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General Discussion / Substitute drive not showing in repo
« on: Feb 10, 13, 12:26:06 AM »
Hi guys,

new PC etc etc...now I have had this trouble once before on another artists PC but now have it on mine. I have uploaded and installed the latest Hero repo etc. I use this command "subst R: D:\CARBONSTUDIOS\HE" which I have used previously and on other win7 systems...and it works fine, just not this time on my particular machine.It shows up on my PC as a drive just not in the repo? Any ideas?

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Meshes not visible in Hero
« on: Apr 23, 12, 10:15:53 PM »
Hi guys,

I have uploaded the new art pipeline etc and all finally was working in Maya. Now I have a problem...when I export from Maya to Hero...Heroengine only shows half a mesh. I have quadruple checked and tried various ways (thinking it could be Maya) as grouped, combined meshes etc...but no luck. I also had a scale issue where my models were coming into the engine extremely small but WHOLE meshes.

I have since uninstalled Hero and did a reinstall, the scaling issue is gone but only half the mesh is visible...with a standard Hero material. Now...I could and did actually get my character to stand atop said model....even though the mesh wasnt visible and the bounding box only went half way up the model.

I am at a loss? I have uninstalled etc again...no change this time...I have not changed any default settings in the exporter. The .hgm is visible in the previewer without a doubt...I have checked this several times.

I am working in a remote locale at present and am having difficulty logging onto the net...I will be able to post screen shots within 48 hours when I return home. In the meantime can anyone help me out? I have exhausted all I know...

Thanks Bullet :( :(

HI guys,

I dont know if its just my Maya, laptop or other but here was the problem. When I assigned a Hero Shader to an object...then decided I wanted to change it, when I deleted the shader in Hypershade and applied a new one..this is what happened. The new Hero Shader would automatically upload the last texture used!!! This was driving me CRAZY...LOL. Now I changed the shader to a bliin then tried another Hero...and wham..up came this mysterious texture!!! even though the path to the .dds file was not input in the attribute for the shader!! I dont know what the deal is...but even when I deleted the shader again the object still had the connection node to the deleted shader.

I THINK I have solved this finally...(fingers crossed). I have deleted all in the hypershade then went for a cruise through the menus...go to Edit>Delete by Type>Shaders and materials. I hope this is the way to clean the object...it appears to have worked thus far.

Anyone else had this problem?

Cheers bullet

Art & Art Pipeline / [SOLVED] Hero Shader not working
« on: Aug 11, 11, 02:18:07 AM »
Hi guys,

Im new to all this so please be gentle (Im a Surveyor by trade LOL). Ok I have applied a Hero Shader to my model (cube) for testing...I have exported it and put it in the repo...have made my folders identical in HE and my source drive. I have deleted old models and cleared those without instance. Now when I import the model it has the default HE shader....now I have read through some of the threads here and checklisted my work..which APPEARS to be ok. One thread suggested to use scene analysis which I did and my .dds comes up with a 0 x 0 in the properties...so I assume this is why it isnt coming through...any ideas? I have been through the forum too and everything I have done seems to be right...unless I am missing a step. I used Granny to view it..and its all there...in the texture analysis in granny however it did state that my texture is a material but the Hero Shader wasnt..if that helps.

Cheers bullet

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