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Off Topic / Can't Log On since Yesterday's Maintenence
« on: Aug 16, 18, 08:29:44 AM »
Is anybody else on US East Server 21 Experiencing weird problems trying to connect? Until about 7 am UTC this morning - Our Game thought two of us were still logged in - Now none of us can connect to our server - Error messages tell us to check our network settings and try again. Everything here checks out - network settings are the same as they were before the scheduled maintenence when we had no problems signing in.  --- Jim Wellington in New Brunswick, Canada


The grid below (hopefully) shows the layout of the four areas I have been trying to link and stitch together.

This morning I tried one more time to link the errant areas together and was astounded to see errors filling the console window so fast I could hardly read them.

screenshot "1" should be what area "D" looks like from Area "A" before and after crossing over into area B. Screenshot "2" would be what area D looks like after taking 2 more steps forward into area "B".

Area "D" was getting along fine with area "B" half an hour before these shots.  I had gone into Area "A" and tried to get Area "C" Back where it had been, connected to areas A, B, & D.

Then I moved and discovered that Area "D" had flown into space., but when I back tracked into Area A Then Area D was still connected.

Everything had been connected, offsets edited, stitched together, etc. Before.

Oh---> maybe important---> I 'created' Area "A" before, using the blade version before we went to this new one. Phantom SpeedTrees ((v 4.2)) might still be holding places there. I have no idea whether that has anything to do with this, but I thought I might mention that.



& Maybe this is almost related. with the new version of the blade, and a cloudy sky gr2-- the sky didn't get dark at night. & there's a new slighter to set the star map's UV scale. I'm hoping there is something about this somewhere in the wiki or someplace easy to find. (I've been occupied elsewhere for a bit and am just getting back with upgraded equipment and stuff. there's a lot that really different in a short time.)

---thanks -----Jim

Developer Hero Projects / Aerendel
« on: Sep 08, 11, 04:02:28 AM »
Aerendel is a Principality on a planet which tiny winged Sprites have named 'Chiella' (which means beautiful skies in their old old language.)

The Principality was founded by 'Highe Elves' a husband and wife who were leading refugees from the 'Last Wars of Magick' to a 'Promised Land' they had seen in visions and dreams, where they could live in peace and grow and prosper beyond the near total devastation that was being left behind by two warring factions of the 'godlike' First Race, which had helped form and then populated the physical planets in the multiverse in this round of Creation. The first 'generation' of the First Race were all highly evolved spirits on a level with Archangels, who could create and alter their own bodies. After quite a long time, they began to create bodies for slightly less evolved spirits and slowly, the physical universe became populated with less and less highly evolved beings. The 'Wars' happened when members of the latter generations believed that members of the earliest generations were keeping information that could give them ultimate power secret. (the truth is, they couldn't grasp the higher magick and even if the 'Children of Light' handed the 'Brotherhood of Power' (aka the 'Brotherhood of Knowledge', or just the 'Brotherhood') all the 'secrets' they couldn't have used them, because they didn't have the facilities to wield the magick. ("Magic" or 'miracles' happen when the physical laws of higher dimensions are activated and used in the lower dimensions.)

Anyway- The husband and wife with their rag tag troop of all kinds of beings and their pets, livestock etc, became separated, believed their spouses dead and got mixed up with Humans (which had just emerged from wherever they came from...) These unions produced two sons, born on the same day, several thousand miles apart. Both human spouses died in battles as the refugees continued their journeys and met up where a fleet of sailing ships had gathered, captained by Elves and Mer who followed their dreams. They then followed dolphins, flying unicorns and visions to an island where they raced up the central mountain and hid in a cave while world changing storms raged outside and the Final Battle in the Last Wars of Magick raged on several planets in several dimensions and convinced the Brotherhood that they would be totally obliterated if they ever tried to win their war with armies and frontal attacks and convinced the Children of Light that they had to keep tabs on the Physical Universe, where almost none of them wanted to continue to live, because life here had become much too painful.

When the battle ended and the storms cleared, the survivors (almost none of the refugees had died) emerged to find their island had risen slightly, was now quite a bit larger than it had been and was also connected to a mainland they hadn't had time to realize was there before. One of the strongest of the 'guiding spirits' who'd led them to the island revealed that there was an 'Anomaly' deep within the cave they had sought shelter in, and the anomaly, which had been created by benevolent, protective members of the First Race who had no use for war, but had wanted to make sure the population of the worlds survived. Somehow, the anomaly had become sentient and was granting humans and others who stumbled inside its borders wishes and had 'created' several races with wings and features of animals and elves and had sub-divided itself into several sub-dimensions which we now know as the 'Faery Kingdoms' where physical beings we now call 'Dryads' and 'Satyrs','Faer Elves' who routinely change into cats and run around chasing mice etc; and 'Dhalggers' Dog-faced Elvish creatures who can become entirely elvish (or human) or entirely dog-ish (Not werewolves).

