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Art & Art Pipeline / Query: character rigging basics
« on: Jun 04, 14, 05:36:05 PM »
Hello, I am very new to organic rigging, and would like to know a few questions if anyone is willing to help out with some advice.

Note: I have experience in modeling itself as well as non-organic/static animations, just never done any rigging, texture weighting for organics (ie: characters). I have done armours, clothing and such as well in the past.  So this is all new to me. I have watched and read TONS of tutorials, though for best practice, I am not sure of. Hence why i am posting here.

Static tests went well. So now I am delving into the dynamic characters. This has brought me a few more questions.

Now for my first set of queries:
    1) Best practice for texture weighting?
    ... a) Is it best to rig and adjust the envelops then break the mesh into parts?
    ... b) If so, will the new parts keep the weights?
    ... c) Keep the parts separate and adjust each weight separately?

    2) Max's default biped has a hidden bone(?) called 'Bip01 Footsteps'. For HE, this stays as it is created or do I need to do something different to it (naming, etc)? (I know it says to keep them hidden- i just want to make sure there is nothing else to do).

    3) SRB when added is HUGE. My model is set for 1.8m tall total. Is this normal? (I have already done a static test in the engine, so size of the model is correct.)

    4) Basic default clothing: should this be rigged with the main character mesh, or done separately? (We are using the parts system)

Thank you kindly, and be ready for a few more later on once i get past this point.

States System:
Since the Quartz update we have had some issues with the stateful objects. The animation sequence for them does not follow what we put into the Action List -> Transform Interval. If it is left to 0, the asset will move to the designated offset position. However, if we put any amount of time for the transform, it distorts the animation causing the asset to reverse the animation, then go into the correct movement.
Please Note: This animation/state issue was not a problem prior to the update. All of our doors and such were working correctly and as expected. So this is something new that has started.
This happens no matter the physics type selected; static, dynamic, kinematic, no_physics

Script Error:
In addition to this, there is now an error that occurs when you use a static asset with a state attached to it.
!ERROR!SCRIPT:[_StateActionTransformClassMethods]:_StateActionTransformClassMethods is requesting the transform of the HBNode(9223372207678801874) but its PhysicsType is neither DYNAMIC nor NO_PHYSICS.  This will result in a performance hit.

Right Click State Editor:
Also, the right click states editor for an asset has not worked in months. To change the state of an object, we have to go through the f5 menu-> Area States Editor.

Here is  a video of the issue with the doors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXUgEwyg9Dk&feature=youtu.be

Thank you kindly,

Art & Art Pipeline / Converting to latest version
« on: Apr 09, 14, 02:54:56 AM »
Good evening/Morning,
I have two issues right now.
I was wondering if there was something wrong with the error/warning reporting or the latest export for max?
I have re-exported about 30% of our models, and a few new ones in the last two days and I am still receiving these warnings. I have double and triple checked to make sure that I have the latest version, as well as deleting everything in the artpipeline directory and replacing (instead of overwriting).

I also notice that there are several warnings for materials/textures that ARE power of 2, yet a warning is coming up for some of those. It varies from textures that are 512x512, to 512x768 and so on.

Any hints or tips for me?

Thank you,

A question was asked (and someh what answered) in the following thread https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,5281.msg29861.html#msg29861.

I have noticed a chance in the LOD transitions as well. I cannot seem to make a connection in how they change now.

I have done some more testing and I have noticed the same thing. In fact it seems that transition to the first lod is a LOT further away, where as the further you get, the last few are really fast.

I did a more recent test again with 10 LOD's to see how and where they change exactly. (making sure i mouse over the same exact spot on the asset:
1st: 23.118 (this used to be at around 12m).
2nd: 24.560
3rd: 29.579
4th: 34.463
5th: 44.760
6th: 54.104
7th: 64.395 (when i can catch it)
8th: 64.401 (when i can catch it)
9th: 64.418

Note that for LOD_08 (7th) and LOD_08 (8th), it can be very difficult to see if it actually is there or not. I was able to catch them a few times, but did require me to relog a few times. It is or was almost as if those LOD's were not being used. But i think they are, just the transition is so fast it is hard to see. Least I think that is the case.

