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Developer Job Board / (empty)
« on: Sep 15, 13, 09:33:22 PM »

Is there a way to change the pre-built render settings for grass. I understand that the rendering is done using the 3d laws, that anything beyond distance of X units, is not rendered. Where could I turn up the area of detail rendering, I know it consume the GPU but it is not a problem in my situation. :)

I have finally sat down, to learn modelling in HE. Everything was nice and easy until I made one mistake, I deleted my entire terrain and could do nothing about it. I have pressed the CTRL Z, I went into the history to undo-it. But it did not respond.

I have no idea what happened, no spilt blood because I have made the scene for educational purposes. But I can't imagine losing my entire progress later. What could have caused this?

Here is a screen shot.


Scripting & Programming / What are the HeroCloud limits?
« on: May 23, 13, 06:25:07 PM »
As the question states, what are the HeroCloud limits, more precisely:

What are the limits in creating instances? (How many terrains can you actually create)

How many NPC's could the servers handle?
Would it allow 50+ objects on screen, that would move around the map?
I heard that it was a big problem for SWTOR When the client had over 50 players on screen.

Would the same problem occur with 100 characters walking around the game map?

We need to order new PC's for the development process and because we are an indie team, with a low indie budget, we try to get the most for the least.

The HeroEngine requirements are:
Dual Core, 2.4 GHz CPU
250 GB free Hard Drive space

So, should the main operating system drive/partition exceed 250GB? As far as I know, to get the best performance you should install all the important programs on the operating system drive. That is why we would like to use an SSD.

We do not want to use a normal hard drive for the system, as it is less efficient. Do we have to get a 490GB SSD for each station, to ensure that the HeroBlade works properly. The next SSD is at 256 GB and there is no other option between them.

Any suggestions?

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