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Developer Job Board / Level/world builder.
« on: Sep 18, 12, 11:57:35 AM »

Iīm 17, and Iīm currently looking for a project to gain experience.

I worked on my own project until HE pass to cost money.I have experience making worlds/levesl (probably a few months 4 or 5).

Here you have a personal project, which currently stands as much for a single person, is made in unity.
Code: [Select]

·I worked too in UDK , Cryengine 3 ,Torque,Esenthel.
Take a look to my portfolio:

·I have some experience scripting in the HE..

My conditions and offers

  • Well organized project
  • MMORPG Project or similar type
  • Will work freely and not get paid NOTHING
  • Iīm studing so i canīt give you all my time.. (friday,sunday and saturday evenings) (probably some other days).
  • My lenguajes are english , spanish and some french
  • As I said you dont need to pay my, but if the project reports any benefic (sales,advertising...) i want to recive a part of that on the pourcentage that the team leader estimates of course.

If you are interested... i will be too !! ;)

Or:reply that post

Developer Job Board / HeroLab are recruiting.
« on: Mar 24, 12, 01:16:02 PM »


Iīm recruiting people tu join my team and of course my project "Judgement".

Whatīs Judgement?
·Judgementīs a MMORPG game.

Itīll have quests,pve,pvp and much more.
I want to create a revolutionary game , with the spirit of a RPG but not like Wow... i mean, more "Dynamism".

What am I looking for?

  • 2D Artist
To create the concep art of the game.
All levels are acepted.
  • Programmers
To make the basic estructure of the game (Levels,quest,combat system,AI...)

If you speak spanish much better, but not essential.

Blog of the team (in spanish):http://herolab.wordpress.com/

Scripting & Programming / [Solved] The scripts in the HJ
« on: Jan 13, 12, 02:42:50 PM »

 I watched the project Heroeīs Journey and I want to know several things about this project.

+ How do I create the character selection?
I guess it's changing the area Character_selection of my project.

+ How do I create missions?

Well, finally I would like to know if I, I can get into that project and use these scripts as a reference...
 ??? ???

See you!

General Discussion / [RESOLVED] It's spectacular!
« on: Jan 11, 12, 02:25:02 PM »
This Graphics Engine has left me impressed from the start but now much more,

I just have created only a couple of areas and I'm freaking out(I donīt know if it is well said)

see you!

Developer Introductions / Hero Lab
« on: Jan 08, 12, 02:36:35 PM »

Hello from Spain!

  • Hero Lab is a team that,of course...  use HeroBlade.
    At the moment iīm the only member of the team  :o
    Here in Spain that engine is unknown and all the informationīs in english haha

Well, probably in the coming weeks iīll create a project called

The Judgement...

A MMORPG based game...

I started into the video games developming a few years ago (3/4) y started with UDK and Unity3d , but with the days i think into a mor specific project.

RPG specifically MMORPG.

I searched a lot of information about it ,i founded the RealmCrafter or some information about making RPG in Unity but not mmorpg.

Finaly i founded the hero engine but it cost a lot ;(
So i worked on another projects.

But the other day i searched again the HE and i found that its free so i dowloaded and now i reading a lot of information about it..

Ok! see you!

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