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Developer Created Tutorials / Any basic tutorials?
« on: Nov 27, 16, 11:45:44 AM »
I see that most of tutorials are terrain and world building. Are their any on adding character classes, items, etc.
I just started looking though the editor yesterday and haven't found anything like that. I looked into the heros journey ref and couldn't make head or tails what i was looking at. What I am looking to do is create the character selection screen and creation how I would like it. I see where I can edit some of GUI elements but I dont see where the classes are coming from. It gives me the basic wizard and ranger. Can anyone point me in the right general direction? I looked at ravens tutorials and the official tutorials on youtube. But either of them seemed like it was what I wanted.

General Discussion / Having problems setting the engine up
« on: Nov 26, 16, 11:40:44 AM »
I just bought this yesterday and I got the email saying that everything is all set so I followed the instructions on how to install it. I loaded up the heros journey ref to see how things are done but it just sits there doing nothing. Finally I can select something in the area organizer but nothing loads. Supposedly i was to create a character but I wasn't given an options to do so. Any help or video tutorials?   

General Discussion / A few questions before buying
« on: Nov 05, 16, 12:59:25 AM »
  • Can you create different genres with this? ex. FPS, RPG, Action, etc
  • Can I build the game for multiple systems? ex. PC, Mac, Xbox, etc
  • Does this come with an account management?
  • Are there a lot of updated tutorials on how to use and set it up?
  • How hard is this to learn?
  • Does it come with a way of creating a dynamic character? ex. changing the head size, feet size etc
  • When a player equips an item, say a helmet, will the character be wearing the helmet?
  • Can I create a way of changing the players class in game by an item (Like equipping a dagger turns the player into a thief if the player knows how to be a thief) or an NPC? ex. FFXIV or FFXI

General Discussion / A couple of question before buying
« on: Sep 03, 15, 04:59:24 PM »
1. do I need to buy a server for this or does it come with one already?
2. what kind of database does it use? ie mysql
3. is there a way I could test it out to see if it worth it or not?
4. what does the price come with?

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