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Hello, everybody.

Today I decided to disable CSS in my game world because I don't need to choose a character in my design.
Of course, login process stops on area 1 for now.

But, before I start to implement game-specific mechanic, I need to know - what exactly I should do.

I mean - what already done at the moment when login process find that CSS disabled and stopped?
Was player connection factored? Was account root node loaded? Was session started? Etc.

I will be glad to any help, but especially qualified ones (I need to be sure).

Scripting & Programming / Area loading question
« on: Feb 26, 17, 03:57:07 AM »
This is not a problem. Rather just a question.

I need to implement a mechanic when an instance of the area would have been loaded for a particular set of players. Example: an instance of the dueling area. And after it loaded, it must call to all players on the invitee list, they can go into it.
I know that this calls needs to be done from the method HE_PostOnAreaLoad( area as with noderef of Class AreaRoot ).
But where and how I should give this list to the area?
I assume this can be done in the overridden $World script. But in which method? And how exactly? Through the glom of the helper class or something else?

P.S.: sorry for my terrible English :-[.

Scripting & Programming / (resolved)Unstable external function
« on: Feb 17, 17, 07:09:04 AM »
I use NormalizeVector3 function to quick calculation of direction, like this:

Code: [Select]
direction as Vector3 = tgtPos - myPos
NormalizeVector3(direction, direction)

But very often I get this error:

SCRIPT ERROR: Exception UsageException in function 'NormalizeVector3' invalid numeric result

How to lower chance of this error, or maybe there is another method for quick calculations of directions?

General Discussion / (resolved)HeroBlade performance problem
« on: Jan 30, 17, 06:39:12 AM »

I've renamed the thread, because found out that the DOM editor is not the cause of the problem.


Hello all.

It started recently, and greatly disturb with work. I started to notice that opening and working with the DOM editor causes a hard drop of fps. And the force of the fall was growing with each passing day. Straight to 1 fps with the open editor. Meanwhile the editor is also more and more slow down with each passing day.
When working become impossible, I reinstalled the client. It didn't help. Then I made a clean reinstallation of the client, with the previous complete removal of everything linked. It helped, everything worked as before.
But, after a few days, the slowdown began again. A little in the beginning, then more and more. But, this time, after few days of growing slowdown, the editor starts simply to crash HEclient after any attempt to work with him.

What could cause this problem?

Someone else encountered it?

What can be done to avoid this?

Scripting & Programming / No callback from propbucket spec
« on: Oct 06, 16, 04:16:03 AM »
Hello again.

I found strange problem with one specific prop bucket spec.
It is a particle emitter. And it's never makes callback.

I add specs to prop bucket through this code.

Code: [Select]
method InitializePropSpecs()

me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs[AddAssetSpecToPropBucketCB("FORTS","\world\livecontent\resources\bastion\basttower.hgm", me)] = "NorthFort"
  me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs[AddAssetSpecToPropBucketCB("FORTS","\world\livecontent\resources\bastion\basttowercore.hgm", me)] = "NorthFortCoreMain"
  me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs[AddAssetSpecToPropBucketCB("FORTS","\world\livecontent\resources\bastion\baststrikesphere.hgm", me)] = "NorthFortSphereMain"
  me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs[AddAssetSpecToPropBucketCB("FORTS","\world\areas\9223372061780021595\cristall.prt", me)] = "NorthFortCore"
  me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs[AddAssetSpecToPropBucketCB("FORTS","\world\areas\9223372061780021595\rayglow.prt", me)] = "NorthFortCore"
  me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs[AddAssetSpecToPropBucketCB("FORTS","\world\areas\9223372061780021595\spherlights.prt", me)] = "NorthFortSphere"
  me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs[AddAssetSpecToPropBucketCB("FORTS","\world\livecontent\resources\bastion\mebiusknot.hgm", me)] = "NorthPortalMain"

