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Design & World Building / [Resolved] Terrain Size Inaccurcies
« on: Jan 24, 13, 02:20:43 PM »

Why does my properties panel say size 249 by 249, and my Crtl - T says almost double that?

What is the actual size?

So, after importing my terrain from WM, I decided to use a height setting of 25, it was a bit flat, so next import test, 35, still a bit flat, but no actual flat spots.  Imported as 55, and the upper part of my hills are flat.  They are not flat in the 25, or 35, just 55+.   It seems that the height setting makes flat spots on any hills that exceed a certain height limit.

It doesnt matter what the terrain size is,  we have a 25km world we are importing, and instead of doing all 400 pieces to see that the terrain setting is messed up we broke it into 4 pieces, so we can see overall the terrain and find bugs like this faster.


Has anyone else experienced this?

Developer Hero Projects / Vortex Online
« on: Jan 06, 13, 05:55:43 PM »
While our game has almost all our our development right now outside of the engine, and by that I mean, asset modeling, concepting, paper design, and music composing, we still are able to show our work with everyone.

Instead of posting everything we have so far here, we have been updating our IndieDB page over the last serveral weeks.

Please take a few minutes to go over everything.

I will update this post with updates, which will then have a link to our indieDB page.


Please post on our INDIEDB page only!

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Wagon Wheels - Free Spin
« on: Dec 06, 12, 09:19:30 PM »
We want the player to be able to push the wagon, and make it roll.

How do we set up the pivot of the wheels so it does this once in the engine?

We are wanting it to roll on it's own, based on the physics of it.


At 3:30 it shows the wheels moving on their own, from physics.

Game Dev and Gaming / Sapphire and beyond
« on: Nov 28, 12, 02:41:40 PM »
With Sapphire update right around the corner, what is in the plans for (Emerald?) update?

Sapphire brings a load of features from SpeedTree 6 to Raw format for terrain importing and the list goes on and on. 

So, what do you have on your wishlist for the next major update?

Suggested Features:

1. DX 11
2. Lightshafts built in for Cone Lights
3. Indoor Shadows - 2013
4. Batch terrain importer for Tilled terrain.

Hello Agian,

We have light appearing through objects.

The lights, which are on the first floor of our prototype shop, show through the ceiling assets, causing light to appear on 2nd floor.


Poperties ScreenShot


When I create an asset, and later move it, or delete it, the collision box stays where the orignal asset was placed.  If I exit the engine and log back in, all is fine.  Is there a way to update the engine manualy to let it know the new placement of the asset, or will I just have to log back in and out when it does this?

It does it about every 10-15 objects from what I have seen.

We want to create a cave that has flat walls, along with a mostly flat ceiling. 

We wanted to try to use heightmaps instead of making models of the cave since we can add textures and edit the heightmaps for different heights and effects in the engine. 

I went in, placed a heightmap where the other was, inverted it, stitched it, and the walls formed an angled look,(pitcure coming), any way of making them form a pefect flat wall?.   

Also, is it possible to place heghtmaps verticlay, instead of horizontal?

Another thing, when we have an inverted Heightmap, and go to edit it, both the upper and lower heightmaps do the same things at the same time, any way to make them act independanty?

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Hieghtmap Rendering
« on: Oct 21, 12, 01:40:54 PM »
Hello, we are building a test area for us to let players test gameplay and mess with world building, outside of the actual game world and I have a question.

We want to have a open world with massive places for players to explore.

We understand objects have LOD's for polys and textures and understand osculation of osscluder objects.
From reading the Wiki, heightmaps also act as osscluders, in which if a heightmap is hiding a town on the other side of a hill, that town will not render. Atleast that is what I am hoping.

But now, lets say we have a mountain, does that mountain prevent heightmaps on the other side of it from loading automaticly, or will those all be rendered since its in the same area, thus forcing us to set it up with seamless link?

Game Dev and Gaming / OUYA
« on: Oct 05, 12, 09:04:58 PM »

wondering if anyone else has seen this?

What are your thoughts?

Developer Job Board / Vortex Online - Seeking Talent
« on: Oct 02, 12, 09:34:04 AM »
Hello everyone.

Here at Dead End Games are looking for some new talented people to join us in our development.  We will list all open positions on here, so if your in need a team, and have experience, you've come to the right place.

Information about Vortex Online can be found on our IndieDB page, located here:


Possible canidates must show knowledge in their field, with artwork, gameplay, etc that they have created and have rights too.  Also, candiates must have enough free time to put forth a good effort to the project, doing 25 minutes of work a week just won't cut it.

We are looking for the following:

- 1 HSL Programmers w/ knowledge of HE

You will be joining a team of 9 other talented people in the development team.

Some information about Vortex Online can be found at the links below.

We offer great stock options for our team members and a career once we kickoff launch. 

Please send all resumes to careers@dead-end-games.com

Thank you.

I was looking over some stuff on the HE website and noticed that we can release our games as a webbrowser and downloadable.  This is something I knew but something I never thought of, how is our heroblade handling this.
1. Is it as if we are playing our game as a browser, or download. 

2. Are our assets for our games all saved to our computer as we are playing?

3. If it is streaming it as a browser, would we see improved performance as a download?

If I missed something, like possibly our games run as download, then we can have them run in a browser which could cause less performance.

General Discussion / [Resolved] Unable to add developers
« on: Aug 08, 12, 09:32:54 AM »
I am trying to add our developers to our world with our websites email and it doesn't work.  I go to add new developer and fill out the info, click add, it does nothing for 30 sec-1 minute and exits the window and shows my other developers, without adding the new one, I tried several times between night and day since I thought it may be my internet, but still have no results with it.  Is it a glitch or am I doing something wrong?  It worked fine a week ago.  we have 8/99.


Developer Job Board / Seeking Programmer W/ Knowledge of HE
« on: May 26, 12, 04:40:33 PM »

Game Dev and Gaming / Tips For Everyone =]
« on: Jan 02, 12, 11:35:30 PM »
Tips List.

1. Floor plans for buildings, etc, for modern themed games can be made on The Sims, Floorplanner.com, or any other simple cad program.

This may help some teams that would like to see there creations on a digital copy first, before spending days creating objects in Maya or Max.

2. Take your time. Start on paper before spending days coding/designing only to find out your idea doesnt work.

Games don't generaly happen overnight, chances are you will change your game several times, as I have  ( For the better).

3. The players - Most important tip

Think of the players with every game desion.  Ask friends or even random gamers there thoughts. LISTEN TO FEEDBACK!

If anyone else has any tips for other developers, please post below and I will add them. These should be general tips like above.

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