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Not sure how anyone else feels, but this is rather annoying. In particular in the script side once you get a bunch open and get use to the position of them and clicking on a row below shuffles it to the top. Would rather they just stay in 1 spot personally.

Maybe it is just late and I am losing my mind, but did these options disappear recently?


That is what I am mostly talking about, there is also a test option that will rebuild a small chunk of the navmesh, was useful for testing changes.

Scripting & Programming / New Gamma Option
« on: May 21, 14, 04:49:31 PM »
So far I am only getting a black screen after making adjustments to the gamma when in full screen on the player client. Simple script looks like this.

remote function setMyGamma(start as Integer)
  gamma_values as List of String
  loop x from start to start+255
    newvalue as String = "" + x + "," + x + "," + x
    add back newvalue to gamma_values

Tried on both my laptop (nvidia laptop) and my dev machine (ati).

Tried some lower values (like 500,1000 vs the toward the top).


fix: player client new displays correctly on scaled or high DPI UI's

What exactly changed? It still appears to be doing DPI scaling with fonts like before.

If Dynamic Details were displayed any time during the execution of the blade/client when minimized it will either crash or display a black screen when restored. Disabling dynamic details and this issue appears to go away. The act of just disabling them won't work until after a restart as whatever the issue is doesn't go away until they have never been displayed during the whole session.

General Discussion / Watermark on client (my stupid mistake...)
« on: Apr 24, 14, 06:05:42 PM »
While this is great for end users, is there a way to disable it? Often will use the client to do videos and wouldn't want it plastered all over the video. Thanks.

Sure a bit more info will be dropping as you put out some dates :-).

Upon further reading, confused if it is a DirectX11 update or just a .NET update (and then the DirectX11 update later).

General Discussion / Panels not saving position on 2nd monitor
« on: Mar 29, 14, 01:22:29 AM »
Anyone having issues with panels saving their positions in the Quartz build? I have a combination of windows and the DOM editor on my 2nd (out of 3) and upon blade restart it always ends back up on the primary monitor. Thanks.

Scripting & Programming / World Name exposed anywhere?
« on: Mar 27, 14, 12:56:22 AM »
I think at one time it was via SYSTEM.CONFIG. Is there any way to reference it so code can be split between different worlds? Could alternative make a script that isn't changed on dev to accomplish the task, but wanted to see if it was exposed anywhere first.

I don't know if there is anything available (probably not, but I don't think I have ever asked), but is there some kind of texture memory management (to system RAM, not VRAM) to manage how much texture caching can be stored in memory? We are running up against issues with textures not being properly removed from memory (a few fixes were put in during sapphire helping out), but we are still running into issues with memory pushing toward 1.3-1.4GB and it will crash out Win7 32 bit. There are a few other things such as spawns not clearing out memory very well that we need to investigate further to see if it is something on our end or not, but having some kind of limit that could be set on 32bit OS would help.

Design & World Building / Parenting without rotation
« on: Jun 12, 13, 08:55:41 PM »
I don't think there is an option to do this yet, but thought I would ask just in case I am missing it. We recently been working on adding platforms and one of things I am running into is by default when you parent it to the path follower it takes to rotation of the path follower as well. In the cases of cameras this is desired, but in the case of a giant floating block it would be better if it didn't rotate toward the direction it was going so the platform would move properly, but wouldn't receive any rotation updates. I tried disabling the spleen to try this, but all the settings I tried it pretty much just wigged out and spun around. We have the update mechanism on the controller to handle the player's position and movement while on the platform and next will need to tackle keeping the position in sync, but this piece I am not seeing a way around at least in a clean manner.

I probably asked this before, but couldn't find it or remember for the life of me. If we had a fairly large lookuplist with say 10,000 indexes should we avoid replicating that lookup list in favor of sending smaller change sets via remote calls? I don't know how it handles replication change updates on lookuplists and didn't want to be constantly sending large updates once the index grows larger if it didn't cleanly send out updates.

The deltas would most likely be additions/subtractions to the index and some minimal changes to the data part of the lookuplist.

Art & Art Pipeline / FxEmitter and StartLoc issue
« on: Mar 06, 13, 05:15:39 PM »
Hello, we had a question earlier about a muzzleFlash that was fixed by setting linkChildren to true and it was properly tracking and updating when the character is moving.  This appears to work fine, but the other emitters we add for sending out the "weapon fire" that isn't using AttachTo seems to have the same issue we were seeing before setting linkChildren on the muzzleFlash.  We disabled the linkChildren on the muzzleFlash and it comes out of the muzzleFlash correctly, but of course the muzzleFlash is not keeping up properly with the moving character.

Anyone else ran into this issue and got around it? 

Hello, just a thought on some adjustment that could be made.  From the best I can tell at roughly 20-25% the total distance the object can be in and rendering it seems to kick into a mode where it starts to adjust the opacity of the object from fully opaque to completely transparent and roughly at the end of that it no longer is rendering and thus no draw call.  Also a plus as mentioned once it starts this process it stops casting shadows.

The issue really is this is a very long period of time when the object is semi-transparent and seems like something that is better handled by fog anyway in most reasonable setups.  What I am suggesting below would just be a client option toggle that could control these thresholds instead of how they are manually set now.

  • Have a way to adjust both the point it stops casting shadows and opacity adjustment.  I don't know exactly how this is calculated now so I was just speculating, but it seems like if say at 300m it would stop rendering it was started to shop casting shadows and started to go transparent at 60m.  If these could be toggled say to start the shadow culling early/later and the opacity switch early/later this would help and wouldn't break existing functionality for people that need/want it the way it is. Toggle could be something like 0-1 where .25 would be 25% and .6 could be 60% or whatever makes the most sense.  I know the distance values are based on some calculation of the size of the object so a flat number of course will not work.

Hello, don't see anything about it, but it looks like it got majorly tweeked as it is behaving different than before.  Thanks.

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