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Hello all!

I been following thru with the SpecOracle step tutorial and it went smoothly to a point. 

On step 13 I guess Im a bit confused with the implementation(s).  Are the implementation(s) done in the _SpecOracleUtilsClassMethods script or the game specific?

Also I am wondering how to add my new spec with the GUI editor.  Apparently, I'm not seeing this clearly.  Im sure there are steps that need to be taken in orfder to finish this, but just can't quite get it together.

Any help is greatly appreciated,
Thanks ;D

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Looking for some help
« on: Jan 02, 12, 01:15:23 PM »
As far as I can see for the youtube tutorials it's looking as though it is really favoring the art aspect of the engine and nothing at all for script.  I am wanting just maybe an hour of someone's time?  All I really want to do is some small things to be walked through on.  I do have experience with programming, however, for some reason I am having a tough time getting my arms around the HE script.

I've been on the wiki and have gone thru the great tutorials but I'm not getting the results I'm looking for just yet.

I am more than willing to pay for the help.  It's just that I'm falling way behind with our progress and need to get up to speed because this is getting a bit ridiculous.  ;)

Thanks All,
Chet M

Okay this is more or less a noob question but I have to ask. 

I am trying to create an update window for clients to see once they log their character in and toggle.  in my server class methods script I have:

untrusted method myUpdate_DeleteUpdateItem(item as Class MYUpdateItem)
xx as NodeRef of Class MYUpdate = GetPrototype("UPDATE")

where that appears to point to the UPDATE prototype I still get a compiler error in my client script "untrusted method not found" when calling the server untrusted method.  That leads me to believe that the prototype has no relation to my server class methods script whatsoever.  What am I missing?

For my other noob question.  How do you create a client prototype?  Better yet, what is the syntax for it?  I can only seem to create server prototypes.  I've looked around and have come up empty ???.


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