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News & Announcements / New Improved LaunchServer
« on: Sep 28, 17, 09:11:46 PM »
We replaced a failing Amazon Web Services instance (EC2) that runs the launch server (the thing you connect to initially to check the current version of the application and download updates).  An unfortunate side effect of this process was that DNS (the internet's address book) needs to update to point to the new instance. 

The DNS propagation process can take anywhere from minutes to a couple of days depending on which DNS servers you use (on average a few hours is most likely).

While the new DNS address is propagating, you may not be able to connect to the launch server causing application launch to timeout/fail.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

On Wednesday May 24th starting at 9 am ET, we will be performing some maintenance on all HeroCloud servers.  Downtime for any given server is expected to be approximately 2 hours in a series of rolling maintenance windows.

As each server returns to service, we'll update this topic.

We will be performing a database upgrade to our databases servicing authentication, websites and customer services on October 31st starting at 7 am (ET).   Downtime is expected to last up to 6-10 hours, but we hope it will be less.

During this maintenance, all of our websites and services (including authentication) will be affected.  If you are already connected to a world, you (or your team) may continue to develop without interruption.  However, should you lose connection you may or may not be able to reconnect until the maintenance is completed.


Christopher Larsen

Worlds are currently inaccessible due to a power interruption affecting the launch server (server that is contacted to check the version and serve updates for HeroBlade, RepositoryBrowser and some other HeroEngine related executables).

We are working to restore services, but currently anticipate the downtime to last several more hours.


The HeroEngine team is pleased to announce the upcoming release of HeroEngine Quartz.k to HeroCloud.  As part of the ongoing series of Quartz releases, this release includes a number of bug fixes, corrections and even a few enhancements:

New Features/Enhancements
  • Replaced the default Occlusion System
  • Scene statistics can now be saved to a local file or copied to the clipboard in csv format
  • HSL function GetSceneStatistics returns the scene statistics data in csv format, so you can save it or whatever
  • Added filter timer to DOMEditorTab with events handled by DomEditorPanel; filtering occurs 250ms after last filter textbox update.
  • Filtering DOM definitions is much faster and no longer iterates over datagridview rows, using bound data instead.
  • Selecting fields is now much faster and no longer manually populates comboboxes, using bound data instead.
  • Detail UI updates are slightly faster and no longer iterate over datagridviewrows, using bound data instead.
  • Better visual indication of filter progress for very large data sets.

Looking to the future, our next planned major release includes features primarily used by teams in the Alpha/Beta stages to publish changes more quickly under the developer's control.  Something I guarantee everyone will greatly appreciate as the release of their game draws near.  I am very excited about getting this major feature out to you all, it has been in the works for a long time now.

The full change list can be found on the HeroEngine Wiki (http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/HeroEngine_Quartz).

We will be releasing the HeroEngine Quartz.k update to the HeroCloud servers on Thursday April 28th starting at 10 am ET.

We expect the downtime to be approximately 4-6 hours and we will post as work progresses should more time be needed.

Changes are detailed in the Quartz version notes on the wiki (http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/HeroEngine_Quartz).

We will be performing maintenance on the network infrastructure servicing the EU Cluster 22 on Sunday July 26th starting at 1:00 CEST and lasting until 7:00 CEST.  During this period of time, the servers may be periodically or completely unavailable.


We will be performing maintenance on the APAC cluster 4 on Friday, May 22nd starting at 9:00 am ET.  The downtime is anticipated to be less than one hour.

We will be performing maintenance on our website and authentication servers on Thursday, April 14th starting at 9 am ET.  The maintenance is expected to last up to four hours during which our various websites, forums, wiki and authentication servers may be unavailable.


Due to changes in the installer, some users may experience an issue while installing the new clients.  We are looking into several options to address this issue.

If you see an alert box with the following text during installation, please use the workaround below.

The application was not properly updated, please try again or contact TechSupport.

The workaround for this issue is to simply uninstall the applications and then install the Quartz.D versions by either:

  • clicking on HeroBlade or Repository Browser items in the start menu
  • download the files through our website at account.heroengine.com


We will be releasing the HeroEngine Quartz.D update to the HeroCloud servers on Tuesday, April 21st starting at 9 am ET.  This update will require longer downtime than usual as it includes a package update containing HSL fixes and DOM modifications.  We anticipate downtime per server to be 4-6 hours per server.

A detailed list of the changes included in the HeroEngine Quartz update can be found on our wiki (http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/HeroEngine_Quartz).

We will be applying the packages in stages so that we can prioritize the updates for worlds that have been utilized most recently. 

This process should minimize downtime today for any given world.

Package Application Stages:
Stage One - world last utilized 1-14 days ago
Stage Two - world last utilized 14-30 days ago
Stage Three - world last utilized 30-60 days ago
Stage Four - world last utilized 60-180 days ago
Stage Five - world last utilized more than 180 days ago

We expect the downtime to be approximately 4-6 hours, which will complete the upgrade for Stage One and Two worlds for most servers.  We'll follow up with server specific updates throughout the day.


We will be migrating our web services including the websites, community forums and login servers to new hardware on Tuesday, April 14th starting at 9:00 am ET.  During the migration there may be brief service outages for the various services and a slightly longer one for the forums.

Our datacenter will be performing maintenance on their network infrastructure on Friday 3/11 starting at 12:00 am Pacific Time lasting up to six hours.  During the maintenance the clusters may be intermittently inaccessible.

We will be performing maintenance on our website and login servers on Wednesday 3/11/15 starting at 7:00 am ET lasting for up to three hours.  During the maintenance you will be unable to connect to your development worlds, however if you are already connected you may continue to work unhindered.

Our datacenter provider will be performing maintenance work on the network infrastructure on 2/25/2015 starting at 06:00 CET.  We expect the downtime to be less than one hour.

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