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General Discussion / [Resolved] Delete user from dream manager
« on: Jan 24, 12, 12:04:29 AM »
Hi Guys,
how can delete a user from dream manager?

i read the dream manager page on wiki but i dont found it.

tks again.

i lose something i think...

just a few weeks ago i can see (when i choice texture for paint terrain for example) my directories in the repository

(i m a scripter i dont use the repository a lot), but today i try again and i can see only de defaults directory and not mine anymore.

i m going on repository browser and the dirs exist, also just i cannot see it when i try to use in the heroengine.

i lost something? now work different?


Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Access to a child Gui item
« on: Jan 04, 12, 01:06:24 AM »
Hi guys,
i try to access to a child GUI item.
This is my situation:
1) i have a button with the gui child items (borderTop, borderBotton....text)
2) i have a method on mouse button click a with a _getButtonText() function i can read the text label from the button
3) in this method i read the text and change it everytime someone click on it (Up, Down, Lock, Up...etc) and i do it with the function _setButtonText
4) i use naturally the same method for all 60 buttons
5) i use a texture the change everytime that change the text (up arrow, down arrow, lock) in the defaultstatepresentation
6) i have the texture on my button only when the mouse is not over the buttons, or click etc
The Qs:
1) [SOLVED] i want that when the button is in the defaultstatepresentation i want set the button label text visible on false, well easy if i have the name on the label, but when i use the same method for all buttons how can do it?

How can access to a general button.text label proprierties (not for read or set text that exist a function)?

This is my code:
Code: [Select]
method _OnButtonMouseClick(button as NodeRef of Class _GUIButton, args references Class GUIMouseEvent)
  when button._GetButtonText()
    is "Up"
      button.defaultStatePresentation .position .x = 127
      button.defaultStatePresentation .position .y = 118
    is "Down"
      button.defaultStatePresentation.position.x = 284
      button.defaultStatePresentation .position .y = 157
    is "Lock"
      button.defaultStatePresentation.position.x = 127
      button.defaultStatePresentation .position .y = 103

2) i have a texture 16x16 and my button is 44x26, there is a possibility to set my texture just 1 time on the center, without fill the button and without repeat it x times for fill the button.


ok, try and try i solve my first Q, this is the solution:
Code: [Select]
text as NodeRef of Class GUILabel = FindGUIControlByName(button,"text")
Someone have any tips about the second Q?

tks again

GUI Creation / [Resolved] Layers and GUI at startup
« on: Dec 28, 11, 03:19:19 AM »
Hi guys,
i hope someone can help me to understand something about layers GUIs etc.

i want see some guiobjs in a new layer at startup (also when i can see also abilitybar, minimap etc)

what i try to do:
1) i add a new layer (utility) into RoC_GUI class (ex E_GUI class), like minimap, bottom, etc
2) i create some GUIobjs (for example bottons for open skill window, inventory etc)
3) i suppose add into RoC_playerAccount class the code for open and see the new GUIobjs

now some Q about my probs:
1) how can "link" to my new layer "utility" the GUIobjs?
2) how can "use" the class RoC_playerAccount thereisnt a system node for replace E_playerAccount also when i need to "change" E_playerAccount with my class RoC_playerAccount? when i login or what? i need to search something in which class (or system class)?

someone can help me to understand better this part?

tks a lot.

GUI Creation / [Resolved] gui, class script vs normal script
« on: Dec 22, 11, 06:37:45 AM »
i m a bit confused about this:

i do a new gui window (skillsmanagerwindow)
i do a script (normal) with a public function for open this window
Code: [Select]
public function makeSkillsManagerWindow()
  mySkillsManagerWindow as NodeRef of Class GUIControl = createNodeFromPrototype("RoC_SkillsManagerWindow")
  // Make the new window renderable in the screen
  mySkillsManagerWindow.build = true
  // Configure the window's position in the viewport
  screen as Vector3 = getViewPortSize()
  mySkillsManagerWindow.position.x = (screen.x - mySkillsManagerWindow.size.x) / 2
  mySkillsManagerWindow.position.y = (screen.y - mySkillsManagerWindow.size.y) / 2

i change the keybind file for use CTRL-S in the input_Command script and call the public function
Code: [Select]
function onCmdStop(cmd as String) as Boolean
  when cmd
    is "PlayMode"
    is "SkillsManager"
its all ok and when i push CTRL-S i can see the window

now the q,
if i try to use the class methods like onbuttonmouseclick etc i have the error that i cannot use this methods if the script is not a class script.