I did the same test for 5 lod's as well, and the numbers were just as weird to me.

This is NOT the same behavior we had prior to the patch and my last test done last fall.

If this is working as intended, is there a way to change transition times? If so, how? I would like them to transition sooner, so only the high res is rendering when a player is close/near to the building (or any asset).

Thank you for your time,

General Discussion / Speedtree and Glowmaps
« on: Mar 31, 14, 12:56:51 AM »
I was wondering if it was possible or will be possible in the future to have glow effect for speedtree? If is possible now, any hints on how to do this with SpeedTree for HeroEngine?

Thank you kindly,

Tank you cooper for that.

In regards to the performance hit and errors/warnings being tossed up now. I have noticed that performance drops to a dead standstill until all errors and warnings stop logging and displaying. However, the performance in every area (game and test) only goes up marginally.

Every asset is pulling up this "latest version" warning I had noticed.

I did a test of an asset in an empty area. And i received this warning:
"!WARNING!graphics:PERFORMANCE WARNING: [/world/livecontent/assets/architecture/abyomon/wall/nyota_wall1_01.hgm], "Converting to latest version.""

I re-exported the wall using the latest art pipeline HeroEngineArtPipeline2013.3, logged back into the engine and that area.

Still receiving the same message.
"!WARNING!graphics:PERFORMANCE WARNING: [/world/livecontent/assets/architecture/abyomon/wall/nyota_wall1_01.hgm], "Converting to latest version.""


Developer Hero Projects / Dark Relic Prelude
« on: Aug 05, 13, 08:42:35 PM »

We would like to take this time to lightly introduce our game, Dark Relic: Prelude, a MMORPG that is loosely based on a D&D Campaign titled, “The 6th Aspect”. Prelude is just the beginning of the Dark Relic Series that our studio will be developing. Our team is comprised with leading talent from all aspects of multimedia to bring you a unique experience that blends the classic RPG tabletop with today's MMO's.

Prelude takes place in the world of Neithus, where the mysteries of magic & evil have surfaced from the Relics of Majice created by the Demi-Gods during the peace era. These Relics have influenced fear back into the minds of each of the five Regents in Neithus and driven them back to war with each other to obtain the power foretold by the Legend of Relics.

As with every MMORPG, we will feature all of the basic mechanics with a high level structure to each element. These systems include but are not limited to; Skill Trees, Crafting, Gathering, Mounts, Achievements and other unique and well known features.  As development continues we will release more details of these elements.
Beginning your journey in Neithus you are a general adventurer. You do not select your class or profession in the character creator, but instead in game; interacting with other players and NPC's. This is your apprenticeship. You will be able to experiment with skills at respective class guilds before choosing a class path to follow. Once you have selected your class, you will continue your training though various methods before being adopted into the guild with your own, newly chosen profession through play and experience. 

Level progression is at your pace and combines both skills and abilities for you to use, experiment and improve upon as you take your journey through the world of Neithus in Dark Relic. Sticking to the classic style of the RPG, yet blending the experience with today's modern MMO, we have expanded your skills to allow customization to your skill tree.

Dark Relic: Prelude combines character leveling with increasing skills and abilities to provide players with more character depth. Sticking to the classic style of the RPG, yet blending the experience with today's modern MMO, players will also be able to play at their own pace without being forced to maximize their character before they can truly enjoy the game. You choose the path you want for your class that fits your play style, not the game selecting it for you.

The Game Play Functionality is really our biggest focus, to give the player the ability to customize their game play experience in every detail possible. This will include mechanics that range from Customizable Housing & Guild Halls to the color dyes in their equipment to truly give that unique personalization for each player and guild. Each player will have the ability to customize their homes and/or Guild Halls with storage units, furniture, decorations and with a level of security permissions.

Guild Mechanics are a key feature within Dark Relic. We strive to provide the Guild Masters & Leaders with the ability to control every aspect possible for their Guild, allowing personalized customizations to permissions and settings. On top of that, we are redefining the purpose of having a Guild. No longer is the focus simply about individual level and end game progression, but instead will be on tasks and goals while delivering different avenues for Guilds of all sizes to partake in, also allowing multiple guilds to form formal alliances.

