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Art & Art Pipeline / Facegen morphs don't look right
« on: Sep 18, 16, 07:06:16 PM »
I am having some problems getting morphs to look right in HE. They work fine in Max, so this has something to do with how Facegen works. Does anyone know how to improve the accuracy of Facegen?
I did a similar morph in the past that works (First image)

Second image is a picture of the broken morph in Max and in HE.

This is the same project, it just seems to have stopped working properly with new morphs.


Every time I try exporting an animation from Max 2016, I get this error. I didn't have this problem last week but nothing has changed on my system as far as I know. Any ideas?

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Needing help with Facegen
« on: Mar 08, 16, 11:52:27 PM »
I have spent 25-30 hours trying to follow the Facegen pipeline, but have met with negative results. I've tried following the Facegen Pipeline and the Facegen Tutorial from the Wiki, and Stadi's Facegen tutorial as well. I'm trying to start with just a few simple morphs for now.

I keep getting an error about the mesh and egm vertices not being the same amount, and I have tried exporting from Max both in HGM and OBJ formats. I used the same mesh from my Dynamic Character for my morph targets, so all the vertices should be the same, if that even makes a difference.

It may be something I am doing in the Customizer, there's little documentation about that part.

If anyone has any ideas...


Animation / CAT Rig Joint Limits problem
« on: Feb 07, 16, 10:21:03 PM »
I was setting up joint limits in 3DS Max 2016 on a CAT rig. Instead of working as expected, it simply locks the joints in place, or rotates then in the wrong direction. Apparently this has been a bug with this system since 2010. Does anyone know of an easy workaround?

Below is the original thread, and this is still a problem. I have found a post as new as 3 weeks ago with the exact same issues.


Edit: I am seriously thinking about going back to using Biped at this point. I don't see how else to do proper animations if I can't even prevent the knee from rotating sideways on the CAT rig. While I can lock the rotation when using FK, it doesn't work when using IK, and IK is much better for animating when it comes to keeping the feet on the ground and such.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Art & Art Pipeline / 3DS Max Error and Solution
« on: Feb 03, 16, 11:43:30 PM »
If you happen to have more than one version of 3DS Max installed, and you uninstall one of them, sometimes it will make the remaining Max error on loading. It would be something like this: DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80070005

What happens is that when you uninstall one copy of Max, it removes MaxComponents.dll from the registry, even though you may still have a copy of Max that requires it. All you need to do is run a command prompt as Administrator (cmd.exe), navigate to your Max directory (mine for example would be: cd C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016)

Once your command prompt is in the Max directory, type in:   regsvr32 MaxComponents.dll
Restart Max and your problem should be fixed.

Here is a thread that explains it, but not for 3DS Max

Developer Hero Projects / Primal Kingdoms Online
« on: Jan 20, 16, 10:49:41 PM »
Primal Kingdoms is set in the savage world of Sharafell. This has been an ongoing project of mine since around 1995. There is plenty of lore and a fairly fleshed out history, but I won't post it here right now. This first post I will limit to the basic concept of the game.

On the surface, the beginning concept is similar to Ultima Online or Mortal Online, with skills instead of classes. It is a sandbox MMO, and player housing, guild wars, territory control, and even farming are part of the base design principles.

What sets this world apart from most other MMO worlds out there today are the inhabitants. There are no dwarves, elves, gnomes, orcs, or halflings. The races include a few strains of humans and a large variety of primal animal-men. Examples include dog-men which are similar to gnolls in other games, bull-men resembling minotaurs, rat-men, cat-men, etc. These will all be playable races, and they come in a large variety of sizes ranging from around 2 feet tall to around 10 feet tall. There will be game effects/mechanics that take these into consideration.

There are several factions, many of them hostile to each other, and war will be a constant problem in the lands. Factions and guilds will be able to control territories, which will give harvesters and crafters access to resources from those areas with NPC guards to help protect them. Harvesters from enemy factions can sneak in and steal resources but it is risky. This will give factions a reason to fight and control certain areas.

To prevent any one faction from controlling too much, I have some plans as to how to limit aggressive expansion. Perhaps the leader of a faction is limited to a certain number of territories before they start becoming lawless. Perhaps invading NPC armies will retake certain areas after a certain amount of time has passed.

There will be plenty for non-PVP players as well, from building homes, raising crops on their own farms, breeding animals, to sailing cargo ships to far off ports for profit.

That's enough for now, I will post again in the future. I am working on characters now, and will post screen shots when I have a few I am happy with.

General Discussion / Discussion about HE game developing
« on: Dec 30, 15, 05:03:24 PM »
Hi all, I was working on my character for my game and was thinking about all the different teams out there and what they are doing. As a game artist, I admit my game is not really started from a coding stand point, but I decided to make some great characters and start from there, then work into the coding. So here are a few questions I have for the community in general...

Q1. There has been some discussion about HE being shut down temporarily, and if that happens how will this affect you and your project?
A1. Since I am working on 3D assets, it won't hurt my project in the short term.

Q2. How many of you are close to Alpha testing your game?
A2. As stated above I have a long way to go.

Q3. Are you on a large budget, small budget, or working on your game for free right now?
A3. I am doing this by myself in my spare time so it's for free. I only pay for HE.

Q4. When we are close to alpha/beta testing, do we have to pay for more servers?

Q5. Where do we get more assets for our games?
A5. To me, assets are difficult to find simply because it can be obvious to the players when you mix art styles from various sources. That being said, you can search the web for assets and just pick the ones that fit in a certain style, or hire your own artists when you get a kick starter going.

