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I was wondering what the suggested functions were for both server and client side LoS checks as well as what functions for raycasting.

Basically we want to ensure a character has LoS with the target before it can use abilities on it.  Will the GetTargetsInCone, etc functions work for this?  I notice the documentation says "Visible targets."  Does that mean a visible property, or visible as in visible from the origin point specified when calling the GetTarget function?  Will terrain and other objects block targets from showing up in the returned results?

Next, after we determine the character has LoS to the target, we want to use Raycasting from the character to the target and determine if there are any objects inbetween that will act as cover and absorb the attack.  I saw at least one raycasting related function/method, and was curious if this or any other function will be able to assist us in this check.

Finally, slightly off topic, but we noticed with Seamless Worlds that while you can see characters on a linked area, you cannot target them with the default world.  Is this something that can be fixed and addressed in scripting, so that we can eventually aquire targets and use abilities on them across linked areas?

Thank you

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