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Game Dev and Gaming / [3dFoin] Triceratops and Awesome Sale
« on: Feb 14, 13, 03:50:51 AM »
Hi guys :D we have new model, it's Triceratops:

"If that stupid player comes after me, I would lower my head and charge to show him whatís up. Thatís right. I rule," said the Triceratops - one of the most famous of all the dinosaurs. One that has captured the world's imagination by appearing in museums, famous films and video games XD~. Trieratops will definitely make you fantasy - scifi game look way cooler!



We're having Awesome Sale 50% off all model so what are you waiting for?


Hi guys, :D we have new model again, it's Gargoyle:

Gargoyle model is suitable to use as a boss or strong enemy with flying and physical/magical attacking animations.



Gargoyle comes with fully tested unity .package, 3dgamestudio, esenthel, .x and other common game format as usual :D

We're having the Wicked Awesome Summer Sale so buy gargoyle now with up to 60% off price! Yayyy

It's a perfect chance to get Royal Knight also, his price is a lil high ($32) now it's only 12.8!!! And much more! C'mon visit us at:



In honor of 3dFoin 1st Anniversary we will have a very special Lucky Pack available! :D

This Pack contains all of our models: Dark Knight, Female Warrior, Krasue, Dragon, Short Goblin, Goblin Assassin, Basilisk, Statue Pack, The Baby, Hydra, Fantasy Snake, Saber Tooth, T.Rex, Dragon Bat, Dragon Bug, Royal Knight, Eric The Shooter and the price is $59 only (for more than 5GB of textures and models), you save $283, which mean it's likely 3 dollars for each of our high quality game-ready model.

This pack can only be purchased 5 times, so only 5 persons can buy all of our high quality models with such an incredible price, after that, the pack will vanish. That's why we call it the Lucky Pack. ^^

Are you right on time or are you too late? You can try your fortune at:


Good luck! :D


Today marks the 1st Year Anniversary of The 3dFoin model shop and to celebrate properly, we are holding an up to 60% off shop-wide sale! Yayyy :D  Itís one year later and we still canít believe the support and encouragement weíve received from all of you.  Just to say thanks, our entire shop is:

- 60% off all items
   from June 07th to June 10th.

- And 50% off all items
 from June 11th Until  June 17th!!!

Don't miss this out pals :D Yayyy!



Hi guys :D, we have new model again: the Royal Knight:

One of the most good looking male character for sale, isn't he? :p



Protect the weak, defenseless, helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all, here come the hero for your game: the Royal Knight. He's cool, handsome, masculine, glamorous and so on and so forth and he's ready to kick all the ass in the world. Comes fully equipped and formatted with diffuse, normal, specular texture maps and 45 game-ready animations!

We're having 1 Year Anniversary Sales, so you can buy Royal Knight today for only 15.2 (60% off) :D
Hurry don't miss it:


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