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General Discussion / HeroBlade with Linux?
« on: Apr 01, 14, 03:43:53 AM »
Is there a chance to use HE with Linux (ubuntu)?

Don't know how it works with 'Wine' or other emulators when I think about the Shader and something like this.

General Discussion / Teamspeak3 Server
« on: Mar 28, 14, 12:16:14 PM »
Hello Community!

We use for our Project and other actions (Games, whateva) a Teamspeak3 Server.

This Server is 24/7 online and you can wait there for other User, can send Text and Files to all.

When you are interested you can save this TS3 Server IP:
This Server has 100 Slots (more Slots are no problem) and can be used by HeroEngine User. :)

Have fun there!

General Discussion / Early Access?
« on: Mar 25, 14, 06:33:13 AM »

is there a chance to become a "Early Access" Client like Steam?
A lot of Player pay for Alpha or Pre-Alpha Account :D

What we have to do for this?

PS: The Problem with my Crash are fixed... now i use Win7 for HE. :)

General Discussion / Reset World, Scripts, etc.
« on: Mar 20, 14, 09:00:52 AM »

is there a chance to reset all in my world to the date where the world is setup for me?
Only the Basic-Scripts, GFX, etc....

We have to much add "Script-Troll-Shit" and we dont know what is right and not right for us.
Thats we want to start with a empty project like after setup. :/

//EDIT: Ok there is no chance to become a clean new world but is there a chance to delete all custom scripts and reset the "standard" and "demo" scripts?

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