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News & Announcements / HeroEngine Quartz.d Release Notes
« on: Mar 13, 15, 05:40:11 PM »
Preliminary release notes for the upcoming Quartz.d update have been uploaded to the HeroEngine wiki

Additional details and information will be forthcoming.

If you have any questions, please post in the appropriate forum.

For ease of triage and response, having questions in separate threads is preferred to a giant guacamole kitchen sink mega-thread


HeroEngine European Servers are currently inaccessible due to internetwork issues outside our control.

We are working to regain connectivity and bring the worlds back online

News & Announcements / (Completed) Sapphire.L hotfix 2
« on: Mar 18, 13, 03:17:52 PM »
Once testing is completed, we will be releasing a small update to resolve the following issues

  • fmod updated to version 4.44.10
  • Repository Browser potential crash connecting again to same repo
  • Repository Browser potential crash possible when performing a synchronize with a repo (case 2619)
  • Repository Browser potential crash due to a race condition on startup (case 2484)
  • Repository Browser maximize issues fixed
  • Repository Browser, HeroBlade, and HeroScript Editor it was possible to get into a state where just mousing over the title bar would change the maximize state

We are planning to release the Sapphire.L update to HeroCloud servers this week beginning 10 am ET, Thursday, March 14th.

This update will include a client update, and a package update.  The package update will require server downtime.  More information on rolling server maintenance windows will be provided.

New Features
  • New: Exposed 'Maximum Rebalancing Interval' setting to HSL to allow for custom laziness in the underlying SAS kd_tree implementation
  • New: Ribbon water can now be "closed" into a loop by bringing the endpoints close together.  The end with the larger, offset cue circle can be dragged to separate the ends again; the other end moves both points to deform the loop.

  • Updated HeroBlade and Repository Browser user interfaces
  • Improved: ribbon water's guidepoint "normals" (affects the curvature)
  • Improved: water rendering
  • Improved: reflection rendering
  • Change: Dynamic place tool ignores water surface unless Shift key is held
  • Change: MirrorNodes are never without a cube map when needed
  • Change: StageAutoZoom works on all layers, not just base and character

  • fix: direct repository server connections now honor authorizations affecting GUI editor and Animation Panel submissions
  • fix: GetNodeBoundingBox() and GetNodeBoundingVolume() HSL functions now take scale into account
  • fix: resolved an error related to skydomes/boxes in seamlessly connected areas where an incoming edit message for the skydome/box would error
  • fix: implemented custom scrollbars on terrain panel to prevent auto-scrolling usability issues
  • fix: "Room wants to load Enviroscheme" console spam now actually does create the required default scene instead of saying it will.  This eliminates the console spam as the issue resolves itself correctly.
  • fix: GetNodeUnderMouse() which would fail to find the correct node when the camera was offset
  • fix: the GUI Editor and Animation panel will respect permission settings
  • fix: prevented unnecessary recalculation of scaled convex meshes when a static object moves
  • fix: fixed crashes, skeletal corruption, and animation failure after character skeleton files are updated
  • fix: fixed an issue where seamlessly linked areas did not render if removed and re-added
  • fix: Made it possible to create a link to an area the client has not yet loaded.  Added a "Find" button to the seamless panel to autoselect an instance in the selected area and pan the camera toward it
  • fix: crash saving UI layout in Windows XP - although it removes the ability to remember multiple monitor setups in Windows XP (this is due to known, documented defects in Microsoft unsupported Windows XP)
  • Fix: potential crash when enabling shadows with dynamic sky on
  • Added: error message when attempting to use rigid meshes as character parts
  • Removed: various log spam
  • Fixed: conflict between HDR and reflective water
  • Fix: Path Planning panel will respect permissions
  • Removed: Debug Settings / Debug Variables forms
  • Fix: HSL println no longer appears in error window
  • Fix to spatial awareness system inverse-awareness event notifications.
  • Fixed: Create menu crash when adding assets that have the same name from different file paths.
  • Fixed: "Remove" button for terrain textures now updates enabled state when texture painting to prevent inappropriate removal
  • fixed: Deleting GMNote vectors with the HSL function 'DeleteSelectedHeroicVectorDrawingLine' can be undone
    changing areas non-seamlessly will re-enable Auto Room Select
  • Organizer panel drag & drop now scrolls up or down if dragged to the top or bottom of the control
  • Fixed terrain tool panel auto-popup to respect tab group settings.  Updated several panels to respect tab group settings.
  • Fixed rendering issue with ActionMarks when HDR and hair shader were active.  Also pulled gizmo rendering outside of post processing.
  • When using GoToSelection (Ctrl+G or mouse button 4) when there are no selectable nodes available, it attempts to focus the camera on an unselectable node.
  • Fixed ScissorRect issue on omni lights with SetCameraHorizontalOffset
  • Fixed triangle winding of reflected SpeedTrees
  • Undoing deletion of ribbon water restores the ribbon shape
  • Adding a new area in the organizer automatically puts it in the selected folder
  • Fixed a physx visualization crash
  • Fixed gizmo arrowhead rendering issues
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent new area creation
  • Asset panel refreshes when selected to help prevent blanks
  • Skydome assets do not appear in asset UI (unless there already happens to be an instance of that asset in a room, which is unlikely and probably user error)
  • Fixed auto-selection of newly created instances
  • Fixed bug when reverse replicating a field which is a class with subfields
  • Fix: Logging in with a second HeroBlade will disconnect the first HeroBlade
  • Fix: HSL functions SetLogStatus and GetLogStatus now chat that they are deprecated instead of being silent about it
  • Fix: invalid camera flag was causing incorrect z near / far calculation and clip plane calculation
  • Fix for a crash on skeleton update

