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Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Input
« on: Sep 19, 13, 03:58:59 PM »
If I wanted to assign an ability to a mouse input via script, what would be the most correct way to do this? Better yet
what would be a good system to implement if I was planning to manipulate inputs like this frequently?

Any help is appreciated,

Scripting & Programming / General Scripting Question
« on: Jul 08, 13, 12:35:13 PM »
This is a difficult question to ask without sounding like a complete fool, so here goes...

Say I pass a noderef into a method and then reference it in said method.

Every time I reference the node does it "find" that node with the most up to date data or do the fields on the noderef stay static once it has been passed?


Scripting & Programming / HSL Oracle system.
« on: Jul 05, 13, 08:51:55 AM »
A few questions on how Client Oracles work.

Is it acceptable to update a client side oracle directly instead of pulling the updates from server?

I plan on anchoring my Oracle(s) to the worldroot, the wiki gives a utility to do this called ClientDataSystem
does this utility automatically attach the Oracle to the WorldRoot when you run the ClientDataSystem:GetSystemRoot( "YourSystemName" )  code?

All help is appreciated,

If a player was to activate an ability on the client side, how do I reference that player through methods?

say I have a method on class Foo_abilities

method FooattackClassMethod(Attacker as Noderef of Class Foo_CommonCharacter)

At what point can I pull the player in as Attacker, and how?

I'm lost on this.


Scripting & Programming / Lobby Id(s)
« on: May 30, 13, 11:40:53 AM »
I am trying to set up a Lobby system in a system Area using (in most) the bare bones lobby system in place via $_LOBBY.

Here is how I want it to work.

World Spins up:
System area  = KeepareaUp()
On Area Load:
System area is registered for world knowledge ( Area and Player)
Creates LogicalLobbyDirectory
Ect Ect.

Problem is that most of these methods are requesting an ID for the Directory and Logical Directory.
I am a little confused about how to create or find these ID's.
Is it the same as the specID?
Is it the request Id? If so how do I reference that outside the method it was stated in?

Reminder I am not a master scripter.

Any explanation is appreciated.

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Enumerations
« on: Mar 28, 13, 11:44:46 AM »
Still pretty new to writing scripts so, don't judge me but I have what is likely to be a very easy question.

Say I have:

Script A

function ExampleA(Whatever as ENUM Whatevers)
When Whatever
Is Red
//Do something

How do I reference the Enumeration in another script?


Script B

method ExampleB()
ExampleB( //What do I put here?)

Do I have to convert the enum to a string in order to reference it?

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] HENPC Character Creation.
« on: Mar 24, 13, 04:04:16 PM »

Could use a spot of help here.
I wanted to use the /HENPC funtion to generate a quick NPC in order to test some scripts.

I created a Test_NPC class and glommed it onto the $NPC system node in order to determin which classes to instantiate from. (this seems to work fine)

I created some scripts that deal with how health is handled (this is what I am trying to test) I placed these scripts into the appropriate classes on the server and client.

I create the Character_Sample using the /HENPC function.

And the NPC shows up in all his constrction worker glory but then things take a turn for the worst.

I get the following error like 8 times a second:

16:54:03: !ERROR!System:Input [BaseMode] does not have enum handle [Combat]!
16:54:03: !ERROR!System:BehaviorBase: Attempt to set input [BaseMode] to [Combat] failed, enum not valid for this input (node=9223372056796021652).

What is this and where can I find it to change it? I found the Enum value but that doesnt tell me much I see there are two values Normal and Combat but I checked all the relevant classes and nothing in _nonPLayerCharacter, _commonCharacter, or _NPC have any methods that change behaviors.

What am I missing?

Scripting & Programming / Spatial Awareness System questions.
« on: Mar 07, 13, 10:54:14 AM »
Hey forum,

I have been looking at the spatial awareness page on the wiki so long i think I think i'm going to lose my mind.

