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I have heard a lot of people in the gaming industry comment negatively on classless character systems. Many believe that in an MMO environment the idea is simply not possible to pull off.

Do you have an idea for a class-less character system that you want to share and think will work?

Do you have a reason why you think it cannot be accomplished?

Either way please be courteous to those who do not agree.


Just so you know I believe it is possible to pull off an incredibly fun and functional classless character system. I would just like to hear more of what other folks working with Hero think.

A Japanese Mythology Based MMORPG

 Rising Sun

 Live your own tale as a ninja, samurai, karateka, monk, or your own martial arts legend. Travel the world of ancient Japan, learn a variety of martial arts techniques, academic studies, and magical applications. Hunt and take down a vast assortment of Oni(Demons), Yurei(Ghosts), and Obake(Monsters) thus far unexplored by the western gaming world.


Rising Sun MMORPG

Lead Game Designer - Joseph Davidson

Hello All, I have been designing this game for over 8 years and have been working on the GDD (work in progress) for about the last 3 years. I have spent the past 15 years studying the Japanese language and culture. I have a good understanding of Japanese history, mythology, and conversational language. I am currently learning to script in HSL.

I speak conversational Japanese
I have studied much Japanese history and mythology

It is nice to meet you all.

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