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We want to set up a stateful object (1) which will act as a 'proximity alarm' for another stateful (2) object so when the player approaches stateful object 2 stateful object 1 will trigger a state change in object 2.

We have looked at using triggers with the TriggerEnter event setting the state but this always throws an error in function 'queryAssociation' definition not found '_StateRootAssoc'.  The TriggerEnter code is included in the class methods for a class which includes _StateRoot as a parent class.

The error is being generated when we try and use the $STATES system node functions...

In trying to circumvent the problem we were wondering if it would be possible to simply set the Trigger up as a stateful object but can't seem to 'Link' the State to the Trigger...

Ideas please?


I am receiving this warning message when I open the script for my SpecOracle.  Anyone any ideas what I've done to deserve it?

The class has been copied to the client.


We have spent sometime pouring over the Wiki and have picked up a fair amount of information but unsure how it all sticks together.

We are wondering if anyone would be willing to spend an hour or so in Skype conference with us giving guidelines on specific areas of HSL and API?

Developer Introductions / Tgames - Cas n Sally n ?
« on: Jan 30, 12, 12:43:11 PM »
Hi - I am Cas, I have been a programmer for about 28 years now starting out on large IBM mainframes as a systems programmer using Assembler.  Over the years I have worked on different projects with different languages and levels of technicality and  mostly for companies such as IBM, DEC.  I  am also a SAP ABAP  programmer and do commercial work in that area.  I have also done some games programming for iPhone (uSpell:iEvolve is the main one which I project lead and helped program) as an experiment and to learn a new language/platform.   

I am not a Graphic artist or 3D artist but I can put together some 2D graphics which are passable for a happy amateur (see the iPhone apps. If anyone wants a promo code, please pm me).  So going from Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator to 3DS max & Hero is quite a challenge (I have tinkered with POV-ray and also looked at VRML in the past). 
I will need help from people here  to put together our demo  so if there are willing bods around able to spare advice and time to help with the odd specific problem, I'd be very grateful.  I use Mac's and PC's (Win 7 64 Intel Quad Q6600 4GB and Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT) . Right now I need to source a graphics card for my dev PC because it keeps crashing with a fault that looks distinctly 'Graphicsy' when I am using the Hero Blade. I have had to do a full restore from backups 3 times so far and it is getting a bit boring ::) Loving Hero though ....

Sally is a marketing exec who I met whilst on a business course and who approached me later with the project.   So here I am looking up at that mountain of learning I have to do thinking 'you want a demo?  okaaaaaay' :)

The ? is the person/s we will have to get on board to do the full product but we have to sell the concept first via the demo.

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Keyboard Shortcuts
« on: Jan 30, 12, 09:36:50 AM »
Hi,  I seem to have lost the keyboard shortcuts e.g.1 won't trigger fly mode and ~ into character mode etc.   :-\

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