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Scripting & Programming / Mouse Click Question
« on: Mar 19, 14, 09:12:16 PM »
How do I set up a mouse click to capture a button press that's buried three layers deep in a GUI?

For example, I have created a panel that spans the window, under that is another panel called overlay, and within the overlay I have a series of buttons.

I have no problem setting up onMouseClick when there's only two layers (window->button), but I cannot seem to capture the click when there's three or more (panel->panel->button) and I'm wracking my brain on it.  Its probably just too late and not enough coffee!


Art & Art Pipeline / Texture Painting Edges
« on: Feb 04, 14, 01:45:36 PM »
Is there a way to get a sharp edge on texture painting for terrain?  I've tried everything I could think of but the edges of the texture have a pretty wide blend to others.


General Discussion / Scaleform?
« on: May 12, 13, 02:30:09 PM »
In looking at the wiki documentation, I noticed that there's an interface to Scaleform provided by HE.  Since there are already external functions to Scaleform in the code, I was wondering what it would take to implement the system?

Would Scaleform be provided through HE, or would a separate licensing agreement need to be worked out with Scaleform?

We are currently at a point in development where we need to streamline the GUI process and it seems like the optimal solution. 

Any input would be fantastic, thanks!

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Max Character Export
« on: Apr 27, 13, 01:39:53 AM »
I'm having a few issues exporting characters from max.  I've followed the tutorial "http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Hero_Character_Tools", and the results are quite odd.

The character export creates the proper folders, but does not populate the maps folder - so the Goldman model on load is a nice shiny and flashing checkerboard.  Also, the tutorials state that the model will be set up with a default idle animation - but every time I export a character it is in t-pose and basically slides around as if it should be walking around.

My main questions are:
1) How do I get the character exporter to populate the maps folder.
2) Is the default animation (sliding around t-pose) correct?

General Discussion / Generic Client - Reference Servers
« on: Apr 11, 13, 02:56:23 PM »
Is there a way to hide the reference servers on the generic client server list? I would only like to display our own studio.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Found no random point?
« on: Mar 18, 13, 08:03:10 PM »
I created two NPC's and added them into the area, the zone then froze up causing me to force close HeroBlade.  I logged back in to a clean test area, then back to the zone that was causing me trouble.  Initially the framerate was fine, until I approached the NPC's (who were hovering about 2 feet off the ground).

Blade again froze, upon looking at the system chat, I was getting barraged with the following:

[debug] *guid*: Found no random point!

This was the case in attempting to work with both the edit and play instances.

Is this an effect of the hovering npc issue? Is there a workaround?



The above link leads to a denied page.  Per the wiki,

FMOD Designer version 4.36 is required for use in the HeroCloud, it is the ONLY supported version

4.36.00 is not found under previous versions on the FMOD site either, though there are 4.36.* versions available, are there others that will work?

GUI Creation / New GUI tools
« on: Mar 14, 13, 02:48:33 PM »
Just wanted to say "Very nice!!"

Scripting & Programming / Data from a spec oracle?
« on: Mar 05, 13, 05:39:59 PM »
I'm a bit confused to say the least.  I've created a spec oracle to create and store quest data.  The spec oracle itself is working as expected, I can open it and populate it.

I understand that there are a number of different ways to pull down the data, but I cannot seem to find a simple concrete example, I've scoured the wiki and the forums.

What I want to do is call up the oracle by speckey, pull a chunk of data and populate a GUI element with it.  The GUI is created, I can populate a label through script, but I'm just not sure how to access field values from the spec.

Any help with an example would be great.  Thanks!

Scripting & Programming / Cinematica
« on: Feb 24, 13, 11:49:31 AM »
Is the cinematica code working? If so has anybody had any luck getting it running?  I've created scripts to launch a camera along a path using the wiki information, but nothing seems to be happening.


I have managed to create a functional state system via the area states editor.  When the player enters a trigger area, it calls a client script that contains the following:
Code: [Select]
And the door opens as it should.  Now obviously you want to keep state changes out of the clients control, and my method above only works in edit instances.  But I cannot seem to find the same functionality on the server side - a way to call a state change and its value.  I'm sure there's a way, but I'm probably overtired and not seeing it.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Invisible models?
« on: Jan 24, 13, 07:13:50 PM »
I've noticed that recently, any asset imported without a texture is invisible - its there though, the bounding box is generated and collision happens, but its just plain invisible.  Anyone else?

When modifying a character through the CCS panel, the changes happen to the character as expected, but when the panel is closed, the character vanishes and all you see is a floating weapon.

Is there a way to refresh the characters display?  I'm linking scripts for character customization and would like to get this to work.


Design & World Building / [Resolved] Importing Terrains
« on: May 28, 11, 01:57:44 PM »
I've been attempting to import terrains via heightmaps and have had no luck.  No matter what I set the import scale to there does not seem to be an effect on the terrain.

I built the *.raw plugin and attempted to import that way, but the terrains end up with hardly any visible elevation difference, or they are extreme in height - again, scaling the import has zero effect.

I've also gotten my hands on a trial of leveller - again, the same problems.  At first they would not import at all, but then I found there was an output for an older legacy version.  That DID import, but again, the terrain will not scale in game.

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