Package Changes
  • Updated terrain shadow shader with improved performance
  • Water shaders

We will be releasing the Sapphire.j update to HeroCloud servers on Thursday, January 31st starting at 10 am ET.  Due to the inclusion of fixes in the HeroEngine package we will be performing the upgrades in stages like we did for the last package where worlds utilized in the last two weeks will be prioritized to restore them to server as quickly as possible.  Expected downtime is approximately 3 hours per server to complete the stage one package upgrades.

New Features
  • Random rotation/scale toggles on HeroBlade toolbar.  New instances added via Create menu, Assets panel, Library or cloning will have random rotation when these are enabled.  Ctrl+Shift+R will toggle them.  Ctrl+R with one or both of these enabled will apply random rotation/scale to any selected node
  • Organizer user interface supports multiselect drag & drop

  • Updated HeroBlade UI colors and icons
  • Go To Selection (mouse4 or Ctrl+G), if it lands you below the selection, will move you above it when repeated.
  • Improved visual cues for currently selected terrain tool/falloff/shape
  • Terrain panel tools highlight the tabs associated with them, to make it clearer when they don't match (or when you're looking at, say, the Soften panel with the Flatten tool selected)

  • fix: Area org "Add Existing Area" popup does not duplicate entries
  • fix: exception in HeroClass::addAdditionalClass is now caught on the client, to prevent a source of mysterious CTDs that don't provide any clues
  • fix: no more annoying and pointless exception in Dream Manager
  • fix: SpeedTree LODs corrected to use world space positioning when parented to other objects.  This resolves an issue where the LOD would be incorrectly rendered based on parenting offset.
  • fix: SpeedTrees now correctly render in the minimap
  • fix: terrain Raise/Lower Tool no longer creates ridge between intersection of heightmaps
  • fix: environment panel:  read-only mode does not disable skydome UI because that belongs to the area, not the scheme
  • fix: environment panel: toggling dynamic sky no longer resets blend weight to 0
  • fix: interaction of Dynamic Place tool with Snap To Grid works as expected
  • fix: crash during mousedrag in terrain neighbor list calculation if a node is deleted at the same time
  • fix: bug 2391.  Removed useless Glow property from particles which could under some circumstances crash the client.
  • fix: when removing an environment scheme, any rooms which used that scheme are automatically set to "Area" to prevent errors
  • fix: organizer-related crash when switching to GUIXMLOrganizer panel immediately after login
  • fix: under Windows XP Screen...DeviceName returns random garbage.  This is a known Microsoft problem, and they will not fix.  Added exception handler so we don't crash out
  • fix: Added exception handling to address a known Microsoft Windows XP issue, where interogating the DeviceName can return random garbage to the requesting application
  • fix: Adjusted area organizer CLI commands to restrict access to those that make changes to the organizer structure to users authorized to make DOM changes.
  • fix: Area server will ignore all incoming messages on the edit channel if the connected user does not have the authorization to edit areas.
  • fix: Gui editor and Animation Panels honor permissions
  • fix: Terrain findneighbor tweaks
  • fix: Post instantiation of the player connection node, the account_name GOM field is now correctly set to the AccountHash instead of the PlayerLoginName.
  • fix:  various usability issues with Push/Pull filter
  • fix: fixed a rare crash during device loss event
  • fix: added a safety check for bone indicies out of range due to an update of a character skeleton currently in use
  • fix: a crash related to adding an animation note ability to a squence

