The city which should round out at about 40 miles (typo of sorts city will be 10 miles square) in diameter will be the primary hub of new planet earth. I will show it's design in stages of development from the first video showing the basic concept of the new city & walls, and the areas around city as I add the forest and small hovels that outer wall species use. (overall the planet will be 40 miles 1600 square miles total)

The ideas for the first city came from this piece of digital art http://www.imgbase.info/images/safe-wallpapers/digital_art/1_miscellaneous_digital_art/21254_1_miscellaneous_digital_art_futuristic_futuristic_city.jpg which inspired me to start this city.

it's not an exact facsimile of the of this art, but once I'm done I should have it pretty close but with my own touches.

Here is the short video showing how it has started with more coming as I update the the in-game assets.


Second part


Much more to come and some videos showing the designs in 3ds max and all the details and much more.


main website is up...http://novacrisis.com/

General Discussion / [Resolved] My Assets
« on: Nov 20, 12, 01:07:48 PM »
What would be the best place to offer my new game assets for free to the community here? I want to start the proper thread to not only have a list of downloads and videos of the assets in-game and working examples, but also a place to keep updates and changes for those assets.

My Goal is to pretty much make 75% of the stuff I create for my MMO available for free to other developers. I do this just for the love of creating them and even though I could make some cash off of them, I would rather give them away to other new developers for their games. I have been disabled for many years and creating that stuff is more a passion then a way to make money.

This includes:

1. Static assets animated and non-animated
2. Creature models humanoids and various other models
3. World Machine terrains up to 300 X 300 kilometers
4 Some of my custom textures in DDS format
5. Any code I create and other XML scripts
6. Sounds and music (I'm a professional guitarist songwriter for over 30 years)
7. Other stuff I haven't thought of yet.

Maybe Cooper can point me to the proper thread for all of this before I start the task of creating it and starting my little project and adding over time all of the above.



Developer Hero Projects / Nova-Crisis MMORPG
« on: Oct 31, 12, 02:01:22 PM »
Nova-Crisis is a project I have had on paper for sometime. I will list the primary goals of the game,and some class information then some of the back-story. I will be updating this thread with screenshots and details later.

1. Character Creation that includes sliders for all the various body parts
2. Level Based game 1-60
3. Space and ground based exploration and combat
4. PVP Will be integrated into PVE no special stat like resilience.
5. Large Space game for exploration and conquest
6. ground based for those who want to colonize and resource harvest the planets.
7. Raids against powerful bosses are world based on the various planets. no instance raids unless you're a faction.

8 Factions (guilds) build power and size and can go to war with other factions on their home planets.
9. Each faction gets one instance they can build and populate with creatures and loot as they see fit.
10. Five base classes and (so far) 18 advanced classes a player will be able to choose from.

11 Raids that require an instance, belong to the player faction you want to defeat.
12. Creatures drop resources and schematics and parts. see number 14
13. All gear all items are player crafted.
14. Player housing is still being planned.
16 Achievement system for factions with rewards and titles.
17. Standard mission terminals and quest NPC's for players who choose not to do world bosses or faction raids.

The raiding part of the game is based on the player factions that accumulate power on any given server, such as I will offer the classes that can craft items traps and other necessary stuff required so when an enemy faction wants to take down your faction (guild) they have to enter the faction instance first. if they succeed in defeating the faction instance, then the full attack on the faction headquarters begins.

This is the part were you enter the base of power of a faction and PVP battle starts. now you will have won and defeated the enemy player faction if you clear the instance but, for greater glory you can choose to defeat the quartermaster each faction creates to defend the coffers of the main faction hall. You still get rewards for completing the raid instance, but you can choose to fully defeat the faction on last phase if you like.

The Quartermaster is a single faction boss who protects and defends the coffers of the faction. each player faction has one of these. you will also have to defend your raid from any potential faction players who come to defend the quartermaster once you breech to the main faction hall.

If you succeed in killing the quartermaster the faction will have been fully defeated and the quartermaster will unlock the enemy factions coffer. The coffer of the faction has the top schematics and some gear and weapons gained by the faction as well as money and a random loot prize.

I will be providing a "mad scientist" class that can help harvest DNA and help with the design of the instance bosses NPC's and creatures/minions and clones of players if they like. I also will have a cybernetics class that can craft robots and other much-needed pets and parts.

You will also be able to raid these factions in space or on the factions home planet. Depending on where they place the main faction hall instance, most factions that have created the first instance, are put on the faction raid list terminal which gives a way-point to the instance site for the raid.

I will be "fleshing out" the level requirements for these "raids". It's my hope I can balance this pretty well when it goes to testing and balance stage. for example, a level 50 guild will not be able to raid a level 10 guild instance. more later on this proposed feature.

I will be filling you in on the class system here shortly. But my goal for this system is to allow the trinity to exist but also for you to multi-class all the builds like no other MMOG has tried.


Earth Was destroyed in an apocalyptic destruction. the alien races that once abducted humans and observed us also have come together to re-build the planet and re-create humanity. many century's have passed and a new kind of grey alien/human hybrid now exist as earths primary species. new man has set out to explore the Galaxy and all the great unknown worlds that await.

*Sorry if the spelling is off kilter. will be updating this page from time to time*


Developer Introductions / Nova-Crisis Games LLC
« on: Oct 31, 12, 11:06:19 AM »
Hello everyone. looking forward to learning and creating with many of you. currently I'm a one man show and jack of many trades and master of none. Most of my brain is dedicated to creating 3d geometry which was my passion before I came here. As for my team? right now I'm the team! lets hope that changes but I digress.

Much to learn and much to experiment with. I have time due to disability so I can get much of the artistic stuff done this year on my own. I won't keep you any longer.


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