Triad Game Studios is an Indie company made up of a group of extremely talented personnel that have over 15 years experience in the game industry, with our main focus to deliver a fun, outstanding and polished MMORPG to the community. We are merging all of our past experiences with new techniques that give a truly unique gaming experience. With our combined experience and marketing strategies we will bring together the concepts of classic RPG with modern game play.

At this time we will be releasing information and content in stages. Please feel free to ask us any questions here and on our forums. If you are interested in joining our development team, please send your resumé to jobs@triadgames.com release

Thank you,
The TGS Team
© 2010-2013 Triad Game Studios, LLC.

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Bring Instances Here
« on: Mar 01, 13, 01:59:13 PM »
Hello and good afternoon,
I am not sure if I am the only one that is having this problem or not, but thought I would post anyways.

"Bring Instances Here" does not seen to work since the last update to fix the crashing issue.
I have presumed, though I could be wrong, that "Move Selected Instance to Active Room" is the same thing. However, nothing seem to change, even with re-logging into the engine.

Need: Need to "Bring Instances Here" for a selected asset from one area to current area.

Results: When you have an asset selected and click on "Move Selected Instance to Active Room", nothing happens at all. No errors, no message in the console, etc.

Thank you,

General Discussion / [Resolved] Repository right
« on: Feb 06, 13, 02:58:21 PM »
Hello and good afternoon,
I know this has been brought up before and I am aware of the link in the wiki about permissions and the likes. However, I would like request a possible option for teams who bring on new developers as interns or as a trial member.

In the Dashboard for the uac-group management tools, what about adding a separate toggle for us to be able to select to allow or deny a person with dev permissions to be able to or not be able to access the repository. I know this would be a bit of work in the backend, and I am under no illusion that it could be a quick fix. However, I think this is something that would benefit everyone, IF and project teams, a lot of hassle in the long run.

Here is a mockup of what I am requesting:

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Area Stiching Bug?
« on: Dec 07, 12, 10:05:39 PM »
Apparently one of my employees found an issue and I was able to view this myself. When linking a new area only the current area one is in is able to be stitched to the new area. This is different from how it was before the update.

Area example:

If you are in area "A" and link up area "C", you can now only stitch those two areas. Area "B" will not stitch together until you enter area "B". Same would be if you were in area "C", linked up area "D". (mind you, this is taking into consideration that areas "A", "B" and "C" are already linked together. One can no longer stitch area "B" while in area "C".

 I hope this makes more sense than it sounds to me right now, it is a wee bit late.

Was this by design or a bug?

Thank you for your time,

I have a simple statement/question about collision and cross areas.

If you have an asset in one area placed on a line collision is not recognized in the other area. I am wondering if this is meant to be like this or if there is a way to have other areas recognize the collision.

      you place a wall or rock on a linked area line from area_01 that crosses the boundary between area_01 and area_02.
      area_01 recognizes collision; works as it should
      area_02 does not recognize collision and characters can pass right through said asset.

I would like to prevent doubling assets in two areas, or other options that are out there and we have tried.

Is there a way to have other areas recognize collision of an asset or a way to fix this?


I would like to ask if anyone has any thoughts or ideas on how to handle light passing through assets.
Right now, by default, light source of any type passes through all physical assets.

Perhaps I am missing something, but all my old tricks do not work. I tried rooms, and that did not give the desired result either. I may have missed something in the asset settings, or perhaps we can create our own lights? If the later is possible on the cloud, let me know and I will have our lead programmer look into it.

Images seem to give the best example, so here are three: first two show how the engine processes lights and not recognizing asset collision. The third image is a mockup (edit of two images) of what I would like to see as results.

Thank you, and I hope to be able to get some help on this.