Package Updates
  • fix: FxGroup GetPositionForLoc() LINE case now selects a random point between starting and ending target positions
  • fix: Client controlled NPCs will no longer be set to be transparent when the client is in "play mode"
  • fix: Fog correctly applies its modification when rendering blended dynamic skin textures.
  • fix: Added periodic grounding checks for NPCs
  • fix: Corrected the misspelling of a function name and parsing issue in the area states system
  • fix: fog was incorrectly affecting omni-lights
  • fix: corrected camera offset application to the rendering of water to correct the appearance of the water distortion moving with the camera

We will be releasing the Sapphire.h update to HeroCloud Wednesday, January 16th.

This update is composed of minor bug fixes for issues that have been identified since the Sapphire release including:
  • fix: several issues with creating or opening local SQLite LRC file when the user has non-UTF8 mappable glyphs in their Windows username
  • fix: issues in opening log files in client and from HSL when user has non-UTF8 mappable glyphs in their Windows username
  • fix: ZBuffer wasn’t set to appropriate non-MSAA format during HDR processing which could cause artifacts / failure on some GPUs if MSAA was enabled
  • fixed: ALT key was incorrectly discarded when viewport had focus
  • fix: minimap resets properly when device resets.
  • fix: callbacks for various resources which arrive from the Repository while the client is minimized are deferred until after the client has restored, in order to prevent DirectX errors
  • fix: crash 2264 & character shadow blobs while minimized
  • fix: Various NXU_ScaledCopy crashes.
  • fix: Various other crash / exception related issues
  • fix: safety check for 0 vertices/indices in a speedtree render group (unlikely)
  • fix: crash when removing a heightmap billboard layer while editing that layer (2094)
  • fix: additional safety checks for cloud rendering (2064)
  • fix: removed obsolete Bloom section on Atmosphere tab of Environment panel
  • fix: Environment effects triggers and blends UI hierarchy simplified, fixed autoscroll settings
  • fix: SliderGroups no longer hide themselves under certain conditions
  • fixed: an error in HDRGlareType parsing with Cheap_Lens
  • fix: GetPlayerAccountName() external function to properly return the AccountHash instead of the login name.
  • Fixed: terrain seam/neighbor issues.
  • Fixed spikes created by push/pull filter.
  • change: float parameters now show "0" instead of "" in the property sheet when their pointers are null
  • fixed: TextureNumber UI issues

We are putting together a package update to rollup the additions, changes, and fixes to scripts, data, and shaders that have occurred since the Sapphire release.

This update includes the following changes:
  • fix: ItemSystem corrected reversed boolean check in _DoesAccountOwnThisContainer()
  • change: _AccountClassMethods supports four new override methods related to account subscription to edit queues and spatial awareness.  HE_SubscribeClientToAreaEditQueues(), HE_UnsubscribeClientFromAreaEditQueues(), HE_SubscribeAccountToSpatialAwarenessForArea() and HE_UnsubscribeAccountFromSpatialAwarenessForArea()
  • new: Added new method overrides (HE_SubscribeClientToAreaEditQueues, HE_UnsubscribeClientFromAreaEditQueues, HE_SubscribeAccountToSpatialAwarenessForArea,  HE_UnsubscribeAccountFromSpatialAwarenessForArea) hooking into the new in Sapphire seamless area subscription mechanisms for spatial awareness and edit queues.
  • Fix: timeInterval properties on FX specs now save correctly
  • Fix: corrected a texture issue with the sample white box and white sphere
  • Fix: When deleting a hierarchy of GUI controls in the GUIEditor it will ask you if you want to save the changes on exit
  • Change: Updated shaders to provide a smoother transition between ocean and river nodes.
  • Fix: Some types of meshes were not correctly fogged

News & Announcements / January HeroEngine Update Thread
« on: Jan 02, 13, 12:39:52 PM »
Happy New Year!  We hope that everyone had a great holiday season!

As announced elsewhere in the forum, we will be releasing the Sapphire.g update in the coming days.  This update includes a number of small enhancements and fixes.

