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Hey guys,
I wanted to know what methods are best to make character's height adjustable by player on character creation..
The scale.y can do it, but I'm sure it's not the proper way,..  Let's say i want to let players be able to adjust their character's height from x minimum to y maximum amount.

Scripting & Programming / does script have any control on bones?
« on: Sep 06, 14, 01:18:37 PM »
I just wanted to know if we can translate, rotate or scale bones with hero scripts ? without a facegen model.

General Discussion / Character Height customizing
« on: Jun 26, 14, 12:39:56 AM »
Hello there,..

I was wondering what's best approach  to make character's height slightly adjustable and customizable for players while creating their character :

1 - using skeleton morphing feature.
2 - while only height is adjustable,.. using scale.y variable will be suffice
3 - any other idea? :)

Thank you

Developer Hero Projects / Legends of the Earth [Project Paused ]
« on: Jun 05, 14, 01:38:55 AM »
 :'( the project progress is paused! we are changing many things,.. therefore the game details will be updated soon.
[ Maybe you should delete this topic, at this time ]

Art & Art Pipeline / 3d object on GUI
« on: Apr 20, 14, 01:44:05 PM »
will it soon possible to able using a 3d model within a gui ? something like rendering the character inside the character sheet UI .. or giving a virtual stage a background image instead of only color ?

Animation / NPC and Dynamic Character animation
« on: Mar 29, 14, 08:47:42 AM »
Hi ,

What is best way to have 2 models which shares animations , one a ( for example ) human dynamic character and a human NPC without any parts and slots but with exact same animations with the dynamic character.

will the skeleton works just fine?

Hello again

I need some helps with my character creation process..
I want to know is this possible to use two layers or even three layers of material on an slot?

For example ,Let's say my character has 2 slots : Belt and Pants,.. imagine player equips a pants item ,while the belt slot is empty ,belt slot must use the pants material to show empty belt holders which is somewhere on the pants texture file ( and of course each pants has it seperatly ) , and when player equips a belt
it must then use that belt's material...

And if its possible to use materials for this purpose then i would not use extra polygons for the belt slot to covering the top of the pants...

I hope i could explain what it's in my mind,...

Art & Art Pipeline / Dynamic Character Help requested
« on: Mar 06, 14, 07:57:05 AM »
Hello there,..

can anyone please help me to find my mistake ? the result is the model doesn't render...

1 - i made a human model in Maya
2 - i added required HeroShaders
3 - i made an skeleton
4 - i skinned my model to the skeleton
5 - then i begin extracting body parts,.. made a head,chest,hands,belt,legs and feet.
6 - i added SRB bone.
7 - i exported using char tool while had only chest and the skeleton visible,... 
8 - i then exported all other parts via export tool while only skeleton and the part was visible and selected character part as export type  . post processing was checked
9 - i made a Idle animation and exported it via export tool as animation VDA
10 - i fixed data in .dat file and par file.
11 - logged to the Engine
12 - added this npc via Hot GUI > Tools > Character Specification Registeration
13 - i created an npc from it,...
14 - nothing created.. .
15 - no error as well. in console..

any idea which steps i missed or i made mistake?

Thank you

General Discussion / World is sleeping deeper :P
« on: Feb 10, 14, 02:20:37 AM »
Since 2~3 days , my World is deeply dreaming and doesn't want to wake up quickly ! it may (or may not ) wakes up about 30 mins after i awaken it!

hope this isn't be normal ;)

Hello , ..

I again followed  http://wiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Replication_Tutorial .
But this time i also set physicsType of the created instance to dynamic,..

I now want to active reverse replication for it, so server could know about the position, rotation of the sphere if a client moves the sphere..

A player push the sphere , physics system moves the sphere to a location ,... i wanted to know about this on server so i can show to other players near the sphere too.

But whatever i do , server doesn't care about it :)

I set yes for those fields Reverse Replication.
I set their server destinations.
I also added all online clients ( just for testing ofc)  to rep group reverse clients on the following method

Code: [Select]
untrusted function AddDRO()
  dro as NodeRef of Class DynamicReplicatedObject = createnodefromclass( "DynamicReplicatedObject" )
  dro.DRO_AssetFQN = "\engine\cleangame\resources\common\utility_sphere_white01.gr2"
  var repGroup = dro._getReplicationGroup( true )

  // added this to test reverse replication
  foreach playerAccount in QueryNode("_playerAccount")

      repGroup._SetReverseReplicationForNode( dro , playerAccount )

  dro.DRO_SetPosition( SYSTEM.REMOTE.CLIENT.GetPosition() )

And also added this method OnReplicationFieldUpdated to the server class which never calls
Code: [Select]
shared function _OnReplicationFieldUpdated(theNode as noderef,updateField as string)
hope someone can help me ,... somehow i feel physics is client side only ...

Scripting & Programming / Bouncing ball with Physics
« on: Feb 07, 14, 06:46:54 AM »
Hello there,..

Is it possible to make a bouncing ball with Physic system?

Art & Art Pipeline / Project a magic circle texture on terrain
« on: Feb 01, 14, 12:15:33 AM »
(i've changed the topic subject)

Guess the topic subject and above picture tell all about what i want to have ...

As you know that circle , will overlay terrain and objects, and never goes inside , into or below the terrain heightmap ( I've seen it misses behavior on some rare situations ;) , which is no problem )..  how i really can make it in HE ?
From my idea best approaches can be something similar to the HeroBlade terrain editor selector or maybe painting the circle on the terrain below the player mouse,.. but even if these are some ways, can you please help me how i can do them?

or also if any other better idea is around , would be amazing to share with me,..

Thank you

General Discussion / what are best usage of a Bonetracker node
« on: Jan 28, 14, 12:44:00 AM »
Hello guys,

I was wondering when should we use a bone tracker node , or better if i ask , what are best ( or common ) usage of it from ur idea?

attaching a player to a boat ?
attaching head,shoulder item to a character?
attaching a weapon/ or a shield  to hand bones of a character?
attaching a player to a mount ?

nearly all these approaches can be done on modeling side or some scripting,.. . so i was curious  about the main duty of a bone tracker if you have already figured it,...

Hello guys,

I was trying to get movement states of a character from a server script... i noticed  _characterMoveState class was glommed to player character when player is making it...

but seems fields of this class never get update ( or i just broke it by my modifications ) ...

Is there any other way to get last client(character) movement state from server script ?


Design & World Building / terrain editting question!
« on: Jan 23, 14, 12:36:51 AM »
Hello guys,

Can you please tell me how this guy is rotating the paint mask in the following  video ?

it begins around 8:12

Is this still possible in HeroBalde ? because i see this was captured with a very first version of HeroBlade.
Thank you , ..
Also help me to fix my question subject, i didn't know what should i write to cover this question.

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