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Art & Art Pipeline / Question about pbr and quixel
« on: Mar 20, 16, 01:25:05 PM »

One of our modelers uses Quixel in his workflow quite a bit. He asked me if there would be any issues with Hero Engine. I looked into it and from my understanding, as long as he is exporting normal, diffuse and the spec maps only he should be able to plug those into the Hero Material in 3ds max. However, I'm new to Hero Engine though and a quick search didn't yield any similar questions, so I wanted to ask to make sure. I don't want the guy to do all the texturing then find out there's an issue.


Art & Art Pipeline / Static Characters as Player Controlled
« on: Mar 09, 16, 11:35:04 PM »

The players in my game are vehicles (ships), and the first learning curve I'm trying to get over is how to import and "control" the ship. I've made the ship as a static character and followed the static character tutorial and read the vehicles tutorial and associated content. My model gets exported as .hgm from 3ds max. My confusion is that in setting up the .dat file for import, how do you handle the AnimationSetFolder and Agent if the static character has no animations? At first I thought maybe you need at least one animation for a model to be considered a character, however in the vehicle tutorial it says, "For some types of vehicles (spaceships in particular), there may be no need at all for animations allowing all movement to be controlled by the controller directly." Also, the vehicle tutorial mentions about modifying the ACCC:

The character controller functions in agreement with the Animation Agent
The Animation Agents work in agreement with sequences and animation channels (track masks)

If a static character has no animations then by agreement does that mean modify code to ignore animations?



Today I logged into a test area I created and was playing around with over the past few days. For some reason today I got the following:

ERROR:System:ERROR: Not Found (0xFACE000F) loading resource: /heroengine_splash.png
Warning:System:ERROR: Not Found (0xFACE000F) loading resource: /gamekeybindings.ini
Warning:System:ERROR: Not Found (0xFACE000F) loading resource: /heroenginekeybindings.ini

So, I can't move and obviously I'm getting script errors when in game mode.  I have no idea how these files are suddenly missing as I've done nothing with splash screens or keybindings. I can't figure out how to regenerate them either. So,

1. How do you regenerate these files?
2. Where are they located?
3. Any thoughts on how these could just "go missing"?


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