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Can someone explain to me what each option in the PlaySound State Action Editor does.

There are a few fields and the wiki is outdated and I am not sure what fields mean.

Target Node : Is this the sound object that we place on the map, or the node we want the sound played to be positioned from.
Sound FQN : I do not know what this is.
Sound Size : What does each value mean in terms of size.
Delay Action By: This is basically how long before the action will play
Abort Behaviour: I am not sure what each of these options mean.

Also are sounds 3D position or 2D effects.


So I have object and a State, everything about the creation of the State is working now, I also used the Link button in the State Editor.

I am trying to use this bit of code below to retrieve the object GUID, but it returns 0. So either this is not how you get the object associated with the State, or I am doing this wrong.

Code: [Select]
object as NodeRef of Class _statefulObject = state._getStatefulObject()
myTower as NodeRef of Class TSMS_Tower = object._statefulObjectKey

So how exactly should I do this?

On the wiki the object that has states attached is referred to a Stateful Object, which is why I use the above code to get the Stateful object key, but it returns 0 for the key.


So to do this you need to do this

Code: [Select]

areaStates as NodeRef of Class _StateObjects = $STATES._GetStatesNodeByClass( "_areaStates" ) 
state as NodeRef of Class _StateObject = areaStates._GetStateByName( "{NAME}" )
object as NodeRef of Class {CLASSNAME} = state._getStatefulObject()


So I Started playing around with the state system using the wiki, everything is working fine until I clicked "Add" under transitions and this error popped up.

Is there something I am missing on how to add transitions?



RESOLVED: Do not delete the NOTSET state, I am not sure why I deleted it, but definitely do not ever delete it. Luck for me you can just add it back in quickly.


So I have a trigger and inside the trigger is an Object which I want to change properties like colour and material overrides from the server while the game is running. First I also need to know how to query the object in a way that is ok for production code.

What is the best way to go about doing this so that I can change the model inside the trigger.



How do I create a new instance of an area, and send the player there?

Once I am in the area what is the best way to teleport the player right away so it looks like they loaded into that spot. Where would I write the code for this?

Thanks in Advance

Edit: I solved many of the problems I was having.


I am wondering how I can make a chat message sent via a script appear in the world chat box and not only in the editor chat box.

I am using $CHAT.ChatList, and messages send I see them in the editor chat window, but not in the world chat window.

Do I need to supply a channel for it to show up?



I want to be able to mass edit properties on assets, in this case I want to hide all of my invisible walls.

When I open the Asset Editor and select all of the object the Property panel goes blank.

So my question is how can I edit the properties of all of the assets at once, I have around 200 walls so editing them by hand will not be an option since I will need to turn them on and off if I ever need to fix the position of the walls.



Developer Introductions / Gallium Gaming
« on: Jun 26, 13, 10:24:25 AM »
Hello everyone, we are Gallium Gaming a student company working on our capstone project.

There are five of us and we currently attend the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Canada. We are really excited to get to work with Hero Engine on this project, because it allows us to not worry about all the back end stuff for a multiplayer game which we really want to make for our capstone. 

If you do not know what a capstone project is, it is basically groups of students who have to complete a major project with various requirements from the faculty. For example we have to not only build the game, we have to sell it and meet certain to be determined sales targets in order to get the grade for this class, how cool is that.

I suppose I should give a quick overview of our project now.

We are developing a fast paced action oriented player versus player game called They Stole My Sheep.

High Concept

"They Stole my Sheep is a team based player versus player game where the players work in teams of five to capture sheep pens which reward teams with sheep. As more pens are capture, sheep is acquired at a faster rate. The first team to achieve 100 sheep, wins the match."

Our Team:
Chris Harshman - Producer (that is me)
Wallace Balaniuc - Lead Programmer
Alex Bedard-Reid - Lead 2D Artist
Taylor Holoiday - Lead 3D Artist
Justin Challenger - Concept and 2D Art

In terms of the development process, we all have titles but we also all chip in on most aspects of the game, we are going to be using a fairly loose development model because we will be bringing in people from our classes and teachers to play test the game from day one that we have a playable prototype.

We are still finalizing our design documents for this game, and will be keeping this post up to date once we get the website and blogs and social media aspects up and going.

So for now, I bid you adieu.


So I just started using this gearing up for a student project, but our machines use small SSD for the C drive and then have Data drives.

Right now I just copied the ArtDepot Folder over to my data drive, is this safe, or are there registry values I need to deal with, I setup Maya with the paths pointing to it, and the Repository Browser to the new folder locations.

Is there anything else I need to do?



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