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General Discussion / [Resolved] Login/Email Change request
« on: Sep 15, 15, 10:28:44 PM »
I've had a recent change of employment, and as such have been moved across the country. This has been a great life change, but unfortunately meant I will be giving up the email address I had with my prior ISP.

I found the post https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,1642.msg8600.html#msg8600

and have followed the instructions contained therein, though am curious as to the turn around time expected.
I only ask as the present email address will only remain open for 30 days from today, so hope I'll still have the email address during the transition as I don't believe I would survive the thunder dome described in the post above.

Thank you for your help / assistance.

Edit: Answer, is not very long. This was taken care of quickly. Thank you HE team. = )

Scripting & Programming / Wiki Content Not Loading
« on: Apr 15, 15, 12:47:18 PM »

I'm new to HeroEngine developement though have experience in scripting environments as well as java, C++, and iOS  experience. My shard was recently turned up and I was excited to finally start following the wiki to see the software in action.

However, as of yesterday it appears that every wiki page is blank. When I click on view source, I can see the source, it just doesn't display under the pages themselves.

I know the wiki should work, as it was working all day Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday while I was waiting for my server to be live.

Issue appears on multiple carriers as well as browsers. Recreated in IE 11, Chrome, iOS Chrome, and iOS Safari.

Wasn't quite sure where to post this, and search was not hitting anything relevant except for the new updates to the wiki.

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