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Developer Job Board / URDEAD is looking for live HSL Scripters!
« on: Apr 06, 13, 11:22:47 AM »
URDEAD Online (UDO) is looking for a few talented HSL scripters.  UDO is a survival horror MMO where humans are struggling to survive against the constant hordes of undead. You get the idea.

UDO Website:

Hero Engine DEV Thread:

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Sample char textures
« on: Mar 23, 13, 05:10:16 PM »
I am not sure why but I am getting the Sample Character Textures loading in my scene.  There isn't a Sample Character spawning anywhere so I am not sure why it's loading this material. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Developer Created Tutorials / How to make LODs for HE
« on: Feb 24, 13, 02:04:28 PM »
This is a quickie tutorial on how to make LOD's for Hero Engine. The documentation on this is very short so I had to export several different ways until I figured out what HE actually wanted. A quick How To' on the wiki would be awesome.

I am horrible at making tutorials. Sorry you have to scroll to the screenshot. ;) Typically I would put shots on my server but I might lose them.

1.) Create your lods in max (I am sure maya is very similar). Name them with whatever the item is then add on _LOD_##. For instance my LOD's are named: box_LOD_01, box_LOD_02, box_LOD_03, box_LOD_04. So this means that your original object is named box_LOD_01. (the screenshot cut off my LOD01  ::) )

2.) Center all of your objects to 0/0 on the grid. Clear xforms, make sure your geometry is clean.

3.) Export your objects. With ALL of your LODs showing choose Batch Export Unhidden. Choose a folder where you want to export to. I had Statics/lodtest already made.

4.) Just for giggles I went into the 'lodtest' folder inside Statics and you can see that it combined all objects into a .HGM file called 'box.hgm'. Basically all of your LODs are in that one .HGM file. <<

5.) Go into Hero Blade. Load up the Library and add your object where ever you want. I put mine in props just to test it out.

6.) Place (double click from the library) and view your object in Hero Blade with the sweet American flag on it. "America F* Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!!"

7.) Scroll away from your object and it should be pretty apparent that it's switching out. Press Control-T to get some info on the object. Make sure to wiggle your mouse or the control-T tool will not update with new information on your asset (ie, if you keep your mouse still on the object it will not update). Wiggle, it, just, a, little, bit! You know that song....

I hope this helps. I am sure there are other ways of doing this with possibly not naming the first LOD as objectname_LOD_01 and other export options, but this is the best way I've found that worked.

I am not sure what happened but we have a test ability set on the hotbar in the 4th slot. When you select a target and click (or hit 4 on your keyboard), the attack used to bring your shotgun to your hip and fire then return to and idle. Now the player just starts at the idle, the attack goes through and does damage to the target, no shotgun attack animation plays, and I get this Error.

12:52:14: SCRIPT:[E_CommonCharacterClassMethods]:9223372061427021590
12:52:14: !ERROR!System:Input [Attacking] does not have enum handle [atk1_shotg]!
12:52:14: !ERROR!System:BehaviorBase: Attempt to set input [Attacking] to [atk1_shotg] failed, enum not valid for this input (node=9223372056150021549).
12:52:14: SCRIPT:[E_AbilityBarClassMethods]:start animation
12:52:15: SCRIPT:[E_CommonCharacterClassMethods]:9223372061427021590
12:52:15: !ERROR!System:Input [Attacking] does not have enum handle [atk1_shotg]!
12:52:15: !ERROR!System:BehaviorBase: Attempt to set input [Attacking] to [atk1_shotg] failed, enum not valid for this input (node=9223372056150021549).
12:52:15: SCRIPT:[E_AbilityBarClassMethods]:start animation
12:52:15: SCRIPT:[E_ExperienceBarClassMethods]:xp: 11
12:52:15: SCRIPT:[E_ExperienceBarClassMethods]:last: 0

The shotgun animation works when I test it with the agent override (editor>animation) but it no longer animates. I am wondering if it's something in the .AAS script that was removed, or something else dealing with mysterious 'enums'.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Static LODs
« on: Jan 24, 13, 12:26:52 AM »
I must be doing something wrong or this is being fixed and I can't find the bug report on it.

I have a bus, with 3 LOD's.  My files are citybus_LOD_01, citybus_LOD_02, citybus_LOD_03

I've tried everything from thinking its because I might be in Edit and not Play (switched back and forth a lot). I've also Grouped the objects and exported the group. I've tried batch exporting, and exporting out individual files. Also I've changed the LODFactor to 0.5, 1, 2, 3, etc. I've tested from inside the character running to a great distance and also going into Fly mode.

Unless Control-T is broken, they LODs are not swapping. The Wiki on LODs is pretty bare, basically one paragraph so I am hoping there is something I've missed.

