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Developer Job Board / [PAID] Graphic assistant needed
« on: Jul 17, 12, 04:57:07 AM »
Hi there,

I have like 500 graphic models that need to be uploaded to the system. My graphic artists are not familiar with the Hero Engine so I need somebody to do the light task of uploading the art prefabs and assets to the engine and will be paid for that job. Some of them are animated but mostly are static world building prefabs like houses, trees, etc. Some 3D models have different textures too.

Feel free to add me at skype: u_r_my_frag or to post the bidding by PM.


Hugo Reyes

Game Dev and Gaming / What most indies are lacking of
« on: Jun 10, 12, 07:27:34 AM »
Seems most indies think that making a game is to join up a bunch of programmers, artists, writers... sure they find out they need world builders and other positions but for some reason they utterly fail to understand that some positions need skill and not just any individual is suitable for them, namely:


No, any guy with an idea is NOT a designer. Seems that just because you have an idea, you can be a designer and since I assume we are all humans and we all have ideas, we can all be designers. Not at all.

One thing is having ideas, we all have. Another thing is that our ideas are good. Obviously YOUR ideas are good for YOURSELF but since the whole idea is to sell them to the rest of the world, as a designer you should know what ideas are good and wrong, regardless of what you believe.

Another thing is to know how to put the ideas in a format that a programmer can understand or an artist can make. Also you should have a nice mathematical background if you plan your systems not to crash sooner or later.


In an ideal videogame world, people will communicate effectively, everybody will know what and when to do things. Sadly, the real world sucks.

Most humans can not manage themselves, not to mention manage others. It is the old stuff "anyone can be a boss", huge fail.

There are many complicated management algorithms and they were not invented just because some bored boss had nothing to do at his desk. Management skills are very important and not everyone has them.


So, you plan to make a game and then? What? Sit on a chair and wait for players to come in zounds and get rich? Or maybe your idea is to share it with friends and since your game is so awesome the word of mouth will spread? Perhaps you think once the game is running you will think about how to sell it?

All of the above are completely wrong. Marketing is not just having money for it, it is to know how to do it. You may have $1M for marketing but if you have no idea on where, how, when and whom to spend it you are not going to get your money back or make profits.

Sadly, all your efforts to make a good product are useless if you do not know how to sell it. Even worse, you can have a crap of a program, if you market it correctly you will make money. Example:  Civony.


No money? No anything dude. If there is nobody to back the product with money, it is a failure before starting. You can make a simple android app without any producer but a MMO? No way.

And not everybody can be a producer, a producer needs money, spare money, money for the project. Sure, we all have money but, who can spend it on a project that is 90% likely to fail? Somebody who has the resources to take the risk, and not all can say that. Also, a producer should have the resources to look for more funding if necessary because generally speaking, no game is made on the initial budget.

If you seriously think you want to make a mmo, make sure you have the right guy for the above positions and not just some wannabe.

Developer Job Board / [PAID ON ESCROW] Rolemasters hiring coders
« on: Jun 09, 12, 01:17:56 AM »
Hi guys,

I am presently looking for scripters to make the system of the game. More details about it here:


And a brief introduction about me here:


So, basically I do not need any 3D artist because I am buying all the assets needed for the game and now what I really need is 2-3 scripters to create the system.

Here what I ask for:

- I do not expect a state-of-the-art programmer here since I am not paying for that, but I expect profesionality and commitment. Please do not bid if you can not dedicate a fair amount of time to the project or if you are already engaged in other projects.

- You will be required to sign a NDA.

- Experience in Hero Scripting Language

- Communication level in English (or Spanish)


- Bid for the WHOLE project in PM Do not bid per hours or milestones. I know this is pretty hard since you still don't know the scope of the project but basically it is another MMORPG, nothing really unusual or original.

- Bid in USD.


- You will be paid in full when the project is released, in its full ammount. This is because I am pretty used to work with freelancers and I know how often they jump out of the boat and how difficult is to find another one to continue the work that other coder started so, if you leave, you get nothing. We may arrange some milestone when the open beta is released but NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES before that.

- I do not expect you to believe in my blue eyes to pay you so, payment will be put on escrow on any escrow service. I know quite a few places where they offer these services per around 5% of the full ammount. Another option is you trust me and you save the 5%, up to you. Anyways I WILL PUT THE MONEY AS SOON AS THE PROJECT STARTS. So, you know the money is there from the beginning.