method AssetSpecReady(spec as NodeRef of Class HBSpec, loadFailed as Boolean)
  if not loadFailed
    if IsAssetSpecBroken("FORTS", spec)
      ScriptErrorAndContinue("Asset spec " + spec + " is broken!")
    if me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs has spec
      when me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs[spec]
        is "NorthFort"
          add back spec to me.Bast_NorthFortTowerSpecs
          remove spec from me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs
        is "NorthFortSphereMain"
          insert spec to me.Bast_NorthTowerSphereSpecs at 1
          remove spec from me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs
        is "NorthFortSphere"
          add back spec to me.Bast_NorthTowerSphereSpecs
          remove spec from me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs
        is "NorthFortCoreMain"
          insert spec to me.Bast_NorthTowerCoreSpecs at 1
          remove spec from me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs
        is "NorthFortCore"
          add back spec to me.Bast_NorthTowerCoreSpecs
          remove spec from me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs
        is "NorthPortalMain"
          insert spec to me.Bast_NorthPortalPropSpec at 1
          remove spec from me.Bast_pandingPropSpecs
      ScriptErrorAndContinue("Asset spec is ready, but no needed!")
    ScriptErrorAndContinue("Asset spec " + spec + " is fail to load!")

After code is worked, CLI show me this:

/sn for this ID:

So, it's look like spec was loaded, but it don't made callback. And I tested it many many times. It's still same.
If I add this emitter manually - it's work fine. Another emitters loading to bucket without problems.

What it can be???

Hi there.
I have really simple, even dummy, question. Don't be hard with me, after all, I graduated from the faculty of chemistry. :D

One picture instead a thousand words: https://yadi.sk/d/pSLupeF3wHxxJ

The platforms is pre-placed. Props created from prop backet through script.
I have got position and rotation of the platforms by GetWorldSpacePosition() and GetWorldSpaceRotation() functions. And I use it to calculate position and rotation of the dynamic props which I create from bucket.

I understand that the problem that the estimated offset does not account the rotation of the platform, and the props rotate around their own pivot points. But I'm not sure how to calculate the required correction. Which formulas of geometry and math will work here?

So, please, tell me how to calculate offset correction when platform rotation not 0,0,0.

General Discussion / [Resolved]Connection problem
« on: Aug 31, 16, 06:01:41 AM »
I tried to email to support, but it's look like my messages blocked as an spam.

I have got this problem again.

Debug mode enabled.
WIM Started
Connect: cmd='GETWORLDLIST V3 |
Contacting APAC Server 4
Config String: <FireStorm><CentralOfficeTransport>tcp:mc.a-apacsoutheast-1a-c004.dyn.cloud.heroengine.net:10373</CentralOfficeTransport><SuppressLocalRepository>1</SuppressLocalRepository></FireStorm>
Login to APAC Server 4 failed. You may have entered an incorrect username or password, or your connection to the server may have been lost.
AutoPump: S_NEXT_SD => S_DONE
WIM Completed
SD_Done: No Worlds
AutoPump: S_DONE => S_IDLE

Hi all!

Working on the character's attack, I was faced with this problem.
The attack speed of the character in our game could vary (not such a new idea) and hence the speed of the attack animation needs to change. With the implementation of this idea I have a problem.
I've tried a lot of options, but all don't work. Tried Blend2, SpeedBlend, and set the initial speed = fknob.
Blend2 does not work, due to the fact that fast and slow attacks animations have different duration.
Speed Blend is not working because attacks animations has no movement of SRB.
The last option seemed the most promising, but also does not work. When equating speed to a float knob, the animation just freezes on a random frame and hangs the animation agent.

So, does anyone have any thoughts on this? May be someone faced similar problem?
I will appreciate any ideas. May be someone knows another way to implement such mechanics.


For replicate information about some game objects to clients I use this method.

Code: [Select]
method ReplecateObject(node as NodeRef, client as ID)
  if node is kindof Bast_DestructibleObject
  replicationGroup as NodeRef of Class _ReplicationGroup = me._replicationGroupRef
  if replicationGroup = None
    // Create replication group
    replicationGroup = CreateNodeFromClass( "_replicationGroup" )
    addAssociation( GetRootNode(), "base_hard_association", replicationGroup )
    replicationGroup._replicationPrimaryNode = node
    replicationGroup._AddClientDestination(client, None)
    me._replicationGroupRef = replicationGroup
    replicationGroup._AddClientDestination(client, None)
  where node is kindof Bast_DestructibleObject
    node._replicationGroupRef = replicationGroup

And I got this error:

ERROR:System:Replication error: Replication error 'GOM::addNodeFromPrototype (10606): error: with InternalException message 'addPrototypeToStorage() failed'' doing ReplicationGroupBase.cpp(1170):scCreateNode

But, when I checked nodes and group - all look fine. Only one thing wrong - there is no callback when node added or field updated. Fields param is fine - I think it's becouse of error.

Any ideas?