Here are shots of me testing with individual _LOD_# naming, and also in a group, and you will see other failed tests to the right. And also a shot of the files in the directory, I've exported it all sorts of ways and all have failed.  If I have enough time tomorrow I might test with just a box.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Swapping Textures & SkinTones
« on: Jan 21, 13, 10:39:15 PM »
Currently I have a Dynamic Character with two parts, one for the head named 'chead' and the body named 'cbody'. I've spent some time setting up Dynamic Texture Banks on both chead and cbody and I am realizing that Dynamic texture banks are really only for skin/tinting and not for swapping textures on a single model.

What I want to do is pretty basic which is to have one model, say the Head of a character and have the choice of having around 10 diffuse textures swappable on it for character creation. The same with the body, one model and swap 10 textures on it.

I know what you are going to say which is "just make part, 10 head .hgm's and have those point to each of your 10 textures", same with the body part.

^^ I know I will get flamed for this but it just doesn't make sense to me why I can't just have 1 model and have swappable textures on it similar to how the Dynamic Texture banks work, but instead of Tinting I am cycling between 10 textures on a single model. Maybe with a new type like 'Type = Swap' ;)

Am I missing something in the dynamic texture bank .dtb settings? If I set  Type = Tint1  or something similar will that allow me to just cycle between say 3 textures on the model? Here is what I have so far.

Code: [Select]
! Texture bank definition




I am actually OK with doing 10 parts if thats what I need to do, but does Hero Engine have some magic code that ignores the other 9 (or whatever amount of heads I have), and realizes they are the same model? This could just get expensive if I had say 30 head texture swaps, and its just a waste if I can use just One model, since they would be the same.

General Discussion / [Resolved] Server weirdness
« on: Jan 11, 13, 02:12:12 PM »
Does our server need to be restarted? Just asking because we are getting duplicate characters showing in the HJref and in our World in the character creation screen. Also the camera sometimes gets 'frozen', can't rotate it around the character etc,  in character create in both HJref and our World.

Our World also takes a very long time to start up after sleeping. It seems to be acting really slow for the whole team who live in different areas of the US.

I believe this is Hero US-East-21. thanks for any info!

I've tried recently exporting a helmet and a hat from an existing character file. The character has a rig and is weighted. The items like the hat and helmet I only aligned the pivot to the Head bone. When I export the hat or the helmet with or without the character and all his other pieces hidden, the hat or helmet do not show up.

When I delete the entire character, bones and all, then I export either the hat or the helmet, they then show up in engine. I've done this many times with other proprietary engines, as well as UDK and CryEngine where I export the asset like a hat out of the scene with a completely rigged character. For some reason the HE exporter doesn't like this and it actually shows nothing for the model in-game.

I do actually align the item (hat/helmet) to the Head bone, then I move the hat/pivot to 0,0,0 and export. Maybe there is some HE tool I am not using. (btw, this screenshot is incorrect. The pivot for the hat is actually at 0,0,0)

Any hints or has anyone else experienced this? The hat/helmet are not linked to anything, nor do they have any weighting associated with them.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Occluders & Rooms
« on: Dec 11, 12, 01:33:33 PM »
This is a small thing but last night I was taking a look at the occluders and the wiki says there are some included with the engine but I was unable to find the directory it referenced. Are they hidden somewhere else? If they are in an art pack somewhere I will most likely just make some. Just curious, thanks....

Design & World Building / [Resolved] WhiteBox Export
« on: Dec 09, 12, 07:03:46 PM »
Is it possible to export a whitebox? The reason is because you can whitebox a building with the dimensions you want according to your scene and export that as say an OBJ to give to your artist (or yourself).

I have these curbs that I would like to whitebox and get them the size I need them, and then get the sizing off of them for recreating them in max.

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Terrain maps not showing
« on: Dec 09, 12, 04:00:23 PM »
I've uploaded and painted terrain before but after the update when I upload a new map to paint it doesn't show when I try to select it from the browser and paint it. I've tried 512x thinking that my 1024x maps were too big, but the other maps I uploaded were 1024x.

Unless there is a huge delay until it shows up as being accessible from the terrain painter?

I also thought maybe they needed to be in Terrainmaps/Generic so I put them in the Paths_Roads where I put my initial maps, but they still don't show as being there when I am in the terrain editor.  They do show as being on the server via the Repository though.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Character LODs
« on: Oct 21, 12, 01:40:36 PM »
I've searched the forum and the wiki on Character specific LOD creation but it only shows static object LOD setup and naming. Does it follow the same convention if so that's all I need to know.

Slap me if I am missing the bit about Character LOD's somewhere. I can take it!

