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Off Topic / only 5% heroengine related but fun anyways
« on: Nov 27, 11, 08:54:21 PM »
Yeah ok not really a hero engine thingy but I am just happy and thought id share with all my fellow indie developers whom are probably in the same boat as me right now...

I got a promotion at work! yay me! now I dont have to work as hard or as much to make the same amount of money so I can devote more time to my real interests.

Please insert congratulations, statements of jealousy or sympathy or random barbs about how this is barely heroengine related below.


Ok so ya follow the tutorial right... everything works out fine and what not.  But it tells you to use the cmdTemplate  which of course thens creates a premade and simple template for utilizing a server side command function.  However in the process of this tutorial it doesnt appear to go into breaking down what is written in this template... If a page exists of this template where it is broken down then merely drop in a line after saying use this template and say for more information of this template go here... TEMPLATE!... and also it says add function... but doesnt say where in the command template to add the function. 

So yeah these are my two ideas on how to make this page better.

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Script Revision History
« on: Nov 15, 11, 08:05:46 AM »
Ok so i plan to do a bunch of experimental programming that will likely break my world if I do something dumb... so is there a way to create a backup point for the if and WHEN i do break the world?

Developer Hero Projects / The Kyran Realms
« on: Nov 15, 11, 02:09:00 AM »
Hello and welcome to the first official posting of the Kyran Realms(first on these forums). While we do not have any art or videos to show you yet we have been hard at work on many fronts from writing up a proper GDD to creating some concept art and technical ideas to refining said ideas. 

The Kyran Realms is a land torn from time and space. After the Great Wars that destroyed the universe the 13 Immortals managed to saved pieces of many worlds and many peoples and bring them to a new land. This savage and Untamed Land is ripe for the taking as you arrive in a land of untold riches and even greater dangers. A land of magic... a land of technology... a land of mystery.

Some Key Features to be eventually included in the game but not nessecarily at time of release:

  • A never ending seemless world
    13 Provincial Governments
    Empty frontiers for players to build as they see fit
    Entire world built by players
    Magical abilities created by players
    Steamworks created by players
    Most items are player made
    Death has permanent consequences and can even be the end
    Total interactive world.  Climb anything, swim anywhere, destroy anything, reshape the land.
    Flying creatures and devices
    Waterbourne creatures and devices
    Flying combat and waterbased combat
    Mounted Combat
    Live FPS Style Combat - Optional Traditional RPG Style Combat
    Guns, Bows, Swords and Siege Engines
    Player built and controlled governments
    Trains and Portal Paths allow for Mass Transit.
    Skill based leveling system
    Time based/Usage Based Skill Learning

As things unfold certain information will be revealed about the game as well as videos and screenshots.

ALL INFORMATION FOUND IN THIS TOPIC ARE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF "The Arcane Haven" and it's Subsidiary "Arcane Entertainment".  Spreading of this information or attempt to duplicate it is in violation of the Intellectual Property Rights and subject to civil and perhaps criminal course.

Game Dev and Gaming / ummm...
« on: Nov 04, 11, 09:55:21 AM »

did cooper just insult DAOC!

Also vanguard ran fine on my old motherboard... onboard nvidia 6150le... ran on my room mate's old AGP graphics card too....

General Discussion / [Resolved] Hey look a video
« on: Nov 03, 11, 11:22:00 AM »
Ok so yeah partially i made this video to be a smart ass partially to show a few people just how easy hero engien makes map building...

I used stock models and textures... messed around with a few ideas and although nowhere near done and actually kinda sad and pathetic here is the video... just a simple look what i dropped in random locations thing...

HeroBlade 2011-11-03 09-15-26-92.avi

Game Dev and Gaming / NDA
« on: Nov 01, 11, 06:34:03 AM »
Some of you may or may not know this but your game is considered by law to be intellectual property and whether or not you know the person you are working with it is generally a good idea to sign an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement.  These can be simple to complex and cover all manner of business secrecy and protection of the assets of a company and/or it's clients.  This is often times common practice when working in any sort of development environment, financial institution or security agency where competition may exist or where leaking information can be of danger or potential damage to certain parties.  This holds members of your company accountable for any breach of said agreement.