When using $SAS._CreateSASFromClass What exactly am I creating? Is it a space that allows "Entities" within to have spatial awareness based on assigning them the class _SAS_EntityInformation? If thats the case how big is this system is it just in an area or is it the entire game?

When I add an entity to the system does the entity position need to be updated as the entity moves or does it's awareness follow it around as it travels?

I guess what i'm trying to achieve is:

All characters (Players, NPCs, and potentially MonGens when I get around to creating those) have spatial awareness (or are entities in a Characterawareness system) and in that awareness range get updates for any entitiess there-in.

Here is my first crack at the code.

method InitCharacterAwareness( Character as Noderef )
    CharacterAwareness = $SAS._CreateSASFromClass( “Character”, “CharacterAwarenesss”, 0.05, True, 30, 0.06 )
     Where Character is kindof Class CommonCharacter
        Character as Class _SAS_Entity
 Character._SAS_Position = GetCharacterPosition()
   Character._SAS_Awareness = 40
     add back Character to Character._SAS_Event_Recieving_Nodes
       CharacterAwareness._SAS_AddEntity( entityID, Character )

This is applied on the class CharacterAwareness and is intended to be a game specific glom to the _AREA.
I can't wrap my mind around this and the code I provided may very well be some kind of messed up logical loop.

Ready for enlightenment,

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] ...Raycast3D
« on: Mar 05, 13, 11:40:17 AM »
I just began playing around with Ray-casting, <-- (don't know if that is even a word) and I was wondering if there was anyway that the ray-cast that hits a "Hit-able" target can return more then a node-ref? Can it return different kinds of statistics? Perhaps if a defensive "Buff" is active?


Ray-casts are practically instantaneous, is it more viable (For attacks and skills that are meant to be a "bit" slower then the speed of a modern computer calculation, An arrow for example.) to apply a timer before the ray-cast fires and then just create the animation as if the timer doesn't exist so it appears as though the attack is not instantly calculated? Or to fire multiple ray-casts over a time frame and determine if a node-ref was returned in an appropriate time frame for a "Hit" ? I'm certain that there are probably more ways to go about this, my question is which is more intensive data wise?

I will certainly have more questions on raycast3D in the future, this is only the beginning.

Thanks for the help as always,

Is there a simple script for taking away ability to use keyboard commands from the player.
Say if a a player dies in my game and I don't want them to move but, I don't want the to Rezz right away either.
Preferably in a method.

Thanks in advance,

Scripting & Programming / Timers
« on: Feb 27, 13, 12:00:32 PM »
Hey Forum,

I know there has been posts on this subject in the past but I have some general questions regarding using timers in scripts.

Is it possible to just have a field in a class method that is a Timer Data Type and then specify its fields from the class method?

In the example on the wiki it seems as though each timer had to be instantiated as a node then referenced to even apply.

I will be more specific.

Keep in mind that I am not a professional programmer and I am not even sure if this Script will work but, trying to make a script, failing and then finding out why it failed is the best way for me to learn so here goes:

I want to essentially create a timer that Regens Stamina over time, this timer should Start() when the _Commoncharacter's Stam is > TotalStam and then Stop() [and reset] when Stam = TotalStam I will then adjust the value at which it increases by whether or not the character is _InCombat.

So could I just add a field called StamRegen on E_Commoncharacter that is Data Type Timer and then create a

  if me.Stam < me.TotalStam
    me.StamRegen.fireRate = 0.01.00

  //for each tick me.Stam + 2 or something like that.

I really hope you guys can pick up what i'm trying to put down here.


Developer Introductions / Hello Forum!
« on: Feb 18, 13, 07:19:34 PM »
Hey forum,
just wanted to introduce ourselves as we embark on the journey of impending frustration. Learing the craft and art-form that is developing a (hopefully) successful online game. Just so you know our team is loaded with questions so prepare to laugh at (and hopefully answer) our naive questions. At present we are just a bunch of gamers with some great gaming ideas and we got to thinking that is how game development should start anyway... so here we are. All help is appreciated.

At your Mercy,
Sean, Turner, Landon, and Joseph.

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