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Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] SpeedTree Question
« on: Jun 22, 13, 01:07:03 AM »
So I have created a few trees within SpeedTree, compiled them and got them into the engine, simple enough. I place them within the world, again simple enough. I have noticed though that as I move away from them, the Leaf billboards grow and you get closer they shrink down to normal size. Any way to stop this from happening? Is it an LOD setting within the Speedtree modeler? Or did I compile it with a wrong setting?

Art & Art Pipeline / Max/Maya 2014 Pipeline in the works?
« on: May 11, 13, 02:27:11 AM »
So I know that the 2014 versions of Max and Maya are very new, and I know you guys will be releasing the pipelines for them at some point, just curious if there is a planned release date for it? I know in the software business you plan to have something released, but issues/glitches/errors arise that make you have to postpone so I'm not expecting a 100% yes it will be released on this specific date. Just wondering if I upgrade my teams software will they be without the needed art pipeline for very long.

Thanks in advanced.

Design & World Building / How do I create custom Dynamic Details
« on: Apr 12, 13, 02:50:16 AM »
Hey everyone, just a quick question. I know how to use the dynamic detail feature within HE but I am trying to create my own grass within Photoshop and then add it into HE for me to use. The issue I am having is having them show up properly in HE.

I create the image, I save it as a DDS and then upload it. When I try and use it all of a sudden something goes wrong with the DDS file and even though the original file was saved with a white background/no background it freaks out and adds random colors to it.

My question is this: How do I create a texture to use as a dynamic detail (grass) so that the background becomes transparent. What settings would I use when I save it as a DDS file.

Thanks for your help guys.

So I need some help, I keep getting this error --Type Error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined (subject name). I get this error whenever I go to Utilities -> MaxScript -> HeroEngine Export and it happens as soon as I select HeroEngine Export. I have attempted to re-install the pipeline to see if that fixes it and it did not. This feature was working fine 2 days ago, and then as soon as I attempted it again today it gave me this error. I have attached screenshots of the errors for you to see what it coming up.

Animation / Trying to Learn Animation Export/Import
« on: Mar 14, 13, 02:57:08 AM »
Hey guys,

So I have been through the Hero Wiki and have been trying to figure this out. At this point I am seeking someone who is willing to help me out. Whether they can make a video for me showing me the process start to finish for getting an animated asset into HeroEngine. Preferably from 3DS Max (adding SRB and animating it properly) and then importing it into HeroEngine. If you are unable to create a video if you have some time to meet with me on Skype and could show me there I would be highly grateful.

Do I have any takers? If so contact me either through my email (joshn@darkwingstudios.net) or on skype (josh.newman1311). I hope to hear from someone soon!

Developer Job Board / Dark Wing Studios Searching for Talent
« on: Jan 26, 13, 01:20:59 PM »
Dark Wing Studios is seeking talented and passionate candidates to help develop our next-gen MMORPG. This is an unpaid internship opportunity, but we are offering chance to become employed with us after the projects are complete and we have successfully secured funding.

Again all positions are unpaid, but royalties and residuals will be paid to anyone who has something they created put into the final product.

For more info about what the project is about (if you are interested) feel free to PM me or email me directly at joshn@darkwingstudios.net

EDIT: Need 2 world builders, 2-3 programmers, and someone versed in exporting and importing animated characters (both Static and Dynamic).

EDIT 2: Still need 1-2 world builders, another couple of programmers, and someone versed in importing and exporting animated assets.

EDIT 3: Still needing some world builders and HSL programmers.

EDIT 4 6/2/2013: Still in SERIOUS need of HSL Programmers!

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Masking Issue
« on: Jun 15, 12, 03:26:04 PM »
Okay, so I have written about this issue before but with a different model. I had fixed the issue on the previous model, but it seems to be having an issue with yet another model. My artist created a texture for a building, and put windows on that texture. I went through and added a gray color onto the Alpha layer of the windows to make them slightly transparent, but still have some sort of physical presents much like a real window. In 3DS Max it masks it properly, but once I import it into the engine it doesn't work. The other masks I have on the texture worked just fine, but the windows didn't. Is this because the mask is gray and not black? If so it's interesting that the Hero shader in Max would show it working if it didn't in the Engine, granted I know they handle rendering differently.