We plan to continue to release smaller Sapphire updates for the foreseeable future based on new features, fixes, and enhancements.

Sapphire contained both major and minor updates to many HeroEngine client and server systems.  While there will be smaller updates as well, the next major updates will be relatively self-contained, including:

  • DirectX 11 graphics
  • Awesomium / HSL interface
  • Named Package Groups
  • Ingame billing integration and microtransactions
  • Animation and character, UI and system improvements

We'll be providing more information on release dates for these, as well as adding more information on other systems, as we get closer to releasing them.

We will continue to release updates under the Sapphire code name until the DirectX 11 graphics update.  Given the size and impact of the DirectX 11 graphics update we will then be changing over to the Quartz code name.

Have a great 2013!

We will be releasing the Sapphire.g update to HeroCloud servers on Tuesday 1/8/2013 starting at 11 am US Eastern Time.  Downtime is expected to be less than thirty (30) minutes per server.

This update is composed of minor bug fixes for issues that have identified since the Sapphire release including:

  • fix: validate HeroBlade window position and size vs monitor on load. this fixes an issue with the window being offscreen or incorrectly sized due to weird state information on exit
  • fix: HeroBlade window now records what monitor it was on in order to correctly restore the window
  • fix: NULL pointer crash if HDR shader doesn’t load correctly due to lack of GPU support (2105)
  • fix: potential d3dx effect loading crash if the effect was loaded at a memory address > 2 GB
  • fix: memory leak in GUI font system handling.  this also fixes performance issue as a side-effect
  • fix: potential font size scaling issue when the destination is too small for the font size
  • fix: vertex buffers, &c with incorrect usage could cause performance problem
  • fix: some panels would be cutoff without vertical scrollbars if they were taller than the HeroBlade window
  • fix: shadow map rendering no longer force-adjusts SpeedTree LODs to high detail
  • fix: some soften brush issues at edges of heightmaps
  • fix: fixed "puckering" effect that happened at heightmap edges with push/pull tool
  • fix: improved terrain stitching precision
  • fix: fixed normal rendering with skydomes
  • fix: fixed some cases where ComputeNormal needs a value immediately instead of deferred

We will be releasing the Sapphire.d update to HeroCloud servers on Sunday, December 16th.  Downtime is expected to be less than thirty (30) minutes per server.

This update is composed of minor bug fixes for issues that have identified since the Sapphire release including:

  • fix: dream manager: drag & drop user causes crash by removing incorrect drag & drop functionality (1430)
  • fix: HSE task list not correctly marked as a tool window, which could cause it to behave incorrectly
  • fix: HSE options are correctly saved and restored
  • fix: tool windows could be incorrectly maximized (dock == fill) under some undocking circumstances
  • fix: tool windows can only be tabbed with other tool windows, and regular windows can only be tabbed with regular windows
  • fix: HSE if the last window closed is a tool window, it no longer causes shortcuts to stop working without a form focus change
  • fix: many physics-related crashes on client and server
  • fix: saving attributes no longer warns when overwriting the previously saved value

With Sapphire live everywhere, we expect to release a series of small updates to address last minute issues or concerns which have come up.  Updates will be identified by letter, e.g.: Sapphire.a, Sapphire.b, etc.

Speaking of which, we released Sapphire.a over the weekend to address a memory leak in clouds as well as couple of other minor issues

And, we plan on releasing Sapphire.b in the next day or so the “Bring Instance Here” issue, and, again, a few other minor issues.

While HeroEngine 2 includes a significant number of changes and new features, the next major feature releases are all fairly discreet and will be released independently over the next several months.

And, we’ll have more information on those features and time frames after the holidays.

The SpeedTree 6 Modeler for HeroEngine is now available for download to current HeroCloud and HeroEngine source licensees.

It is available on the HeroEngine Account Management System site, under additional downloads

HeroEngine 2 (Sapphire) will be deployed to all HeroCloud servers in all territories on Thursday December 6th.

We expect a downtime of 6 - 8 hours beginning at approximately 10 ET (-5 GMT).

A complete list of new features and changes is available on the HeroEngine wiki

News & Announcements / HeroEngine 2 (Sapphire) Released
« on: Dec 05, 12, 12:03:59 PM »
HeroEngine 2 (Sapphire) is now available for source code licensees.

A complete list of new features and changes is available on the HeroEngine wiki

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