Developer Job Board / Triad Game Studios- Dark Relic: Prelude
« on: Apr 01, 12, 02:02:38 PM »
Dark Relic : Prelude
The first game to be released in the Dark Relic series based on the D&D campaign, The 6th Aspect written by S. Miller.
Prelude takes place before the breaking during the 4th epoch after the gods created the relics. The relics are items of power forged from the Heart stone that resides in the very heart of Mount Majice. Each of the five relics were created by the Deity's for the Regent of that Country.

Dark Relic is an interactive evolving story of the five lands, the five relics and the struggle for power and control over the resources of Neithus. Are you brave enough to stand by your Regent and defend your land?

PvE: You enter the world of Neithus with no experience no job and an unknown name. What path you choose is completely up to you. There are four base classes you can try out and choose from.

PvP: In the Outlands you chose your path. Are you a Cut-purse, Bounty Hunter or an innocent caught in the middle? Defend your regents claim to power, land and resources.

Dark Relic offers: http://darkrelic.com

Player Character Features:
    1. Character appearance customizations
    2. Unique character starter options
    3. Ten races to chose from (Five more during Content update)
    4. Unique Semi Classless system to start.
    5. Class and Profession system with a skill base premiss.
    6. Highly customizable player UI

World Features:
    1. Seamless world/No Boundaries
    2. Five developed continents
    3. Civics system
    4. Integrated PvE and PvP system
    5. Two separate PvP Systems
    6. Contested Relic system
    7. Custom crafted music soundtrack and digital sound renditions

Game Features:
    1. Customizable Player Housing
    2. Faction System
    3. Alignment System
    4. Five Regent  Alignment system
    5. Unique Class and Profession System
    6. Tiered crafting system

TGS Offers: http://triadgames.com/home/developers
    1.   Registered company in the state of Alabama and Michigan
    2.   Career experience and growth opportunities
    3.   Lifetime Credit for your work
    4.   Fun and Collaborative work environment
    5.   Position Advancement Opportunities
    6.   Profit sharing
    7.   Paid positions after funding
    8.   Additional Software provided (limited)

Work Environment: http://development.darkrelic.com
    1.   Conference room
    2.   Chat Rooms
    3.   Easy Project Management System
    4.   Forums
    5.   Developer Email
    6.   Development Documents

Mission Statement
Triad Game Studios is a quickly growing, fast paced game development studio focusing on high quality online interactive game software. We continuously strive to exceed client expectations by offering unique forms of entertainment service and support through innovative development and deployment of our games and game development software.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to achieve sustainable growth, we have established a clear vision and definable goals.
Employees: To offer relaxed, yet inspiring and challenging working conditions.
Partners: To nurture a winning network of partners by building mutual loyalty with those who share our ideals and goals.
Clients: To offer cutting edge online entertainment and support at competitive market prices.
Profit: To maximize stakeholder returns while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

Positions and Requirements:
We are looking for good dedicated people that believe in the product we are creating and willing to see their efforts come to life. If you are an easy going but hard working person wanting to either get on the ground floor for Dark Relic or complete a game to expand your resume, please feel free to contact us.

3D Character Artist:
    •   Looking for:  Experienced 3d graphic artist
    •   Requirements: Ability to create custom character models and animations. Fine-tune custom created models and export them into HeroEngine.
    •   HeorEngine 3d character development and export knowledge and experience, HeroEngine 3d animation knowledge and experience a plus!
    •   Hours: Average hours we are looking for is around 4-10 hours a week depending on your skill level and time available. Hours are set by you.

3D Asset Artist:
    •   Looking for:  Experienced 3d graphic designer willing to learn the HeroEngine export pipeline. Applicant must be willing and able to learn new techniques and be able to adapt to the HeroEngine export art pipeline.
    •   Requirements: Ability to create custom static and animated models. Fine-tune custom created models and export them into HeroEngine.
    HeorEngine 3d development and export knowledge and experience is a plus!
    •   Hours: Average hours we are looking for is around 4-10 hours a week depending on your skill level and time available. Hours are set by you.

    •   Looking for: We are looking for someone who has experience with programming and script development. C, C++ and/or C# experience, even if limited is required.
    •   Requirements:  Programming knowledge of some sort C, C++ and/or C# experience, even if limited is required.
    HeorEngine HSL knowledge and experience is a plus!
    •   Hours: Average hours we are looking for is around 4-10 hours a week depending on your skill level and time available. Hours are set by you.