Q6. I have heard there is some confusion about whether we get a website with HE. Do we?
A6. From what I understand, no. We have to make our own web site and find our own host for it.

Q7. When you release your game, how do you plan to generate income?
A7. I want to set up a monthly sub plus micro transactions for game features.


I would encourage you all to answer these questions and post your own. I think as a community we can help each other grow and complete our projects, and for many of us this is our first project so it can be quite daunting.

Art & Art Pipeline / Character Manager bugs
« on: Oct 29, 15, 11:46:39 PM »
I don't know if this is a known regular issue, but I have problems a lot with the Character Manager updating. For example, Tint4 color pickers don't go away at the bottom of the window when you click on a different slot. Sometimes the skin blend doesn't work unless you close and re-open the CM. And, most of the time when you change a part in a slot, it greys out the slot so you can't pick a new part without closing and opening the CM again.

Attached is a video of what I am talking about.

Animation / - Resolved - Existing Animation Tracks Question
« on: Sep 27, 15, 11:42:04 AM »
I see that a lot of HE characters have animations such as Turn_Left_45, Turn_Left_90, Turn_Left_180. Are these looping animations for when a character is turning, like they lean left or right? And, do we make the SRB turn in 3DS Max when creating the animation, or do we keep the SRB pointing in the same direction and let the Character Controller do the actual turning?

I am just trying to figure out the process originally used since I don't really see this explained anywhere.

Also, when making a walk or run animation, can we just translate the SRB forward without translating the actual character rig? I have tried it both ways, and it seems to work both ways, and it is much easier to make a CAT rig run in place than to try to animate the movement.

Animation / -Resolved- New animation problem
« on: Sep 24, 15, 11:55:58 PM »
I have been getting my characters to work but after this last patch, all of my new animations get errors:

Code: [Select]
ERROR:System:Was unable to find sequence [combat_idle] for [\character\dynamic_2\s_human\s_hum_fem\s_hum_fem.DAT]
ERROR:System:  Synchronous repository request ERROR for: /character/dynamic_2/s_human/s_hum_fem/animation/walk.hgm, result FACE000F : __FUNCTION__: must be attached to a repository
ERROR:System:  FAILURE: stop of [walk.hgm] attempted when it was not playing
ERROR:System:Was unable to find sequence [combat_idle] for [\character\dynamic_2\s_human\s_hum_fem\s_hum_fem.DAT]
ERROR:System:  FAILURE: [\Character\dynamic_2\s_human\s_hum_fem\animation\walk.hgm] Does not contain 1 TrackGroup! (2)

I've tried using different versions of the Exporter, I have exported the skeleton several times, as well as animations. This pipeline is getting ridiculous.  ::)

Art & Art Pipeline / Texture Banks, Layers question
« on: Sep 09, 15, 02:50:32 PM »
I have been working on texture banks and such. It appears that you can only have 2 layers in a material, is this true? If so, does this mean on a player character you can have a skin layer, then a layer for something like tattoos?
And does this mean you can't have a third layer for dirt and grime?

Also, would pieces work so you can turn on and off each tattoo separately? I am trying to get the overall design concepts here, and am a bit confused about the "pieces" for textures. :)

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] HGM2OBJ Crashing
« on: Sep 07, 15, 10:49:56 AM »
I am trying to troubleshoot my pipeline, and have discovered that I can't run HGM2OBJ without it crashing. I am not sure but I think these problems began when I upgraded to Windows 10. I have tried running this as Administrator but it still "Stops Working". Here is what the CMD window shows:

I:\HE\ArtPipeline\HGMToObj>REM ***Generate the objs***

I:\HE\ArtPipeline\HGMToObj>FOR %a in (*.hgm) DO hgm2obj "%a"

I:\HE\ArtPipeline\HGMToObj>hgm2obj "hum_fem_1.hgm"
HGM2Obj 0.1.0
=== Loading ===
File: "hum_fem_1.hgm" loaded.
=== Saving ===

I set permissions for the folder so it should work.

I got it to work with some files, so this is not a problem. :)

Art & Art Pipeline / Error: Skin modifier not selected
« on: Sep 02, 15, 12:21:52 AM »
I am using Max 2014 Student Version, and I am getting the error that says I don't have the Skin modifier selected in the modifier stack. I do have it selected.
MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception
-- Runtime error: Skin need to be selected and in the modifier panel Skin:Skin

This section of the script is highlighted:
            GeoBoneEnvCount = skinOps.GetNumberBones CurrentGeo.modifiers[#Skin]

I am trying to export a dynamic character, so I can't turn this error warning off. I also get a message saying the HeroExport has stopped working, but it continues to work after I hit OK. Any ideas?

Art & Art Pipeline / Physics Hair?
« on: Jul 29, 15, 10:23:23 AM »
I know it is becoming more popular in games for character hair to be done with physics and hair systems instead of polygon hair. Does Heroengine support this? If so, how would you make it work? Any special export options from Max/Maya? Any information in this would be appreciated. :)

Animation / CAT Rig Conundrum
« on: Jul 19, 15, 06:48:22 PM »
I am working on a CAT rig, and have recently realized that the Pelvis always starts off with a rotation. Here's a screenshot (using a new Rig):
The default rotation is x = -180, y = -90, z = 0
This may not seem like an issue but I've had tons of rotation problems trying to get animations to work. Any suggestions?

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