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Design & World Building / [RESOLVED]Gaps in mirrors
« on: Apr 29, 13, 11:40:55 PM »
Is there any quick way to cut a gap in a water mirror?   Say I were trying to get an underwater tunnel--   I place my models, but anything under the water line of my ocean of course still appears under water.   Will I actually have to form the ocean around a single model just to get that functionality, or is there a decently easy way to block off the mirror using a certain model?

Design & World Building / Sky and billboard questions
« on: Mar 30, 13, 07:22:54 PM »
Is there anyway to assign a billboard image as a sun or moon?  It seemed like it would be simple considering that the flare system has a sun position already worked into it from the environmental settings, but in a clear sky a flare without an actual object looks pretty weird when the sun magically disappears after the dawn lens flare.  I was attempting to place a billboard image of a facing 2d sun behind the flare effect so that it looked like there was actually something producing light, as opposed to just an obligatory point in the sky and encountered some issues.

1)I can find no way to actually get the billboard to follow the sun's path along with the flare, which means that the only way I can find is to manually duplicate the path, which seems redundant since the environment panel already dictates a path for the light source.   Am I wrong in this assumption that I must essentially remake all the calculations in a path that the environment panel already did?

2)How can I make billboards visible and opaque from all distances?  The built in LOD on billboards has them fade from view at distance (max value 100, which would render a sun invisible at any distance), which for obvious reasons I would not want the sun to do, but it seems ridiculous to make something as ornamental as a sun anything but a billboard.

3)Ideally I'd like to make the billboard of the sun an emitter, so that depending on area it can be tailored to create a corona independent of the lens flare (or an added haze illusion to the flare with moving billboard particles to give a more realistic feel to dry/hot areas), but yet again I run into those same pathing issues, and can't seem to get the billboard to do anything but lay flat on its y axis as an emitter, and can't get it to xyz face, which has never been a problem when an emitter isn't tied to a billboard.

I was also hoping to get a moon set up as a facing billboard, since yet again dynamic sky is horrendously fake looking when its just stars moving through the night, and there is a light source at some obligatory point in the sky, but no moon attached to the light source.  Would I have to edit a star map to make that happen? Yet again, manually finding the light source point?  Is there anyway to make the dynamic sky function anything more than something fun to play with in the enviroment panel, or is it totally limited to the unrealistic lighting that it has as its stock functions unless we have source code?

We at lone guide studios are currently working on a hybrid mmorpg with an emphasis on a player dictated and driven world.  We are seeking a dedicated programmer to take some scripting responsibilities off people who's talents are better spent elsewhere.

The designers have been refining the project for over a year now, and we have some great artists on board producing solid assets every day.  We are looking for a programmer to be able to come in and take the bulk of the scripting responsibility from the dilettantes on our team so they can concentrate more on the jobs that they are experts in.

We don't expect full time work of anyone, but we expect someone who is passionate about working towards a prototype over the next couple months and is dedicated to see that prototype done.

If you need more info, want me to rant about the content and design of the project a bit more liberally, or have any inquiries at all, do not hesitate to shoot me an email at Jordan@loneguide.com

Developer Introductions / Lone Guide Studios
« on: Mar 11, 13, 11:28:32 PM »
Hello everyone out there.  We here at Lone Guide Studios are thrilled to be joining the HeroEngine community.  We've only been here a week or so, but already we are finding the community exceptionally welcoming and the support excellent.
We have been in the design process of a Hybrid MMORPG with an emphasis on player driven and dictated content for the past year, and are currently in a prototyping phase.  Our project is yet to be assigned a finalized name, but I would be more than happy to release details to the community here as we choose to make them available.   Look for updates from me in the Project section of the forums over the next months as we sprint toward a prototype.
I'm looking forward to getting more familiar with what I can already tell is a very core supportive, helpful community.

Jordan Roberts
Project Manager, Project SBA
Lone Guide Studios

Scripting & Programming / Spec Oracle Creation Problem
« on: Mar 11, 13, 04:05:26 AM »
 Certainly not the programmer in my group, so pardon what I can only assume from the reference in error messages is a stupid question,  but figured I've got no excuse to not understand the whole of the engine, so I dove into the wiki.   After a couple of long nights of doing random tutorials, I spent awhile on the step by step creating a spec oracle tutorial (and the related guides that end up being a part of learning that one)

I've done the whole tutorial now, though I haven't yet gotten my new spec oracle to properly display on the hotspot GUI, but that's a problem for another day.  When I try to modify my created spec oracle though with the chat command, it displays as a generic oracle and tells me that I have no base specs in that oracle.

This is the error message I continually receive in the error dialogue box:
starting me[id=0 invalid]
!ERROR!HeroScript::HeroMachine::ScriptError:This method must be overridden by child classes.
!ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: In function ScriptError: This method must be overridden by child classes.
03/11/2013 01:36:22
Call trace:
  Script SpecOracleClassMethods line 148 me[id=1000001300 class=InventorySpecOracle]
  Script SpecOracleClassMethods line 288 me[1000001300]
  Script _SpecOracleUtilsClassMethods line 739 me[0]
starting method/function RECEIVE_SPECORACLECOMMAND
starting me[id=0 invalid]

The chat panel continually displays this error message:

From Server Script: _SpecOracleUtilsClassMethods:HE_ProcessCommandInput
Client/Account ID:
To Client Script: _SpecOracleUtilsClassMethods:Receive_SpecOracleCommand
In function ScriptError: This method must be overridden by child classes.
03/11/2013 01:27:59
Call trace:
  Script SpecOracleClassMethods line 148 me[id=1000001075 class=InventorySpecOracle]
  Script SpecOracleClassMethods line 288 me[1000001075]
  Script _SpecOracleUtilsClassMethods line 739 me[0]
starting method/function RECEIVE_SPECORACLECOMMAND
starting me[id=0 invalid]

I have gone back and combed over all the class methods that deal with the spec oracle to no avail.  I basically re-ran through the whole tutorial making sure I had everything in place as necessary.  I assume that there is a problem with an override, but it seems fine to me.  Perhaps a solution will beat me on the nose first thing in the morning, but for now I'll just ask, does anyone have any opinion on what could be wrong with my script?

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