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Project Genre and Platform:

Genre: MMORPG (elements of Hack-n-Slash as well. Emphasis on "primitive" combat, no "gun type technology", with the inclusion of magic)

Platforms: Computers

Project Aim: To be Vastly unique from all Combat Based servers that I can think of. To create a completely new way to fight. Inspired by actual progress in time and experience. Inspired by Dragon-ball series, Bleach series, World of Warcraft, and the One-Piece series. To encourage effort in training your skills and becoming stronger in game and put your power up to the test. To strive to be the best you can be!

Methods and Ideas:​

Good and Bad Factions
My idea of having factions is to set a primal rivalry in the community. To inspire to become greater than your adversary. To impose a one of a kind experience for the players. This being said, the game may also be geared towards a roleplay sense by discrimination between the two factions by using their appearance, political, and preset lore. (I'm not condoning real life Discrimination)

The factions names are still undecided.

Power Levels
This idea takes in a new concept of:
  • time spent in game
    npcs/enemies defeated
    players defeated in "Ranked" battles
    armor quality
Pointless Battle Protection
This idea would help and protect newer players from facing adversaries (Players intended, but can apply to Npcs as well) who are extremely higher or lower than their current power level.

Things and elements I will consider later in the development:
  • cosmetic ideas such as player owned houses
    player owned shops
    player commanded npcs
    cosmetic emotes
Unique Lore
This will take more effort by some like minded individuals who have similar expectations as to the correct balancing of power and history.

Unique Battle Experience
The new battle experience that I've had in mind was taking the combat experience from previously mentioned animes and implementing a challenge for everyone who fights each other. This being said, i'd like it to be possible for more experienced, but lower leveled players, to be able to defeat higher leveled but less experienced or intelligent players.

Staff on Project: 1 (me)​
Shawn (me): Skilled with Metasequoia(3D Modeling), Lore work, Producer.
Other than that, the game is just an Idea at this moment.

What We are Looking For:​
Everyone who's interested, must have experience in what you do.
  • Artists
    Sound Designers


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