also i create a class script calle RoC_skillsManagerWindow but how can i use it when i open my skillmanagerwindow with CTRL-S?

tks for explain 

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] my_CharacterPrototype
« on: Aug 28, 11, 04:01:54 PM »
i try to create my pg with my stats etc. (with this wiki page http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/CCS
I adapting the cleaning engine changing E_charactercreationsystem and replace with my.
for create my charprototype i understand that i need to use a command CPFC from class, also i need a class for my pg.
for the E_charprototype which is the class used for the char,? E_commoncharacter?
there is a tutorial for create step by step a pg prototype and implement in the engine? (or someone have one)


I have a prob with World Machine or HE, maybe i miss something,
when i import in World machine a pic 400x400 or 3500x3500px and export in raw16 i have the same size map in Hero.
If i export from world machine a 10km2 for example, when i import it i m expect a 20x20 chunks (each chuck is 64x64=500mx500m), but i receive always an 8x8 chunks, i try to import also a 35kmx35km map, but when i import i have always un 8x8 chunks (64x64 each).

Now, my q, i miss something in hero when i import? or its prob caouse i use a free version of world machine? (i want buy a commercial version but i need to know if its work) or other thing that i miss or i dont understand?

tks a lot.

Design & World Building / [SOLVED] make a real world map
« on: Aug 08, 11, 04:16:57 AM »
Hi guys,
how is the better system for make a real world map?

for example, i want to replicate a mediterrain zone how can do it?
1) i must link 1000 areas and use a dds as brush (with a mediterrain image) and do it?
2) i can import some heightmap?
or what?

what i need to do before? links areas and when are all linked do something?

tks for help

Hi guys,
i try to import some speedtrees from the libreries (4.2 disk1 and disk2 from the wiki http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Speedtree)
from create menu i choice speedtree load speedtree
i choice my speedtree (saguarocactus for example)
in my asset i can see saguarocactus_rt.spt
i go again in the createmenu and in speedtree section i can choice saguarocactus but nothing happen

??? why? (only work with deafult speedtree in cleanengine)

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] again vs minimap
« on: Jul 27, 11, 05:08:07 AM »
Hi guys,
i m still working on minimap
i replace all the classes E_ with mines
i use $GUI._newMinimap() for create one
i want replace the default minimap with my (like HJ)
i replicate the minimap class (from HJ) in my server and i just want use this method:

method onMouseDblClick(args references Class GUIMouseEvent)
  println( "Doppio click." )

1) naturally dont work. why?
2) I try to move the method _newMinimap in my GUI class but how can call it from (for example) my baseclient? (now i use $GUI._newMinimap). Naturally i replace the node _GUI with my.
3) i dont found in which class HJ call the method _newMinimap

its not about script..but yes about minimap...
4) i just wead that somo assets have a proprerties visible world and map for see in in the minimap, but about the environment? i have a dinamic sky in a scheme, with different lights colors during the day, and i dont want see this in my minimap. I want always the same light in the minimap, its possibile? i can select the heighmap for choice the visibility, but how can "select" the sky for change the visibility prop (if exist)?

tks a lot for every answers.

Design & World Building / [SOLVED] Texture Layer
« on: Jul 24, 11, 05:21:33 AM »
Hi guys,
i use repository browser for import all my texture, models, sound etc
i can see and use it in a lot parts of the HE.

But, when i try to select a texture for a layer with the terrain tool i can choice from the default textures but i cannot see my repository dir.

Naturally i can select my texture if i insert the full path on the filename field.

I want see my dir and choice my texture with thumbs, i miss something?

tks a lot

Scripting & Programming / [SOLVED] Minimap how...
« on: Jul 22, 11, 07:04:56 AM »
Hi guys,
after my firtst script i try manage the minimap

i read this on wiki

and i try to replicate to my world.

In my Area window i configure like the wiki (outdoors visibles yes, Env Scheme i select my scheme, App in Maps =1 override = 0)

well now i replicate the class E_GUI with my SOC_GUI and add "minimap" to layers and set with F5, but i dont understand how can see it (i try also in my baseclient EnableMiniMap(true))

in the wiki there aren't examples and in the forum i found just 1 post about the minimap.

tks for explain or help me.

Hi guys,
i try to do my first script, and i choice to start with:
function Tempo()

i try it with the command line and its work...great!!

after i try to put it like a permanent client script, i follow this tutorial http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/TIMER.

i read in the wiki taht i can "call" some function on events, well

how must call my easy script when i start the instance? or how can do something every tick.

tks for explain.

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