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Hello there,

Everything in my world seems ok, i can place new assets, move them, terrain anything.
But as soon as i place a mirror/water, i logout, and the water resets to the default size.

What am i missing ?

Another thing i ran into, i created an elevator in 3ds Max.

Simple animation, up, down, wait 5 seconds, loop.

Now, the pole of the elevator i cannot run trough, however, the platform, i sink trough, so the elevator
isnt taking me upwards ;)

Sorry for the newbie questions.

Hello there,

Im new to modeling, tried many things, but am running into something i cant seem to fix easily.
I created a model for a guard tower / gate of a large wall or castle.

Everything went fine, untill i went on to apply a nice brick texture. Ill attach the  render below.

I am just applying one texture, to the whole model. Why is it showing up nice on some parts, and why does it look so crazy on other parts ? And what can i do to fix this ?

Thanks in advance.

General Discussion / [Resolved| CleanEngine questions.
« on: Nov 16, 11, 05:00:01 AM »
I've only just began getting familair with the HeroEngine, and in many tutorials the word Clean engine gets mentioned.

Im not sure if i understand what it means though.

In my world, in the area organizer were many areas from the start, and also a clean test area. Is that clean test area the same as a Clean engine, or are all areas listed there, PART of my own Clean engine ?

And, why, if its called Clean engine, are there already so many areas there ?

Maybe im just missing a concept, or looking past the obvious. I hope someone can make it a little more clear.

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