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Developer Hero Projects / The Path Online
« on: Nov 09, 19, 06:09:34 AM »

Hi HE Forums,

I'm starting this thread not because I have anything wonderful to show you, but essentially because I am hoping to begin some sort of record of our progress. That will be a combination of Lore, concept art, in-engine screenshots, web development etc..

I'm not one for writing a diary (except actually I'm writing our game lore in a diary format but we'll get to that later.) so I hope this will serve as a tool for allowing us to look back on where we came from and where we are now and reflect positively on what we have achieved. I will post several posts after this seperating into broad subject headings, 'Story / lore', 'Concept Art', '3D Art and World Design', 'Game Mechanics' and I will do my best to update these areas as we go.

Now, into the slightly more enjoyable topic of 'What The F*&^ are we actually making.

Game Name - The Path Online

Initial Concept -

The player is delved into a multiplayer online role playing game. They play as a fictional character who’s employer and close friend has been injured in an attack by one of the dark creatures that have been sighted. They become roped into the investigation into the darkness and what is causing it, where it is coming from and not just investigating but fighting it. As the player develops they discover their path and progress along it. Training in the Path of the Shield (Protection), the Arm (Attack) or the Mind (Healing and Magic). This will take them along a twisted journey of study, fighting and mystery as they learn more and get more and more involved in fighting off the darkness that is creeping into Rhyndlyr.

Unique Selling Points -

•   Mystery / Puzzle game, in which the character will need to think, investigate and solve problems outside of regular grinding / fighting.
•   Massively multiplayer. Support friends, colleagues and companions in growing, learning and travelling in the world.
•   Fully shape your characters journey through their path of study, learn multiple paths and join paths together for a totally unique character class.

Brief Plot Setting -

Our player begins in Rhyndlyr or ‘The River Lands’ as is known in the common tongue. A fantasy region sandwiched between the icy mountains of The Far North and the crumbling stone region in the far south. It has been for the most part a region of relative safety. The towns have grown prosperous over the last century on trade along the river-routes and fine goods coming in from around the world through the river town of Brebon and into the great Capital. Whilst things have remained good for a long time the roads have begun to grow dangerous once more. Taxes are high; boy’s go off and take the kings silver for service in wars abroad and there is growing chatter around dark things attacking folk on the roads at night.

People do not speak of these things. Not in daylight, not without ale. But they are sure they exist. Word of them has spread quickly among the people of Rhyndlyr. These are troubling times and with all the men gone off to war there are few heroes left to investigate these dark forces let alone put a stop to them.

I appreciate you taking the time to read through about us thus far, I hope you stick along with us for the journey. If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop them here and I'll be happy to do my best to answer them.

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