Art Department: Contact Sarrene' Grant- email:   sarrene@triadgames.com Skype: ms.sarrene
Programming: Ron Farrell-email: rfarrell@triadgames.com
Fill out Application: http://triadgames.com/job-opportunities/application

Hello, I was working with water and have noticed a huge difference with the colours for "River" between square and ribbon. I am trying to join a "lake" that flows into a "river".

    Same cubemap is used.
    Environment Scheme is the identical.
    Default Diffuse Colour is different between Square and Ribbon.
    Opacity is the same between Square and Ribbon.
    Ribbon is a LOT lighter and the Diffuse Colour does not take much effect.
    Colour/Shade of cubemap texture makes no difference.

    Midday and midnight are the only times that the water is displayed with the same colours.  

Settings for both match exact minus the Shape. However the Ribbon's colours are very mild and do not mach that well.

Any thoughts or tips would be more than welcome.
Thank you,

Developer Introductions / Triad Game Studios
« on: Sep 01, 11, 03:03:01 PM »
I am Sarrene' Grant, and it is a pleasure meeting everyone here. Believe it or not, I am not that good with words, though I can tend to prattle on a wee bit. I got started in game design, primarily graphic and 2d many years ago and it was always a paid hobby for me. Until I had to retire from my real job. Now, for the last.. twelve years, it has become my job. My goal is to make a name for myself outside my family and bring to life a game I have dreamed about for over 30 years now.

About Triad Game Studios...
After the last contract job we did, a few of us decided to make our own game. In 2006 we started working on an unnamed title based loosely off a game I write many years ago. However, in 2008 at the GDC and then the SOE convention, three of us decided to branch off, form our own company and start working on our own game. So, here we are.

We are currently working on a game called Dark Relic which is based on an old D&D module turned full game named, The 6th Aspect. I started writing this back in 1981 (yes, that is not a typo), and was finished in 1992. After many years and many games, we had decided to make this into a pc game. I started (re)working on our GDD back in 2007 and it has continued to grow and expand ever since. It is a living document after all. :)

Though several years of R&D, and testing many engines from basic indie engines such as Realm Crafter Pro,  T3d,  Esenthel and so many in between, both indie and professional. We though the Hero Engine was our best bet. So last years we got started and have been moving forwards ever since.

Our Team...
TGS has a great small team right now with many years of experience in programming, indie and professional game design and a few excellent hobbyists that do some very high quality work. We have experienced GUI (xml) developers, as well as some excellent artists on our team.  We also have a great audio team. I am surprised at how well all of us have done so far for a small team, and how great of a job and dedicated our small team is. It is a learning process for all of us, but they and myself, have taken things in stride and good humor through out.

I am proud of our small team and all that they have done in the last year. I have never lead a team before, though I have worked in the industry in one form or another for several years, this team has been a great help as I learn and grow in this role.  They have also helped me foster a fun and collaborative environment that has taken my game idea and made it "ours".  With great input, ideas and willingness to test and tryout new things. This team has helped create a great story line, and a great world.
I hope I can get a couple of them to post up and introduce themselves as well.

A bit about myself...
I am a graphic artist and love to create.. almost anything. I am not that good, but I do enjoy it. I just never thought of it as my job, nor thought it would ever be my "job". I grew up with computers all my life (yes they had computers in the 60's and 70's) as well as the love to draw.

My first real good piece of art was done as a room size mural that spanned all four walls. It was of a forest with mountains, waterfalls and everything I loved about  U.P Michigan. It even had deer and a few squirrels. It was a big hit in my family and in my community, even had pictures taken and sent from the Carolinas to California. The only problem, was that I was five and the walls were freshly painted by my mother the day before. And the pictures that were sent were to family. Though I got into some trouble for that, and throughout school for drawing, reading or writing stories, I knew this was my escape.

I am 100% self taught, of course, they did not have college courses back then for 3d or game design, let alone much in the way of computer science. I just love to learn and hope I keep learning for many years to come.


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