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I am having trouble calling functions/methods in client scripts from the server.

I have tried a few different ways:

1: MiscUtils:ServerToClientNode
Code: [Select]
wallRef as Noderef of class UOS_SeekerDoorController = CreateNodeFromClass("UOS_SeekerDoorController")
clientWallRef as NodeRef = MiscUtils:ServerToClientNode(wallRef)

2: call clientReplicas
Code: [Select]
wallRef as NodeRef of Class UOS_SeekerDoorController = CreateNodeFromClass("UOS_SeekerDoorController") //Get a nodeRef (pointer) to the object with this ID
call clientReplicas myNodeRef.wallRef()

3: call client account ClientScript:Function
Code: [Select]
method GUI(account as NodeRef)
    println("Server sided method has been called.")


    println("Finished calling remote client method.")

public function makeRemoteCall(account as NodeRef)
    println("Attempting to make remote call...")
    call client account UOS_GUIScript:Test()

I can't find how to call a method/function on a client script/class from the server - if anybody has this information or could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated! :D

Many Thanks!


GUI Creation / Displaying text on the screen
« on: Feb 06, 17, 06:47:41 AM »
Hi all,

I'm not too sure if i'm posting this in the correct place - I apologise if I'm not!

I've looked all over the HeroEngine Wiki and through these forums, and I have found many GUI tutorials such as opening a GUI window, however I have not found any information on how to simply display text on the screen.

What would be the best way to go about doing this - or are there any resources with an explanation/documentation on how to do this?

Many thanks!


Hi all!

I'm currently trying to make a round timer for a round-based game. (For example, each round will last for 120 seconds, at the end of this timer the round will reset).

I'm used to programming with a main entry point so I'm still getting used to this :) ! From reading the documentation I believe I need to invoke a script through a timer.

( http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Script_entry_points )
( http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/TIMER )

I believe I need to make a TimeInterval

myNode.myTimer.fireRate = 00:01:20

It seems that so long as the timerState is ON, when the timer reaches 0 it will it will call tick() and start counting down again, and whilst timer state is OFF it will not call tick().

I'm not sure if i'm approaching this correctly or if there is a better method to use, any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks,


Developer Introductions / University of Suffolk
« on: Dec 05, 16, 03:50:05 AM »
Hello all,

I am a Computer Games Programming student from the University of Suffolk, me and four other members of this course are now using HeroEngine for one of the modules on our course. We all have experience in Unity, C# and C++ programming. Learning HeroEngine and HSL is a new experience for us all!
    Our end goal is to build a  simple small multi-player game using HeroEngine (almost something similar to Garry's Mod Prop Hunt). We're all still currently learning the engine and HSL but are approaching development on our game.

Hopefully we'll all be around on the forums! Thanks for reading, have a good day!

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