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Off Topic / Just posting to say...
« on: Jan 11, 12, 02:49:31 AM »
It's so hard coming back from holidays to work.

That is all  :P *goes back to "compiling" while playing skyrim*

Developer Introductions / Aethro Gaming
« on: Nov 25, 11, 05:32:11 PM »
So I SUPPOSE it's about time I made one of these posts.  :P

Hello, I'm Paul and I'm a gamingaholic.

Oh... this isn't one of those groups?  Well okay then.

I'm Paul, Co-Owner of Aethro Gaming.  And we're working on our first major MMO release, Aethro Prelude.  I've been in the MMO industry as a player and developer for... pfft I dunno 14ish?  Playing MUD's, and so fourth then gradually moving to games like UO, EQ, AO etc.  (SWG still holds a fond place in my heart *tears*)

Anyways we're two owners that really are passionate about the MMO genre in general, which is why we wanted to make a game and have been working on this story for quite a few years.

Our primary goal at Aethro is to tell you a GREAT story. This will not be done by just quests like most mmo's now a days. There won't be an "end game" that you can get too. The story will be brought to you by the staff. We will have events that will run randomly and some scheduled that will change and progress the story. Whats important about this? Well for one, it gives you a sense of being apart of the moment. You can go down as a hero, or a villian, and your name be known during major conflicts. Hell, the main bad guys might comment publically on you and how you are a thorn in their side ;) It adds to the realism in our minds. It gives you a sense of being there. There will be quests for you to go on, to help get your skills up, but they won't actually interfere with the story arc. The story arc in the end will help justify what happens in our expansions. So, ultimately, YOU create the story. You are the ones that decide what our next expansion is going to be :)

With that said, we plan to introduce areas as time progresses. Yes, only one major continent will be available at start. There is a story reason for this and it will unfold as time goes on. Magic is very limited and there is a story behind that. For us? It's about telling that story and YOU being apart of it. Our motto is - "Play the game. Live the story. Shape the future." And we stand by that. YOU will live this story and shape the future of the game. It all comes down to choices that are made by our players. Not by us. While yes, some decisions will be made by us for sanity purposes, most of the story will be done by choices the players make. We want to be interactive. You will see us roaming around, you will see us roleplaying and being characters. We want to bring back the RPG in MMORPG.

Yes, that was copied basically from our website :p. Really I can't think of much to say about us lol.  I was never good at doing these types of post, I need a dang Marcom manager >.>  Oh our website (due to someone snatching .com during a time I had no money to grab it back... stupid domain squatters) is at http://www.aethro.info

That's about it really and Hi to everyone =P

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