- Upon bidding (and you will sign the NDA too) you transfer all the rights of the scripting to me and you refuse to ask for any money, royalty or any compensation of any kind except the bid amount.

Thanks, look forward hearing from you.


Developer Hero Projects / Rolemasters
« on: Jun 01, 12, 09:57:05 AM »
I was about to paste here the press release I have ready for my game, but I think in these boards people will be more interested in other things than reading another boring press release saying how cool my game is going to be.

So this is what my game will be:

CONCEPT: Fantasy/Medieval game where good races fight against evil races. Basically players will have to level, farm and make quests.

SYSTEM: Maybe here I am a bit more original... well not really. Level based system with skills and talents. Maybe the only point is that there are a whole lot of skills, a whole lot of professions and even more talents. Another good thing about the system is that it has been tested on pen and paper for like 20 years since I developed this system for playing brick and mortar.

COMBAT: Center in your foe, use talent X on it, watch its life go down.

QUESTS: Go to point X, kill N number of Y animals. Go to talk to Z guy.

ECONOMY: Will try to be realistic. I do not like to kill a wolf and get gold in return since wolves have no pockets to keep gold. So basically players will get items from mobs which they can trade in a store based system or sell it to the CPU stores which will pay peanuts.  And yes, the currency will be called gold which is more expensive than silver and cheper than mithril.

CRAFTING: Based on skills.

ENGINE:  HeroCloud

3D ART: I have it already purchased from different sources, mostly 3D markets. I am not talking about purchasing a few characters here, I have bought almost every 3D asset I need for the game (now as a good newbie I need to deal with the importer).

2D ART: I already have a couple of guys who can change the textures so that with a wolf mesh I have a german sheppard, a grey wolf, a white wolf, a dark wolf, an alpha wolf, an alpha white wolf... I think you get the idea. About the HUD, as simple as possible since I want the players to look at the screen and not at the nice HUD. Also Items, but most of them will be captures of the 3D model.

PLAN: I have purchased almost all I need for this, the engine, the 3d models and I have designed the system for 20 years. Now the only thing I need are coders. I am still evaluating the options of hiring them here or using the coders I have used for different projects (although they will need training).

What may be new in these boards is that I have allocated 60% of the total budget not to the game, but to the marketing. I have been working on advertising all kinds of products and trust me, it does not matter the product, it matters how you sell it.

And this is what my game is NOT going to be:

- A competitor of any AAA title. Actually it will not be a competitor of any A title. I would be more than happy if I am in the bulk of B titles.

- An original game: You know? This game is going to cost me what for me is a small fortune. I like to make experiments with soda, not with my money.

- A very beautiful game: I am using the assets anybody can abuy in 3D markets. They are simple but they come with the animations I need and they come rigged in the case I need to make more animations. Anyways, I want that ANY player out there with a low-end computer can play it.

- Another game which is not released.


Developer Introductions / HReyes
« on: May 30, 12, 07:27:49 AM »
Hi there,

I would like to introduce myself and my project:

NAME: Hugo Reyes (yes, same as the fat guy in Lost).

POSITION: Designer.

BIO: I have worked for some of the big guys (Square-Enix as an example) in several positions but the ones I did the most were game tester and design assistant. This gave me quite a lot of experience on what NOT to do in order to develop a game.

PROJECT: Rolemasters (MMORPG).

I started designing a game back in the 80's when I purchased my first D&D system. I have played several RPGs after that and created my own version by 1990 and played it for around 20 years so, the system in the paper works and it is more than tested, now the whole idea is to port it as a MMORPG.

CONCEPT: The idea is not innovative at all. A fantasy-medieval mmorpg like other few millions. What I have done is to polish the system to make it more complete than most of the systems out there. This game will be geared more towards rpg geeks rather than common public due to its complexity but once the system is made I plan to make a script to auto-level players so that it is easier for newbies in the RPG field to play the game.

PLAN: Basically, all I need is a good engine (I have it now) a good designer (I am), several 3d artists (I have) and scripters. I am now in the phase of tinkering myself with the herocloud engine to see how it works and what kind of scripters I will need and once I have a better idea of it I will either train them since I have several coders but they have no idea about using heroengine scripting language or hire experimented ones here by paying them.

FINANCE: I am the only one who is going to finance all this and I really know how much it is going to cost me. Hopefully I will have enough funds for this, but just in the case I have investors interested to back me up.

See you in the boards guys :)

Hugo Reyes

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