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Design & World Building / Remove Me
« on: Oct 05, 15, 01:54:18 AM »
Issue resolved, this can be deleted.

General Discussion / Logitech G Series Possible Bug
« on: Aug 23, 15, 09:47:29 PM »
One of our users posted this in our forums recently, so figured I'd pass it along. We don't have a G-Series mouse handy to verify if it is correct or not but they are reporting that the Logitech G-Series6 button mice when key binding are only detecting one button. We are using an older version of Hero Engine so this may also be an issue only on older versions but wanted to pass it along so it could be looked into.

General Discussion / Endless Load Screen
« on: Jul 18, 15, 06:32:20 AM »
So this problem has been plaguing us forever so decided to see if anyone has found a solution or if this is a bug.

The problem seems to occur if you cross into an area seamlessly while it is still loading in data from the previous area. It never recovers and just hangs on the loading screen. We have placed some code to try to recover from it but it still happens quite often. Typically it happens near corners where multiple areas are meeting up. If someone crosses just on the far end of one and then into another they can easily go into the third area before it has a chance to load in everything from the second. There is no external function or anything that I'm aware of to clear out old loading data.

Is there any solution for this?

General Discussion / Joypad Support?
« on: Jan 31, 15, 11:45:00 PM »
Hey guys,

One thing I've noticed is that I (and reports from others) am unable to bind my joypad to any of the key bindings in game. I notice in the build notes though that it does mention joystick support, see joystick button support at least, and I also notice XInput support in Sapphire. Is there something special that needs to be done here? Or is joypad support broken at the moment?

General Discussion / Two Current (6/8/2014) Quartz Bugs
« on: Jun 08, 14, 11:32:48 PM »
These two bugs were things that I think were supposed to be fixed in one of the hot fixes but we're still seeing them.

- Physics ghosts are still being left on the client. We have a script which hides and unhides certain objects every night to shut down stores. Pre-Quartz you could simply hide or unhide. This apparently was a bug and was fixed and the proper way to do it now would be to set the physics type to NO_PHYSICS. Our script which disables them sets them to NO_PHYSICS, and we've also tried (along with it) setting the physics shape to NO_SHAPE and the density to 0. While this does remove the physics object on the server and new clients who come into the area will have it properly disabled, it still leaves a ghost for anyone who was already there that they can not pass.

- Windows Scaling is still scaling the in-game Fonts. I believe this was expected to be fixed in the last patch but we're still seeing it happening. If for example someone has scaled their windows font size to 125% then it scales all of the in-game fonts to 125% and the GUIs look really funny.

General Discussion / Feature Request: Gamma Settings
« on: May 18, 14, 06:27:58 AM »
A gamma slider is a standard feature in most games, but I don't see any way to do it with Hero Engine currently.

By Gamma I'm referring to a brightness adjustment for end users, not the automated gamma system that existed previously. We've had a reasonable number of players complain that the world is too dark and they can't see anything, where most others do not have the problem. A client side brightness or gamma setting would resolve this.

Noticed this when trying to work on some particle effects. Randomly when unloading FX I'd crash to desktop. Sent in a crash log.

This is a new issue with Quartz. When you edit regions you can make them odd shapes, and previously the volume tinting for inside of the region adjusted as you made these changes. As of Quartz it no longer shades the insides of your region, and now seems to paint a square box around the entirety of its volume, which makes it very difficult to know what is inside and what is not.

We found what we believe is a new bug recently when implementing some client side lighting options. We introduced a Light Quantity setting and put in a system to hide or unhide lights on the client based on the time of day and your settings. Then we placed a lot of new lights in an area but having them be hidden except in the highest setting.

What we noticed was that while we did get a frame rate gain from switching between Minimal and Maximum light settings (Minimal rendering only a few lights, and Maximum rendering about 60) in our city, the frame rate was always significantly lower if the lights didn't exist at all. By manually hiding every light in the scene through the Assets Panel the frame rate was 45 frames per second with dynamic shadows on, even though those lights weren't being rendered. Deleting all of those hidden lights the frame rate lept to 60 frames per second.

So it appears that even if lights are hidden they are being calculated by the engine.

General Discussion / Font Issues In Player Client
« on: Jun 04, 13, 11:31:07 AM »
We've had a number of players reporting font issues in the current build of the player client. This may be fixed already in Sapphire.M as I know there's some font changes there. But wanted to get in a report anyway as it sounds like a separate issue.

A few players were reporting issues where they couldn't see any text at all. Their menus and windows were all empty. Some of these were veteran testers, some new players. We found that if doing a minimize/maximize fixes this issue. It's not happening to all players, just a handful, about 6 people reported it. The hack fix works for all of them.

Hopefully that helps pinpoint the issue. We've only seen this in the player client, not in Hero Blade. My first thought was that it might be some type of a font scaling issue.

Design & World Building / Swimming Shadows and Time of Day
« on: May 03, 13, 04:39:15 AM »
I was wondering if there is any good way to reduce the shadow swimming (where they are constantly moving) when using a changing time of day? Currrently we have an option switch to disable the smooth time of day transitions because the shadows swim and move constantly any time it is enabled.

Is there any good way to reduce this? Or is it just something we have to deal with?

Design & World Building / Blended Schems Across Seamless
« on: Apr 21, 13, 12:59:15 AM »
We're having an issue with environment schemes and blending of environments across seams.

Our areas use a global Environment and then they blend a global Storm environment in when it is rainy. But you can see a difference where the seam boundaries are in place in the fogging effects, as shown in the attached image. Both areas are using the same environment schemes in this shot with the Storm global environment being the active environment set and the Storm blend value being identical on both sides. But you can see a noticeable difference on each side of the seam.

Is there a way to workaround this? Is this a bug?

Art & Art Pipeline / Vortex Color Blending Bug
« on: Feb 17, 13, 02:34:08 PM »
Hey guys,

While working on a full screen FX today I noticed that the color blending on vortexes is off, probably since Sapphire but I hadn't worked with them for a while. To illustrate the issue you can see the attached screenshot.

To duplicate this you can just create a vortex with stock settings. Change the distortion field to 0.1 and the distortiontexturerotation field to 0 to make it easier to spot. All the colors behind the vortex appear washed out. The screenshot is a bit dark but duplicating in game will make it obvious.

I was trying to do some custom shader work earlier and wasn't seeing any of my changes take effect after reload effects. So I did a simple color change on the otherarea_dim shader making it render in green instead of blue, and after a reload effects I noticed that didn't take effect. Restarting the client fixed it. So the Reload Effects appears to be bugged at the moment.

How to Reproduce:

- Either edit your otherarea_dim.fx shader (in shaders200a/engine) locally or upload it to the server depending on how you have it set up.
- Swap the .b color changes to .g and vice versa.
- Reload effects and look across a seamless area with Dim Other Rooms on. They are still blue.
- Restart the client and look across a seamless area with Dim Other Rooms on, they are now green. Changing them back to blue and hitting Reload Effects will not work. You need to exit HeroBlade and reload to test.

Found what appears to be a Sapphire related bug. If you make a particle emitter task and you try to set it's ONFXSTART for WhenToSTart and then you set a StartDelay of say 1 second or whatnot. Then you switch to another of the tasks and switch back, you'll see that it didn't save and does not delay as intended.

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