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Off Topic / The purpose of this topic?
« on: Mar 07, 14, 03:02:02 PM »
Somehow I do not understand the meaning of this thread, which is called "Non-HeroEngine Discussion Topics> Everything Else" ...

If you are a person writes something that does not belong to HE (although the whole topic so called) to get lock ...


And I'm a paying customer of your license ... (that highlights!)

To what you have deleted and locked it: 

According To me it was not and advertise - just info for Those Who watched my project ...

This topic is so obscure That you can not harm, but ok ...


The Hero Engine I have only good memories and I plan to continue it in another project, but still think about it ...

Very sorry about your men access to the gaming community ...

I suppose in 10 minutes lock or delete ...

Off Topic / Novus Inceptio - end
« on: Dec 15, 13, 03:27:12 PM »
After a very long time health again ;)

I come with sad news - after a very strong consideration and many tests. I was forced to move to another development project engine.

Hero Engine is a great tool and I am very happy that I could work with him . Unfortunately, for my project (which is priority number one ), the development of HE in very demanding ( bypassing certain things to achieve the result , etc. ) and some things impossible.

It's not that HE was bad or anything else - just is mainly built for a specific style of MMO games in recent times. And my project has slightly different requirements.

Hero Engine I will continue to recommend to all and if I ever get to the point where I need to create a " classic" mmo . So HE is the first choice ;)

Thank you all for your support and interest in my project.
+ To all HE developers and people who stand for background and HE here on the forum . When helped me a lot in training in HE .

It was for me almost two years of very good experience and I am grateful for the Hero Engine and the local community - thank you!
Project itself does not stop , just slowed down the development of the transition to a different engine.
When I was forced to write specific code for procedular generate online world, consisting of Voxel using technology ( when it is possible terrain teraforming voxel technology , etc. ) . + Write additional codes, etc.

It is currently available working dev alpha version - which is an example of the generation of voxel world in real-time (data are read via the DB - > so if the world does not generate anywhere - it's because there is not a positive record in the DB for default generation , etc. ) + first attempt changeable weather ;)


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