Feel free to post your feelings on this matter at will or just take the advice in the spirit it is intended.

Game Dev and Gaming / Indie Developers take a lesson
« on: Oct 24, 11, 01:49:20 AM »
I post this in hopes it can help all Indie Developers.

Take a lesson from CCP.  The makers of Eve Online.  They started out as a group of friends bout a decade ago.  They had limited resources and money but they had a dream and refused to compromise thier dream.  The original version of eve online was rather simple compared to the grandeur it currently holds.   Simple graphics, simple textures,  Basic combat systems.  They had all the core systems they needed to grow but refused to try and make it all at once.  While initially they had nearly no impact on the gaming world and by all rights didnt even exist compared to big name brand games that were released in huge finished chunks they slowly grew thier world alongside the players.  Every time they grew they added more players and more money.  Every 6 months they release an expansion to thier players that not only adds new things but overhauls atleast one thing that was old.  A few years back they reached a true peak when they advertised the coming of the Empyrean Age.  A time of war for the once relatively at peace empires of the galaxy known as New Eden.  The advertisement ran during the Finale for Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica.  At this time they also reached a new peak in player base setting an unprecedented record of some 50000+ Players active on a single "server" at one time.  Where as most games may see some 2000-4000 on a single server.  Thier dream started small but grew over time. Despite reaching these new peaks they have not considered themselves done and still seek to expand upon thier dreams with even greater textures, server optimizations, advanced AI that can in some cases think similar to a human in combat.

The lesson of this story is dont go for gold right out the gate.  The horse who tries to push all out when the gate opens burns it's self out long before it can win the race.  Pace yourself and get faster and faster the longer the race goes on.

Off Topic / nerds unite and enjoy the joke!
« on: Oct 17, 11, 12:37:04 AM »

ok so I was messing around with this tutorial here http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Room_Visibility_Tutorial

So far so good... problem is even though my height maps are all connected they arent all at the same height.  I used the snapto grid to line em up but the height is the issue... any tips?

General Discussion / [Resolved| Bug or Tip.. you tell me
« on: Oct 15, 11, 03:07:50 AM »
Ok so maybe this is a bug or maybe im giving anyone who decides to do something stupid like I just did a tip....

Don't delete an area while you standing it!

Thank you that is all...

General Discussion / [Resolved] World Emails
« on: Sep 30, 11, 04:43:48 PM »
I hope this is the right area here for this if not can ya move it when ya see it coop?  Anyways as dev teams begin to grow some of the smaller less financed teams.... like mine do not have an official email system nor websites... I would like to recommend as a service that can help the devs as well as inevitably help the games as they head towards release that part of the license be expanded to include a game website for public viewing... a place where we can build and host our website as an extension of our servers... and a built in email system both to registered playersd in the future and to fellow dev members... with the ability to load a BBS system on the site like phpbb for example that will then allow us to have a dev side forum specific to our game and team as well as a player forum for when the game goes live as well as a place for players to be to see progress ask questions and share ideas...

I dont believe this would be too hard as you already have our dev worlds running on an active server so maybe just link these things into the same server our dev world is running on?

Game Dev and Gaming / A decent website for reference
« on: Sep 24, 11, 04:14:12 AM »
I have recently been perusing a website I came acrossed that may provide some useful information for those looking.  Various articles and what not about game development and implementation.

The website is called Gamasutra, The Art and Business of Making Games.


Developer Job Board / The Kyran Realms
« on: Sep 24, 11, 04:11:48 AM »
The kyran Realms could use some help.  Although in my mind I am creative as anything you have seen and can create almost any construct one could possibly imagine... sometimes down to the last detail of tyhe circuitry of a system and as grand as the architecture of an entire world my own ability to relay that into the physical or in this case the virtual world sometimes lacks.

As such I am setting aside my sometimes less than helpful pride and asking for assistance from those with graphic design ability who may want to help me out... perhaps we could work out a trade...  My mind can analyze countless paths simultanously and find new ways of approaching things.  Give me an idea and I will give you an answer.  In days of old I often lent my rather unique ability to others to see into thier programs and games and find what they couldnt see and offer ways to fix thier problems or new ways to approach it. 

Just sign your name below, give me your soul and we will negotiate services for one another.

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