Anyone able to help with this? Or is it as I stated that the engine won't actually recognize anything other than black/white for the mask?

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Cloth effect question
« on: Jun 06, 12, 03:50:18 PM »
I have tried looking through the Wiki and maybe I'm not searching for the right thing, but I am curious on how to export an item from 3DS Max that will have a cloth effect within HeroEngine. If you are having issues understanding what I mean please refer to the video below that HeroEngine posted on their youtube channel demonstrating what I mean along with the giggling fat on the monster it also shows.

HeroEngine Integration with Nvidia PhysX

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Specular in Alpha issues
« on: Apr 29, 12, 07:20:44 PM »
I had one of my artists bring up an issue they ran into, and I am not entirely sure whats going on with it so I was wondering if anyone could help us out.

The artist is trying to add a specular map to the model which according to the Hero Material shader it needs to be added to the alpha channel of the normal map. From what I am being told this causes it just to mask the Normal map instead of utilizing it as a Specular map. Anyone know why this is? Or is that how it's suppose to use it as a specular map?

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Character Design: Hair question
« on: Apr 10, 12, 05:56:05 PM »
This isn't exactly about dynamic characters, but as it involves designing characters I hope it can be answered. I am looking for alternative methods for creating Hair for Dynamic characters and NPC characters aside from modeling out of planes and so on. Does HeroEngine support things like the Hair and Fur modifier? Or is there anything that utilizes the Physx system that can be used to replicate hair?

So I am working on some textures that need to have a working mask in order to cut out sections that shouldn't be there (i.e. hair or a torn flag). I import the texture I want to use into the Material editor. The texture has black sections over the ares which are suppose to be masked and then I click the "Mask" radial under the Alpha Mode section but nothing happens. I assign the material/render the image and it doesn't mask it. Anyone know what is going on or how to fix this?

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Issues importing custom textures
« on: Nov 04, 11, 01:36:04 PM »
Okay, so I am trying to import my own textures into HeroEngine so I can texture the ground, it use to be in the old version of HeroEngine that you just drop it into a folder in the repo and then you could navigate to that folder in the select texture window. With the new version apparently you can no longer navigate out, all that sows up is the "Generic" section with the predefined textures. I tried dropping my textures into that folder (Engine -> CleanGame -> TerrainMaps -> Generic) and they still don't show up. Do I need to log out of HE in order for them to show up after loading them into the repo? Or is there a new trick to using custom textures?

GUI Creation / [Resolved] In game UI questions
« on: Nov 01, 11, 12:02:05 PM »
Okay, so I am not sure if this is a scripting question or an art question, but I believe it is for art.

I want to start working on the actual UI of my game so I opened up the GUI script that seems to be associated with the player UI, found the file which it uses, opened that file up in photoshop and noticed that it is all layed out very specifically. It's layed out like a UV Unwrap in Max is, which leads me to believe there is some sort of template to be used in order to get each piece of the UI to line up where it is suppose to and I would imagine I would be able to access/edit/export this template so that I can make my own.

My question is this, is there a template? And if so how do I find it? If there isn't how do you set up the DDS file so that HeroEngine will recognize what piece of the file is suppose to go where?

General Discussion / [Resolved] HeroEngine Physx integration
« on: Oct 29, 11, 07:34:07 PM »
I thought I had seen some where that HeroEngine uses, or accepts, nvidias Physx engine? If so is it already integrated or how would one utilize it? If not then obviously those other questions are pointless. Thanks in advanced.

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Water cubemap issues
« on: Oct 20, 11, 02:07:51 PM »
Hello once again everyone, another dumb question for the masses if I may. I have been trying to create a cubemap for water to use in order to try and create a better looking water effect (as the developers of HeroEngine suggest) but I am having a hell of a time. I have created the cubemap using the templates I found in the downloads section, yet when I set that cubemap to the body of water I want, it doesn't seem right. Does anyone have an example I could look at? Something with the dimensions that should be used and which style of cubemap I should be using. If you are able to share that would be fantastic!

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