((( I have either 26 or 28 races that I want to feature here. Some may emerge after its original launch.)))

That was several hundred years ago and the two 'princes' with very different appearances and very different attitudes now share the duties of presiding over their nation that accepts refugees from any race, any occupation, any disposition, and tries to see that everyone has a place in their society. For instance: Pirates are encouraged to call themselves Privateers and are allowed to ply their profession as long as they also agree to protect the peace loving citizens of Aerendel. (In the Pirates' main city newcomers are routinely offered the position of Mayor, before they realize that the three bodies they see swinging from gallows around the square are the last three mayors and a mayor's life expectancy is less than twenty four hours...)

I better quit here and add more in another post.

(( The world and the game have been trying to write themselves through me for twenty years now. I completed 4 novels in rough form set in this universe, one of them a Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) project. I probably started a dozen more. This world will not go away unfinished. ))

Game Dev and Gaming / Goals / What we're working on-
« on: Aug 04, 11, 03:17:13 AM »
Immediate: Get a newbie area up and working where everybody feels like they have an unfair advantage.

Eventually: All sorts of projects are on the back burner:

(Philosophy: ) Customer satisfaction is important. Wow factor gets attention, customer satisfaction keeps players coming back. Every player should feel valued. We want to advertise that there will always be free accounts, with a premium account option 'soon'. Contributors (artists/designers/scriptors/scenario planners etc) will be able to get premium accounts either for free or a very reduced rate. We're thinking we might eventually have two tiers of premium accts. Lifetime acct with enough bells and whistles to hold a decent base; and a higher premium account for players who really want to shine. (I'm thinking contributing designers could be developing super premium outfits that only super premium players could wear. Special weapons or spells would also be available only to super premium players ((or prize winners in various categories could be granted special stuff with spectacular effects in order to inspire customers to step up to the super premium accounts.))

Hard Core Gamers get their own areas.
Finesse role players get their own areas.
"Oblivia" is a city surrounded by clouds where residents not interested in gaming or role playing can hang out, out of character, and schmooze with their friends, ((like a good place for designers to show off their new outfits, weapons and stuff, where the combat routine would be 'virtual' ((("That move would have sliced Nickolai's head off and exploded everything for twenty meters around.")))...))

(Highly Customizable Characters) designers can sell new hair-do's, beards, tattoos, etc to other characters.

Extra Races: Humans, Elves, Half Elves, Dwarves ((Most Races would have their in game names, Dwarves wouldn't be called Dwarves); Cat people, Bear people, Fox people, Otter people, (More like humans with hybrid features, tails, claws; Otters can pick locks with their claws.) Faery types as healers and magick users. Faery magic is nuisance magic, Might replace somebody's face with a yellow smiley face sphere for several minutes of game play, might cast a puddle of knee deep molasses around everybody in a five to ten meter square for a couple minutes. Flyers, Lizard people, Insect Humanoid Hybrids, Metamorphs.

Non Obvious Classes/Occupations: Guild marks and religious markings would be available (tattoos or engravings: skulls and crossbones, doves, hammers, wheels etc.) but would not be enforced. Part of the role playing may be "guess the profession" of other players.

Um, this stuff goes through my head as I'm building areas and is down the road a bit. (I have more, but I better quit while I'm still awake.)


I really want to see us set up a co-operative repository to share stuff (with an agreement that if you make money using my routines/weapons/buildings/effects - you share the wealth, or something mutually agreeable.

---long winded, but thoughtful,


Developer Introductions / TaleRocker~DreamCat Creations Ltd
« on: Aug 03, 11, 09:38:19 AM »

I started out in New York State, and Connecticut, and followed my heart to Canada (where the love of my life is, she's an Artist). I am heavy on concept and wrote a 5 part linked character generation program in C (5 megs worth of text & options), had a combat system that did absolutely nothing until you entered your next command (you could take a nap and wake up hours later with no more damage) and kept looking for a game engine that cost under 6 figure$. I thought it would be a heck of a good idea to set up a co-operative system where we could swap buildings and insights and other tricks and stuff and support each other spiritually etc while we're learning our way around here. Sounds like we're on the same page.


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