Developer Hero Projects / URDEAD Online
« on: Oct 10, 12, 09:54:31 PM »

URDEAD Online (UDO) is a Small Scale Multiplayer Online Role-playing Horror Game (SSMORHG!) set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players take on the roles of survivors in the aftermath of mankind's greatest catastrophe. Amidst the ruins of civilization, they interact with each other and defend themselves as they fight to survive in a wasteland of danger and chaos.

Here are a few screens and there is more info, concepts and other stuff on our website.

We are in the very early stages of testing and blocking out the City. Everything is mainly for placement, and needs to be reworked or revisited for some 'love'. Very little work has been done on the characters textures and right now we are just using diffuse textures on all of our assets.

These are some early shots of our base character. He still needs a lot of art love, and some hair. ;)

I know, he looks like hes saying "Hhhrrrmmmph!" and pouting. I just need to spend a lot more time on him...all of him.

(still editing this)

This is a quickie tutorial on how to make your character Walk & Run. I know there are other threads talking about this subject but I was very happy when I finally got this working so I wanted to share in case anyone else has similar issues.

Hero Engine does a nice blending of your Walk and Run, called WalkRun. At least that's what its called in existing examples so why change it. WalkRun as far as I know takes your Walk animation and Run animation and blends them together depending on whether you are holding shift or not. It's pretty cool.

This example uses the Monkeytok .AAS example which I have been told is the easiest .AAS to start with. If you are not sure what the .AAS is, check out the Wiki. Things you need:

  • I am using 3dsMax but as long as you already have a functioning character, idling in-game you should be set.
  • character mesh rigged/weighted to the Hero Engine skeleton example. I used the example rig provided in the HEExampleArt that is downloadable. File: character_sample_dynamic.max
  • your character already 'works' with the monkeytok.aas, and possibly has its idle animation working (just so we can make sure its actually working and you have all of your files situated)
  • A walk animation exported called walk (all of my animations sit in the Animation folder)
  • A run animation exported called run
  • make sure you have .ASQ files for both the run and walk animations. I actually copied my idle.asq that the character tools made for me and changed the name and settings for the walk.asq and run.asq

So first off. There is an example of a walkrun.asq that comes with all of your content examples. I grabbed mine from the Animations folder. If you dont have it, it looks similar to this:

Code: [Select]
! Animation Sequence Spec
  Speed Blend

Note: I've already edited the example above where it says walk and run. It used to have 'walk_male' and 'run_male'. But, my animations are just walk and run so I changed them accordingly.

Create the walkrun.asq file (or copy it and edit) and put it in your Animation folder for your character. Make sure walk.asq/walk.hgm and run.asq/run.hgm are there as well.

Next go to your .AAS file, which you've hopefully already renamed to something appropriate to your character. Although, I don't think it matters as long as you call to the right .aas file in your main .dat file. (the .dat should live in your character root folder(but the ANIMATION.dat lives in your Animation folder)). In your .aas file look for this code:

Code: [Select]
    when MoveDirection {
    is Forward:
          when MoveType {
is Normal:
anim "walkrun"
            anim "walkrun"

Note: I am sure this is not exact as we've edited this code, but you should find something similar. There are also examples of this in the bipedagent.aas

Previously we just had 'walk' where it says 'walkrun' and he only would walk. Now the animations blend depending on whether you are holding shift or not. And the run is a bit faster. All of that can be adjusted.

I hope this helps someone. I realize this is a very basic tutorial by now. Sorry for the bad code pastes! Please correct me on those if I have them wrong.

EDIT: the shift key makes the run faster and holding control makes him walk. Although you can switch all of this around to suit your game. I am going to try to get it so you dont need control and when you just move forward he walks, and runs when you hold Shift.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Static to Dynamic
« on: Oct 07, 12, 09:45:26 PM »
We have a test character in-game and I recently copied the same test character from the root Character folder to Dynamic_2 as we plan to use parts etc. I wanted to then change the characters textures so I changed the textures  and overwrote the ones in the Maps folder (new dynamic_2 location), same naming. I then re-exported out the HGM into the new folder under Dynamic_2 after I pointed the HGM to look for the new textures in Maps.

For some reason the textures are not changing but I tested changing an Idle and that worked. I am thinking that because I moved the character into Dynamic_2 I am now missing something geared more for the more complicated Dynamic characters and that's why it's not seeing the new textures as my character still has the 'static character' structure, but in the Dynamic_2 folder?

I was reading the docs and saw that the Dynamic characters have their skeleton exported separately from the mesh, but I was hoping not to have to do that just for this test. But, if that's the case (since it's now in Dynamic_2) I can see that as being a reason my new textures don't show up (old ones on still on there)?

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