General Discussion / Localization Table Editor error
« on: May 31, 16, 12:05:03 PM »

Today I tried to add some new strings to my localization table. And I got this error:

Code: [Select]
Server Script Error
Area: 36268000006 Instance: 0
 [DebugSystem] SCRIPT ERROR: Localization: Loc_UniverseLocaleList failed(ERROR) due to(
ERROR: INVALID_KEY (reserved invalid key ID) is not a valid key ID. )
Time:05/31/2016 16:55:33 UTC
Call trace:
  Script _LocalizationClassMethods line 319 me[9223372064015021550]
starting method/function LOC_ONAPICALLFAILED
starting me[id=9223372064015021550 class=_Localization]

This was my first try to work with editor after last update.
Strings which already added to table, loading as usuall, without any issue.

General Discussion / What's happened with particle system?
« on: Apr 30, 16, 12:52:23 AM »
Does it only my problem?
Its started after update. And I can't fix it. All emitters with any blend modes have this visible ugly square frame.

The last two days my game world, as well as two reference worlds disabled on the APAC server. Two other reference worlds is sleeping.
Is there something wrong? Or is it not announced maintenance?

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved]Logic of character creation
« on: Feb 23, 16, 12:36:02 AM »
Hello everyone!
In the course of changes in the game concept was developed following the mechanics. The player account must have only one dummy character. It should be created automatically when user logon for the first time or if it does not exist. It is not desirable to throw the player from area to area during this process. That is, everything must happen in the holding area (or starting area) in the background. The only thing we need from the player to specify the desired nick. If dummy is exist - it just load and selected after logon. In the future, this dummy character will get the specification and character data during entry to a game area, depending on the area and player decisions.

By implementing this mechanic I found the lack of information about the underlying logic of character creation. Trying to tracking of the process implemented in the clean engine, I found many methods and functions in many various scripts. I was not able to create a fully workable character by copying or calling them, without going to $CCS system area.
So I have a question.
Can anyone specify a chain of methods/functions (and scripts containing them) which create characters in clean engine?

Scripting & Programming / RTS-style mini-map. Is it possible?
« on: Oct 22, 15, 04:02:53 AM »
Hello again!
It became necessary to make the mini-map in the RTS-style for a number of areas. Square and showing at once the entire area. And most important, with "fog of war".
Yes, I know about the basic HeroEngine's tools for the mini-map. But, they are not explicitly designed to solve such problems.
How I should to think about the solution of this task? Is it possible in HeroEngine at all?

Scripting & Programming / Big trouble with seamless area change
« on: Sep 07, 15, 02:55:59 AM »
For a long time I was engaged exclusively in code and not running through the areas. But, today suddenly found that during the transition from one area to another seamlessly character or falls into the abyss, or will jump to a random position in a random area. With the following error message:

[hsl_error] 9223372057004021576,0: [BastionOfLight] SCRIPT ERROR: In function MovePlayerSeamlessly: Player 9223372059369021589 state is SEAMLESS_MOVE_REQUESTED (area 9223372057004021576)
Time:09/07/2015 07:24:54 UTC
Call trace:
  Script _TravelDataClassMethods line 623 me[id=9223372061369021541 class=_TravelData,E_Travel]
  Script _AccountClassMethods line 1606 me[9223372061369021561]
starting method/function _REQUESTSEAMLESSAREACHANGE
starting me[id=9223372061369021561 class=_Account,Bast_Account]

remote call from originating script _BaseClientClassMethods function _Client_Seamless_Transition node 1000000003 client 9223372059369021589

or, rarely, this one:

[hsl_error] 9223372057408021627,0: [SouthForest] SCRIPT ERROR: The destination area(9223372057408021649:0) does not currently have a link established from this area.
Time:09/07/2015 07:32:05 UTC
Call trace:
  Script _TravelDataClassMethods line 621 me[id=9223372061371021541 class=_TravelData,E_Travel]
  Script _AccountClassMethods line 1606 me[9223372061371021560]
starting method/function _REQUESTSEAMLESSAREACHANGE
starting me[id=9223372061371021560 class=_Account,Bast_Account]

remote call from originating script _BaseClientClassMethods function _Client_Seamless_Transition node 1000000003 client 9223372059369021589

Both message can appear for any area. But the second appears in some areas frequently than in others.

I am absolutely sure that nothing changed in the Travel code and did not changed the seamless links between areas. About 3 weeks ago everything worked without errors.

What could happen?
And how to fix it?

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