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Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Art importing/use issues
« on: Mar 05, 12, 09:55:40 AM »
I was giving the 2 artists on the team a hand importing in a couple models to check for scale etc. We were using static assets to start out lightly before moving on to more complex types like dynamic.(for our concept we could get away with just static)

Anyways, the model imports fine. The issue that seems to happen is the model starts flashing intermittently in certain positions, in other positions it disappears completely. In the clean test area it seems fine as long as you stay around the beginning area tents. I loaded a fresh area with a flat terrain to make sure it wasn't something like shadows. It happens worse in the new area. Has anyone encountered this or know what's causing it?

EDIT: I suppose I should mention with the flashing it becomes transparent in parts (tried taking a screenshot but those reflexes aren't in their 12 year old state). There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to where it flashes and what parts flash viewable and non.

Another thing, not really related to the first question, but better than another thread I suppose... Is there a way to stop animations in the aas or on key release? Atm i just have a static character with one animation, it starts game going forward and continues till I hit the backwards direction. Should say using mostly default systems. It should only be moving a short distance based on the animation.

Thanks for any insight :)

I recently implemented new characters. Currently when I create a new character to get the new style of the avatar I cannot move.  I have the ability to turn the avatar, not forward or reverse movement. I worked out all the errors and a stack I had after initial implementation.

All i get for any form of output atm is
Code: [Select]
System:SCRIPT[_InputHandlerClassMethods]:_OnKeyBindingsLoaded: , /heroenginekeybindings.ini
System:SCRIPT[_InputHandlerClassMethods]:_OnKeyBindingsLoaded: , /gamekeybindings.ini
System:SCRIPT[_characterSelectionClassMethods]:Got updated names...
System:SCRIPT[E_ExperienceBarClassMethods]:xp: 0
System:SCRIPT[E_ExperienceBarClassMethods]:last: 0

There are no more ScriptErrors either.

Im not sure what other information may be required and apologize if i missed a post on how to format posts of these nature, any help/insight would be appreciated.

Has anyone encountered this and have an idea of where to look?

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