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Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Scale Questions
« on: Sep 05, 12, 02:03:12 PM »
Does anyone have a metrics scale number for the size of characters (Using the standard character included in the HO Reference) vs buildings vehicles and such? I know some of your artists that have worlds pretty fair along would have this info.

Could you share it please?

Has anyone worked with any of the new ICLone Game Characters selections yet?

I am not a character modeler so this part will be a challenge for me but I own the 3DXchange which will allow me to use a IClone game character to animate, cloth etc.

If you purchase their ready to load game characters its about $50.00 each (4,595 points).

Or you can purchase the conversion rights to any character in the 3DX Exchange (More expensive).

Im checking into the art details as far as bones, poly's I know the models are all reduced for game engine use.

PS Keep in mind Im referring to the new game engine characters, not the stock Iclone characters for image work.

Developer Introductions / Merry Paw Games is Back
« on: Sep 02, 12, 02:00:35 PM »
Hello all! I was a tester for the Hero Engine when it was being released to the public for the MMO development.
I decided to go ahead and get my license and jump back into it.

I am currently a team of one but I hope to be able to pick up a part time member here and there as I need them. I am an artist and have worked alot with Unity Engine and can do a bit of Unityscript and can generally debug scripts but I'm not a programmer for sure :)

My game is a social RPG, some of you may remember Ryzon, I believe its still about somewhere. The general idea is along that line.

I think my biggest hurdle will be getting inventory going because you have to deal with arrays and such so Ill need a bit of help with that for certain.

One of the few female developers here I want to greet all of you and if you need my help with art, Im willing to barter! Good luck!

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Art Directory Setup Question
« on: Aug 23, 11, 09:37:20 AM »
I have a team of three and I'm the primary artist, currently I have a 'Art' directory set up on my C drive, C:/Art...
I am using Maya as my download pipeline and have it all set up with the Hero Export Bar.

My question is related to the art server setup and setting a drive to R, I do not necessary want artists I may pick up in the future accessing my computer or trying to keep all of them in sync on their local drives, so I was wondering, would it be possible to use something like Dropbox http://www.dropbox.com/ to hold the art work?
Or perhaps using a hosting company to get a virtual server to hold the information?

What are other small teams doing? Is it difficult to sync up folders on multiple drives and what software do you use?

Thank you!

Hello everyone, I am Merrie Schonbach and live in Virginia. I am a 3D game artist and know enough scripting to get myself in trouble :)  I have been working with another game engine for quite some time so am fairly comfortable with what I see here. This is extremely exciting for me as it looks to be easier to work with if your wearing all the hats (at the moment.)

I look forward to the exchange of information here. (Yes I'm a middle-aged female I know my name can be somewhat confusing at times :)

Thank you Hero Team for putting out this great solution for the Indies. Much much appreciated!

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